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Level Up Your Iced Beverages: Delicious Dairy-Free Cold Foam Recipe

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Updated on May 1, 2024

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Ditch the dairy blues and say hello to cloud-like swirls of pure deliciousness! No, it’s not a mythical creature; it’s the magic of dairy-free cold foam, and you’re about to be its wizard.

This recipe is your ticket to Instagram-worthy peaks that would make any barista proud. Think of it as a culinary rebellion, a chance to rewrite the rules of the iced coffee game and conquer the lactose-intolerant blues one sip at a time. 

Imagine this: your iced latte, glistening with condensation, crowned with a pillowy blanket of dairy-free foam. Each sip is a creamy cascade of flavour, a symphony of coffee and frothy delight that dances on your tongue. And the best part? It’s all plant-based, all guilt-free, and entirely within your frothing powers. 

So, are you ready to ditch the drama of dairy and unlock the secrets of epic cold foam? Buckle up, buttercup, because this recipe is about to take your iced coffee game to the next level.

Vegan Options for Cold Foam

Dairy-Free Cold Foam
Homemade Cold Brew Coffee with Cold Foam 

You’re in luck; there are plenty of delicious vegan options for cold foam to top your iced coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! Here are a few ideas:

Using Plant-Based Milk

We all appreciate a little foam on our coffee, but if you believe you won’t be able to enjoy it with a dairy-free choice, think again because there are so many dairy-free cold foam possibilities. 

Let’s have a look at them:

  • Vegan barista milks: These are specifically formulated for frothing and steaming, making them ideal for cold foam. Some popular brands include Oatly Barista, Califia Oat Milk Barista Blend, and Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition. You can experiment with different types of plant milk (oat, soy, almond, etc.) to find your favourite one for frothing.
  • Coconut cream: Full-fat canned coconut milk contains a thick layer of cream on top that can be whipped into a rich, creamy cold foam. Just chill the can for at least an hour to separate the cream, then scoop it off and whisk it with a little maple syrup or vanilla extract until frothy.
  • Tofu whipped cream: This might sound unusual, but silken tofu can be whipped into a surprisingly delicate and flavorful cold foam. Blend the tofu with a little powdered sugar, vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt until smooth and airy.

Other Options

If you think your options for dairy-free cold foam are restricted, think again. Here are some more options to consider.

  • Aquafaba: The liquid from a can of chickpeas can be whipped into a light and fluffy foam, similar to meringue. This option is great if you’re looking for a low-calorie and cholesterol-free cold foam.
  • Pre-made vegan whipped cream: Several brands of pre-made vegan whipped cream can be used to make cold foam in a pinch. Just be sure to choose one that’s dairy-free and has a thick enough consistency to hold its shape.

Tips for Making Vegan Cold Foam

Here are a few tips to make your dairy-free cold foam delish:

  • Use chilled ingredients for the best results.
  • Start with a small amount of liquid and whisk gradually to avoid over-beating.
  • To create the foam, you can use a handheld milk frother, immersion blender, or even a good old-fashioned whisk.
  • If your foam is too thin, add a little more vegan whipped cream or coconut cream.

How to Make Dairy-Free Cold Foam

Making dairy-free cold foam is easier than you might think! Here are some basic methods and variations to try, depending on your preferred tools and ingredients:


For starters, you need to prep your ingredients.

Choose your base

  • Vegan Barista Milk: This is the easiest option for consistent frothing. Popular brands include Oatly Barista, Califia Oat Milk Barista Blend, and Chobani Oat Milk Barista Edition.
  • Coconut Milk: Use full-fat canned coconut milk and chill it for at least 1 hour. Scoop the thick cream from the top and use that for the foam.
  • Aquafaba: Whisk the liquid from a can of chickpeas until thick and fluffy.
  • Silken Tofu: Drain and blend silken tofu with 1 tablespoon powdered sugar, 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract, and a pinch of salt until smooth and airy.
  • Chill your ingredients: Pour your chosen base into a cold, stainless steel container (a mason jar works great). Chilled ingredients froth better.
  • Optional flavourings: Add any desired flavourings like simple syrup, vanilla extract, maple syrup, cinnamon, or pumpkin spice before frothing.

Frothing Methods

We will give you three methods for making dairy-free foam: the first method is frothing, the second is an immersion blender, and the last one is the French press. You can choose the method that you like or find easiest. 

Handheld Milk Frother

  • Immerse the frother head just below the surface and turn it on. Hold it at an angle slightly tilted towards the side of the container.
  • Move the frother up and down gently, creating a whirlpool motion. Don’t push too hard; you want to incorporate air, not break down the foam.
  • Continue frothing for about 30 seconds to 1 minute, aiming for a thick, velvety texture, not stiff peaks. Be careful not to over-froth, as it can dry and brittle the foam.

Immersion Blender

  • Hold the immersion blender just below the surface of the chilled base in a tall, narrow container.
  • Pulse the blender on medium speed for short bursts (3-4 seconds each) until the base becomes frothy. Be careful not to over-blend, as you can quickly reach the dry and brittle stage.
  • Stop blending when you achieve the desired consistency.

French Press

  • Pour the chilled base into the French press.
  • Plunge the press vigorously for about 30-60 seconds, creating a thick and foamy texture.
  • Stop plunging when you reach the desired consistency.

Tips for Creating Dairy-Free Cold Foam

Here are a few tips and tricks to take your dairy-free cold foam to the next level. 

