Gluten and Dairy-Free Snacks

Delicious Gluten and Dairy-Free Snacks: A Tasty Guide

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Updated on March 19, 2024

Today, the demand for gluten and dairy-free snacks is on the rise, driven by an increasing awareness of dietary sensitivities and health-conscious choices. Whether navigating food allergies or intolerances or simply opting for a cleaner lifestyle, the quest for delicious snacks that cater to these dietary needs can often feel daunting. Fortunately, the variety of gluten- and dairy-free snacks is brimming with delectable options that satisfy cravings and prioritise health and taste.

In this comprehensive guide, we will offer you various options, from savoury to sweet, crunchy to creamy, snack ideas that promise to tantalise your taste buds while accommodating your dietary preferences. Whether you’re seeking quick bites for busy days, satisfying treats for movie nights, or nutritious options to fuel your adventures, this article is your ultimate resource for discovering the best gluten and dairy-free snacks to indulge in guilt-free.

Homemade Gluten and Dairy-Free Snacks


Here are some tasty homemade options for gluten-free, dairy-free snacks you can easily make at home.

Energy Bites

Energy bites are a go-to snack. They’re quick and straightforward to make and packed with rich flavours of honey, peanut butter, and tiny chocolate chips. Coconut flakes add a unique taste, and chia seeds give them extra crunch. The flaxseeds tucked inside offer significant health benefits, too. Every bite brings sustained energy to keep you going through the day, plus they’re full of fibre and nutrients.

Roasted Chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are a top choice for those seeking gluten and dairy-free snacks. They’re easy to make and offer a satisfying crunch in every bite, staying crispy for days.

Not only are roasted chickpeas delicious, but they’re also good for you! Packed with fibre, they keep your tummy happy and full for longer. Plus, they’re loaded with protein, which helps keep you feeling satisfied. And here’s the bonus: chickpeas contain antioxidants that help protect your body. In short, roasted chickpeas are a fantastic choice for a healthy snack!

Sweet Potato Chips

Making sweet potato chips at home can be fun. All you need are simple, natural food ingredients. Slice a sweet potato thinly. Next, bake them until they become crisp and tasty. These homemade snacks are gluten-free and dairy-free.

They’re also vegan! So, if you follow these diets, try this out next time you want a crunch to crave for travel purposes or just at home—without worrying about any seasonings added during frying that may not be gluten-free!

Kale Chips

Kale chips are a treat for food lovers. They are homemade, gluten-free and dairy-free snacks. The best part is that kale chips have less sugar than most other chips.

You get a crispy, crunchy snack without the guilt! Plus, you can add any seasoning you want to these nutrient-rich bits. Alternative chips don’t come better than this plant-based snack that does not affect your healthy diet!

Trail Mix

Creating trail mix at home is a fantastic snack option, especially if you follow a gluten-free, dairy-free diet. What’s wonderful about homemade trail mix is its flexibility – you can choose exactly what goes into it! Typically, nuts and dried fruits take centre stage in this snack.

However, if nuts aren’t suitable for you or your friends, there’s no need to worry! You can easily customise the recipe to accommodate different dietary preferences. Regardless of modifications, your homemade trail mix will remain a nutritious and delicious treat.

Crafting your trail mix at home ensures that every ingredient aligns perfectly with your dietary requirements, offering peace of mind and a snack tailored just for you.

Store-Bought Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Snacks


There are a variety of store-bought snacks that are both gluten-free and dairy-free, making them convenient options for those with dietary restrictions.

Gluten-Free Pretzels

You can find great gluten-free pretzels. Brands like Glutino, Snack Factory, Snyders, and Utz make them well. These pretzels taste as good as any others! They use top ingredients and do not contain gluten or dairy.

People with celiac disease or a wheat allergy can enjoy these without worries. You will love the crunch and taste of these yummy snacks!


Popcorn is one of the favourite snacks for those who need to avoid gluten and dairy. It comes from corn, which is safe to eat if you have celiac disease. Unlike wheat, corn does not contain gluten. Also, popcorn is a whole-grain snack. That means it’s healthy as well as tasty!

Meat Snacks

Meat snacks can be an excellent option for those following a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. You can choose from different meat, poultry, fish, or seafood snacks to satisfy your cravings.

These options include jerky alternatives, crispy chickpea snacks, nut-based snacks, or vegan snacks. The best part is that they don’t contain any gluten or dairy ingredients, making them safe for people with allergies or intolerances.


Many people love muffins for their delightful taste and convenient snackability. You will find a wide selection of options at the store when you are looking for gluten-free and dairy-free alternatives. Brands like Truly offer a range of treats, including muffins, oat bars, and cookies, all free from gluten and dairy.

Additionally, it can be easily made at home. Here’s a recipe for homemade banana chocolate chip muffins that not only satisfy your taste buds but also cater to various dietary needs. With these choices available, there’s no need to sacrifice enjoying muffins while adhering to dietary restrictions or personal preferences.


When it comes to finding gluten-free and dairy-free cereals, it’s important to read the labels carefully. Most brands of cornflakes and Rice Krispies are unsuitable for those with dietary restrictions.

However, there are options available that cater to gluten and dairy allergies. Brands like Asda and Tesco offer their own Free-From versions of cereals that are safe to eat. These alternatives provide a convenient breakfast option for individuals following a gluten-free diet or dealing with food allergies.

So, if you’re looking for allergen-free cereal choices, check out these speciality brands at your local grocery store or online.

