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Food and Drink is something that ticks the box for some many of us, from single to couples to families – all for different reasons. It could be for a enjoyment of cooking, the buzz of creating some incredible dishes or the aim to be cost conscious in creating an affordable family dinner. Food blogs can provide inspiration, guidance and advice for anyone who is keen in spicing up the kitchen. Check out our simple recipes, cooking classes, advice and interviews from industry experts through to the best local and international food and drink that you can buy.

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Join our team as they meet some of the most exciting and engaging food and drink industry experts behind the scenes, sharing stories, tips and advice.

From food videos to social media content and finally our food and drinks blog – our aim is to connect with food fans at home, at work, on the road – but always, in the kitchen! 

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Local people have always had a real love of great food. Explore our love of great, home-produced food...
We’re understandably proud of our locally-produced salmon. So getting the very best from the salmon you’ve bought is a skill you can use for a lifetime...
We have some magnificent cuts of steak available on our doorstep. So knowing how to do justice to the juices, taste and textures of this fine meat is an essential...
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Eating out again?

Everyones excited to get back to eating out in their favourite restaurants and bars. With so many to choose from we’ve selected some must see place to tickle your tastebuds. Here from the businesses themselves and get a sneak peak at whats to come.
What are the best Egyptian Beef Recipes? Egyptian cuisine is distinct for having different sections for every kind of food. For instance, there are tens of ways to cook the top two carbohydrate kings: rice...
Eggplant is one of the highly popular and essential vegetables in Egyptian cuisine. Thanks to its nutrient content and unique taste, it is used to make multiple savoury dishes. Some are main courses and others...
Vegetables make up a large portion of Egyptian cuisine. Sometimes they are eaten raw, usually for breakfast with cheese, eggs and bread, as a salad with lunch, or a snack in between meals. Other times,...

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