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Revive Active: A Groundbreaking Product Taking the Dietary Supplement World By Storm

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Updated on February 4, 2024

People’s mindsets have considerably shifted throughout the past decade, leaning more towards adopting healthier lifestyles. Today, everyone is on a mission to improve their overall well-being, improving both physical stamina and mental health, all in pursuit of a better quality of life. Exercise and healthy eating are integral parts of leading a healthy lifestyle. 

Yet, the emergence of dietary supplements has proven to be quite essential in bridging the gap. Most of these supplements are meant to complement our dietary intake without replacing the food component. They were proven to contribute significantly to enhancing our health. They also come in different forms to cater to individuals’ diverse preferences, ranging from tablets and capsules to powders, gummies, and more. 

Revive Active

In 2011, the world was introduced to a game-changing company known as Revive Active. This exceptional brand, founded by the visionary Daithi O’Connor, has been carving its path to success ever since its foundation. With multiple impressive achievements, Revive Active is a testament to the tremendous benefits of dietary supplements. 

Walk with us through the triumphant and inspirational journey of Revive Active and learn about this super supplement company that is here to offer everyone a better quality of life.

Overview of Revive Active

Revive Active remerged in 2011 amidst a global recession and served as a beacon of hope in Galway. Unexpectedly, the brand became among the leading supplement companies in Ireland in its second year. It was powered by the company’s commitment to impact its customers’ lives positively.

The mission was quite simple, crafting special nutritional supplements by using exceptional ingredients. What actually sets Revive Active apart from its competitors is its innovative approach, being pure powder in little sachets. You can easily use Revive Active by pouring the powder into a glass of water, where it will swiftly dissolve and be ready for drinking. 

This simple approach has attracted more people in comparison to the conventional nutritional capsules that many found hard to swallow. Besides its simple use, the body absorbs the product easily, achieving maximum effectiveness. With this groundbreaking method, Revive Active revolutionises the way we nourish ourselves, setting a remarkable benchmark in the industry.

The Ingredients Used

The product’s form is one of the main key characteristics that make it stand out among other dietary supplements in Ireland. However, the supplement is also packed with rich ingredients that simultaneously nourish the body and mind for a better quality of life and a boost of energy to perform optimally. 

Revive Active contains an exceptional fusion of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins that maximise the benefits of dietary supplements and support an active lifestyle. With 26 robust ingredients, there will be no room for fatigue, exhaustion, or unwanted ailments. All 26 ingredients work together to boost your immune system, enhance your circulatory system, and improve your heart health.

Every sachet comes with a wide array of essential nutrients that include magnesium, copper, pantothenic acid, niacin, manganese, and folate. It also contains several vitamins, including riboflavin, C, and B12. 

Every ingredient has its own function, resulting in a stronger nervous system, higher levels of energy, faster metabolism, improved fertility, and regular thyroid function. The formulation also shows off a generous amount of thiamine and the superstar coenzyme Q10, with the former being vital for heart health and the latter essential for regulating cholesterol levels and boosting energy.

The Achievements of Revive Active

  • Finalist in the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards in 2017.
  • London Financial Times Top 1000 Fastest Growing Companies in Europe in 2017.
  • Winner of the Food and Drink Category in the Small Firms Association Business Awards in 2018.
  • Best VMS (Vitamin, Mineral & Dietary Supplement) Brand
  • Best Irish Pharmacy Brand
  • Best Immunity Product
  • Best Mental Health and Well-being Product.
  • Revive Active ranked Number 1 VMS in Ireland on October 21, with an 11.1% market share.

An Up-close Meeting with Daithi O’Conner, the Founder and Managing Director of Revive Active Brand


We had the honour to meet Daithi O’Conner, the brilliant mind behind the successful Revive Active. O’Conner walked us through the inspirational journey from when Revive Active was born until its unprecedented triumph. He mentioned that the whole idea started off when he was brought for a consultation regarding nutritional ingredients that were unavailable in Ireland. 

It was that moment when O’Conner realised that crafting a dietary supplement with ingredients readily available in Ireland is much simpler; it also has the potential to compete on an international level. That’s how the formula was brought into being, assembling experts in sports nutrition, molecular medicine, nutritional therapy, and more to bring his vision to life.

