How to Shuck Oysters

How to Shuck Oysters with Carlingford Oysters

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Updated on February 14, 2024

Reviewed by Eman Sameh

In this video, we join Louët-Feisser, owner of Carlingford Oysters to learn how they shuck their oysters and how you can shuck oysters at home for your own recipes. He shares some of his best tips for how to successfully shuck an oyster, especially for beginners.

Carlingford Oysters offer premium Louët-Feisser Oysters that are hand-selected to ensure they provide the best seafood. The flow of Carlingford Lough’s grade-A waters helps shape each oyster into a perfect tear-drop shape with a powerful shell and a smooth pearly white enamel.

How to Shuck Oysters

How to Shuck Oysters and the Best Oysters with Carlingford Oysters

Thank you to the team of Carlingford Oysters for giving us this tutorial as well as an insight into how they source this amazing ingredient in Northern Ireland.

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