Dairy and Gluten-Free Yogurt Alternatives

Gluten and Dairy-Free Snacks

Yoghurt Alternatives are a delicious snack for those craving yoghurt but following a dairy-free diet. Here are some of the best alternatives in the market:

  • Good Karma Dairy-Free Yogurt is a popular choice for those looking for a free and vegan alternative.
  • Coconut alternatives: Made from coconut milk, which is a creamy and delicious option.
  • Soy Yogurt: Made from soy milk, it is a good source of protein.
  • Almond Milk Yogurt: Made from almond milk, it has a nutty flavour.
  • Cashew Milk Yogurt: Made from cashew milk, it is rich and creamy.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Bars and Granola

Gluten-free and dairy-free bars and granola are convenient and tasty snacks for those with dietary restrictions. Here are some options to try:

  • NuGo FREE Bars: These bars include Dark Chocolate Crunch, Dark Chocolate Trail Mix, and Carrot Cake. They are not only gluten-free but also free from soy and dairy.
  • Zing Bars: Most of their bars are gluten-free and dairy-free. However, please note that the chocolate peanut butter and lemon cashew crunch flavours contain dairy.
  • Homemade Chewy Granola Bars: You can make your own healthy granola bars using gluten-free oats, sunflower seeds, cranberries, flax, chocolate chips, and honey. They are delicious and perfect for a quick snack on the go.
  • Salty Snacks: For a crunchy option, look for gluten-free pretzel sticks or twists. Popcorn is also a great choice—just make sure it’s labelled as gluten-free.
  • Protein Bars: Many brands offer gluten-free and dairy-free protein bars. These bars can be high in protein and provide an energy boost throughout the day.

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Bread Options

Gluten and Dairy-Free Snacks

If you have dietary restrictions, finding gluten- and dairy-free bread options can be challenging. Thankfully, there are plenty of delicious alternatives available in the market. Here are some gluten and dairy-free bread options to satisfy your cravings:

  • Gluten and dairy-free buns: These come in various flavours and are perfect for making burgers or sandwiches.
  • Gluten and dairy-free loaves: You can find a range of gluten and dairy-free bread loaves made from alternative grains like rice, quinoa, or millet.
  • Fermented bread: This bread is easier to digest and often gluten and dairy-free. Sourdough is a popular choice.
  • Vegan bread: Made without animal products, vegan bread is often also gluten-free and dairy-free.
  • Paleo-friendly bread: For those following a paleo diet, grain-free options that are also gluten—and dairy-free are available.
  • Wraps or tortillas: Many brands offer gluten and dairy-free wraps or tortillas made from alternative flours like chickpea or coconut.

Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free Chip Options

When it comes to gluten-free and dairy-free chip options, plenty of delicious choices are available. Here are some tasty chip alternatives that you can enjoy:

  • Tortilla chips: Look for brands that specifically state they are gluten-free, as not all tortilla chips are safe for those with dietary restrictions.
  • Potato chips: Many potato chip brands offer gluten-free and dairy-free options. Check the packaging or the brand’s website to be sure.
  • Rice chips: Made from rice or other grains, these crispy chips come in various flavours and are a great alternative for those looking for gluten-free and dairy-free snacks.
  • Plantain chips: These thin, crispy chips made from plantains offer a unique flavour and texture. They are naturally gluten-free and dairy-free.

Fruit and Vegetable Snack Ideas

Snacking on fruits and vegetables is favoured because they are tasty. Here are some ideas for gluten and dairy-free fruit and vegetable snacks:

  • Sliced apples with almond butter
  • Baby carrots with hummus
  • Celery sticks with peanut butter
  • Grapes with a handful of nuts or seeds
  • Cherry tomatoes with balsamic dressing
  • Cucumber slices with tzatziki sauce


In conclusion, many delicious and satisfying gluten- and dairy-free snack options are available. Whether you make your snacks at home or purchase them from the store, there is no shortage of choices.

From energy bites to roasted chickpeas, sweet potato chips to kale chips, and everything in between, snacking can still be enjoyable while following a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. So go ahead and explore the wide variety of gluten-free and dairy-free snacks out there – your taste buds will thank you!


Are all gluten and dairy-free snacks healthy?

Not all gluten and dairy-free snacks are automatically healthy, as some may still contain high amounts of sugar, unhealthy fats, or artificial additives. It’s important to read the labels and choose snacks made with wholesome ingredients.

Where can I find gluten and dairy-free snacks?

You can find a variety of gluten—and dairy-free snacks at health food stores, speciality grocery stores, and online retailers, or you can make your own at home using specific recipes or substitutions.

Can I have gluten- or dairy-free alternatives to my favourite snack foods?

Yes, many tasty alternatives are available for popular snack foods that are both gluten- and dairy-free. Examples include rice cakes with nut butter instead of crackers with cheese or fruit sorbet instead of ice cream.

What are the benefits of choosing gluten- and dairy-free snacks?

Choosing gluten- and dairy-free snacks can benefit individuals with allergies, intolerances or sensitivities to these ingredients. It also promotes a healthier diet by encouraging the consumption of more whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, etc.

How do I know if a snack is truly gluten- or dairy-free?

To ensure a snack is gluten- or dairy-free, carefully read its ingredient list on the packaging label. Look for common sources such as wheat (gluten) or milk/milk derivatives (dairy). Additionally, certifications like “gluten-free” symbols can provide extra assurance regarding its contents.

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