  • Use pre-chilled frothing tools for better results.
  • Start with a small amount of liquid and gradually add more if needed.
  • If your foam is too airy, try frothing for a shorter time or with lighter strokes.
  • If your foam is too dense, try frothing for longer or adding a splash of plant-based milk to thin it out.
  • Experiment with different plant-based milk and flavour combinations to find your perfect vegan cold foam recipe.
  • Coconut cream cold foam tends to be a bit denser than other options. Consider combining it with oat milk for a lighter texture.
  • Aquafaba foam is naturally light and airy, perfect for those who like a delicate texture.
  • Silken tofu foam has a unique, slightly grainy texture but still adds a creamy element to your drinks.

Dairy-Free Cold Foam Recipe

Depending on your preferred ingredients and tools, There are several ways to make delicious dairy-free cold foam. Here are three popular options to get you started:

Option 1: Coconut Cream and Oat Milk (Vegan)

If you like the flavour of coconut, you’ll enjoy this dairy-free cold foam recipe because it blends coconut cream and oat milk, both of which are vegan options, making it incredibly safe for your allergy. 


  • ¼ cup full-fat canned coconut milk (chilled, with a hard layer of cream on top)
  • 2 tablespoons oat milk (chilled)
  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)
  • ½ teaspoon maple syrup (or other sweetener to taste)


  1. Scoop out the solid coconut cream from the can and place it in a blender or container with a tight-fitting lid. If using a container, transfer the contents to a blender after frothing.
  2. Add the oat milk, vanilla extract, and sweetener.
  3. Blend or froth on high speed for 30-60 seconds or until thick and foamy. Be careful not to over-froth, as it can become grainy.
  4. Spoon the cold foam onto your chilled beverage and enjoy!

Option 2: Dairy-free Whipped Cream and Oat Milk

There are ready-made dairy-free whipped cream options, and you can always mix it with your favourite plant-based milk; in the recipe, we will use oat milk. Let’s find out how it turns out. 


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  • 2 tablespoons oat milk (chilled)


  1. Place the chilled oat milk in a blender or container with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Add the dairy-free whipped cream and blend on high speed for 15-30 seconds or until bubbly and light.
  3. Spoon the cold foam onto your chilled beverage and enjoy!

Option 3: Vegan Barista Milk


In the last option, we are keeping it simple and sticking with the vegan barista milk, and we can assure you it will make your dairy-free cold foam very delicious. 


  • ½ cup vegan barista milk (chilled)
  • Optional flavourings: vanilla extract, syrup, spices, etc.


  1. Pour the chilled vegan barista milk into a blender or container with a tight-fitting lid.
  2. Add any desired flavourings.
  3. Blend on high speed for 30-60 seconds or until thick and foamy.
  4. Spoon the cold foam onto your chilled beverage and enjoy!

Delicious Dairy-Free Cold Foam Variations and Serving Ideas

Gone are the days when dairy-free meant missing out on creamy, frothy goodness! With a bit of creativity, you can whip up dairy-free cold foam that’s just as delightful as the original and explore a whole world of flavour variations to tantalise your taste buds. 

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Fruity Fiesta

Adding a fruity flavour to your coffee is always a wonderful idea; if it’s dairy-free cold foam, it makes it ten times better. 

Strawberry Swirl 

Blend frozen strawberries with a touch of maple syrup for a vibrant pink foam. Drizzle over iced lattes or smoothies for a burst of summery sweetness.

Mango Tango

Puree fresh mango with a squeeze of lime for a tropical twist. Perfect for topping iced teas or adding a touch of sunshine to your morning coffee.

Blueberry Bliss 

Blend blueberries with a touch of honey for a light and refreshing foam. It is ideal for topping iced lemonade or adding a pop of colour to your acai bowls.

Spice it Up

A dash of spice gives your dairy-free cold foam a good kick, and if you like strong flavours, these ideas are for you. 

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Combine canned pumpkin puree with your favourite dairy-free milk, vanilla extract, and pumpkin pie spice. This cosy fall flavour is perfect for warming you up on a chilly day.

Chai Delight 

Steep chai tea bags into your dairy-free milk and blend with honey. This aromatic foam will add a touch of exotic flair to your iced coffee or chai lattes.

Peppermint Mocha

Infuse your dairy-free milk with peppermint extract and chocolate syrup. This festive foam is perfect for topping holiday drinks or adding a touch of minty magic to your hot cocoa.

Get Creative

Here are a few ideas to get you started if you want to try something new and put your creativity to use. 

Salted Caramel

Drizzle a touch of caramel sauce over your dairy-free cold foam for a sweet and salty treat. This decadent topping is perfect for iced macchiatos or cold brews.

Chocolate Hazelnut

Blend Nutella with dairy-free milk and cocoa powder for a rich, decadent foam. This luxurious topping will take your iced lattes to a whole new level.

Lavender Latte

Infuse your dairy-free milk with dried lavender and honey for a calming and floral aroma. This unique foam is perfect for adding a touch of serenity to your afternoon latte.

Dairy-free cold foam

Serving Ideas

You might be wondering how to serve your dairy-free cold foam. Let us share a few ideas with you. 

  • Spoon it on: Top your favourite iced drinks like lattes, macchiatos, cold brew, or even iced teas and smoothies.
  • Get artsy: Drizzle your flavoured cold foam over your drinks to create latte art designs.
  • Go for the swirl: Gently swirl your cold foam into your drink for a marbled effect.
  • Make it a parfait: Layer your cold foam with granola, fruit, and yoghurt for a healthy and delicious breakfast or snack.
  • Think beyond coffee: Use your cold foam to top iced cocktails, mocktails, or even hot chocolate for a touch of decadence.

So, there you have it, folks! You’ll be able to conquer the coffee shop scene (or, at the very least, impress your roommates) once you’ve mastered these dairy-free cold foam recipes. Remember that the magic is in the experimentation, so embrace your inner scientist and whip up frothy blends. Who knows, you might come across the next great cold foam craze. Now, foam with confidence and join the creamy, dairy-free revolution!

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