The sachet approach was also among the characteristics that set the product up for success from the very beginning. O’Conner and his team were capable of thinking of an easy and simple solution that fits our fast-paced life. All you need to do is rip the sachet open, pour it into the water, and drink it as it quickly dissolves. 

Watch the interview to get a deeper insight into the successful innovation that revolutionised the dietary supplement world in Ireland. 

6 Tremendous Benefits of the Supplement 

Revive Active

Every dietary supplement offers a plethora of benefits that keep your body healthy and active. Get yourself familiar with the tremendous benefits you can reap from regularly using the supplement, heading towards a healthier and better life.

1. Suitable for Those Leading Dairy-Free or Gluten-Free Lifestyles

The best part about this supplement is that it caters to almost everyone. It’s also suitable for the minority that leads a gluten-free or dairy-free lifestyle and struggles to find products that fit their dietary needs. Revive Active is gluten-free, with no traces of caffeine or binders, making it quite suitable for vegans and vegetarians. 

2. Improves Immune System

The powerhouse supplement contains a plethora of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. One of its benefits is boosting the immune system significantly, given the generous amount of vitamins C and D3 packed in the product.

3. Supports Heart Health

Thiamine is one of the special ingredients you can find in the formula of this powerful supplement. This ingredient plays a vital role in enhancing the health of the heart, encouraging it to function optimally. Moreover, the presence of vitamin K2 and vitamin B12 contributes to supporting the functioning of the heart, whereas the former reduces the risk of dangerous blood clotting, and the latter stimulates the formation of red blood cells.

4. Huge Energy Booster

Playing the role of kickstarting one’s energy is the best part of our remarkable product. It may offer a boost to your overall health, but the best part is boosting your energy to help you function optimally in different aspects of life on a daily basis. Thanks to its richness in Coq10, the product’s star ingredient, which is responsible for enhancing cell production, aids in banishing exhaustion.

5. Maintains Strong Bones

Bone health is taken into consideration when it comes to taking Revive Active as a regular supplement. Its richness in Vitamin K2 holds prominent potential in strengthening bones, aiding greatly in conditions like osteoporosis. The supplement plays a pivotal role in building strong bones and avoiding severe bone loss.

6. Regulates Thyroid Function 

The thyroid is one of the necessary glands in the body that you need to nourish in order for it to function optimally. It’s responsible for regulating the hormonal system in the body, which can easily be affected by stress or other disorders. Selenium is an essential mineral to enhance the thyroid’s functionality; thankfully, it’s found abundantly among the ingredients used in crafting this miraculous supplement.

10 Possible Side Effects to Watch Out For

Most dietary supplements do offer a wide array of health benefits, yet they may come with some possible side effects, and Revive Active is no different. This is especially true when you’ve just started your healthy journey. Remember, everyone is not the same, and just because someone experienced some side effects doesn’t mean you will, and vice versa. 

Here are some of the side effects that one may experience at the onset of using this powerful supplement:

  • Light Headedness
  • Nausea and Vomiting
  • Constipation or Irregular Bowel Movement
  • Sore Headaches
  • Diarrhoea
  • Excessive Sweating
  • Dry Mouth
  • Dyspepsia (Digestion Issues)
  • Itchy Skin
  • Anxiety or Irritability

Who Can Take It? 

Since the supplement doesn’t guarantee the absence of side effects, it’s specifically designed for certain groups of people. While almost everyone can use the supplement, it’s not recommended for individuals under the age 0f 18. It’s also important to note that the supplement is advised against individuals that fall into any of the following categories:

  • Nursing and pregnant women.
  • Patients with blood clotting history or those who take anticoagulants (Blood thinners)
  • Cancer patients

Otherwise, healthy people of age can enjoy the benefits that come with this powerful supplement. Yet, it’s always recommended to consult a healthcare professional before venturing into a new regimen that involves one’s health and wellness.

With the ever-evolving world of dietary supplements, it’s anticipated to see new and groundbreaking products emerging. Revive Active remains ahead of its game, being more than just a false promise, but delivering accurate results. It’s time to rev up your immune system to safeguard your health.

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