Let's Cook the Perfect Salmon Fillet

Let’s Cook the Perfect Salmon Fillet

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Updated on June 3, 2024

Reviewed by Miral Nassar

In this article we will show you our easy step by step guide to cooking the perfect salmon fillet with professional Chef, Ian Hunter from the Belfast Cookery School.

Ingredients you’ll need for the Perfect Salmon Fillet

  • Salmon
  • Rapeseed Oil
  • Unsalted butter
  • Clove of Garlic
  • Sea Salt Seasoning
  • Fresh Sage

How to Cook the Perfect Salmon Fillet – Method:

  • To begin, set your pan to the highest setting on your cooker as you want it really hot once you place the salmon in.
  • Add a tablespoon of golden rapeseed oil to the pan. It’s the highest flashpoint of any oil which means you can cook it at a higher temperature without burning and it’s also super healthy to cook with.
  • Before adding the salmon to the pan, make four small incisions along the skin to help allow the heat to penetrate into the fish. This also helps to increase the cooking time.
  • When the pan starts smoking, place the salmon skin down first -dropping it away from yourself so that the oil doesn’t splash back. Apply pressure to the salmon and add some sea salt seasoning to the pan.
  • Make sure that the skin of the salmon is starting to turn nice and crispy. You can check this by using a pair of tongs and gently turning it over.
  • Next, using your tongs, turn the salmon on its sides for a few seconds and place the fish back down again. Following that add your two crushed garlic cloves and some fresh sage.
  • Your next step is to add the butter, chef Ian highly recommends using unsalted butter as normal butter along with seasoning would make the dish too salty. Once the butter starts to melt or turn brown, start basting the fish. Try to keep the garlic and herbs on top as the hot butter helps release their oils which creates more flavour.
  • After two minutes of basting the fish in butter, you should flip the salmon over and repeat the process. Treat the salmon like you’re cooking a medium steak, you want it to be slightly pink in the middle. If overcooked, your fish will rise up and be slightly chewy.
  • When you think the fish is cooked, gently place it onto a plate and pour some of the oils in the pan over the top of the salmon.
  • You want to leave the salmon to rest for a couple of minutes before cutting it, as eating the food when it’s too hot won’t allow you to appreciate all of the flavour. Once cooled, you can start cutting the salmon and it should be juicy and moist. If it is, you have cooked the perfect Salmon Fillet.
  • Be sure to enjoy!
How to Cook the Perfect Salmon Fillet – How to cook the perfect salmon fillet in a pan -Best seasoning for salmon -How to cook fish

Thanks to Ian from the Belfast Cookery School for giving such an informative cooking workshop. The results look delicious!

We have plenty more cooking classes and available on our recipe if you are interested!

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