The Perfect Steak - How to Cook & Season Rib Eye Steak

The Perfect Steak – How to Cook & Season Rib Eye Steak

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Updated on June 3, 2024

You get the most gorgeous piece of rib eye steak, salt aged and succulent but how do you cook it?

This video will show you just how to cook the perfect rib eye steak. The method is easy with a few simple steps, but the results are delicious. We source our meat from Hannan Meat in Glenarm – wonderful Irish rib eye beef salt aged to perfection!

Method for Cooking Rib Eye Steak

  • To begin, start by taking your steak out of the fridge at least one hour before you want to cook it to bring it up to room temperature.
  • Turn your pan onto heat (Chef Ian uses induction hobs at the cookery school and has set his set to 9, which is the highest setting.) You want your pan smoking hot to sear the steak.
  • Add one tablespoon of Rapeseed oil to the pan. Rapeseed oil is low in saturated fats, high in monounsaturated fats, omega 6 and 9 and helps to lower your cholesterol. It’s the healthy option out of many oils and professional chef Ian highly recommends this.
  • As your pan heats up, add some sea salt over your steak before adding it onto the pan. Use a pair of tongs to place the steak onto the pan, firstly sealing the sides of the streak. You’ll want to hear a sizzling noise when you put the steak in the pan. Once the sides are sealed off, you can place the steak flat on the pan to get a nice brown crust. Place some pressure on the steak.
  • As your steak sizzles, get some cloves of garlic, crack them with the side of your knife and add on top of the steak. Also, add some fresh thyme.
  • Next, start adding the butter. Chef Ian suggests using unsalted butter as using normal salted butter and seasonings would end up being too salty. As the butter starts to turn brown, start ladling it over the top of the steak. The hot butter will help to release all the lovely oils and flavours from the garlic and thyme. (The chef is cooking his steak at medium rare as its the best temperature to have your steak)
  • Add more seasoning to the pan and keep ladling the butter over the steak. To cook it at medium rare, the chef is cooking it on each side for three minutes.
  • For Medium and medium well done, he suggests adding another minute to your cooking time. After three minutes gently turn the steak over, dropping it away from you, so that the oil doesn’t splash.
  • Again keep basting the butter for three minutes. Next, take the steak off the pan and let it rest for a couple of minutes to allow all the juices to flow out so that when you cut it no blood will come out.
  • After about 5 to 10 minutes of resting the streak, give it a final seasoning of sea salt and black pepper. Congratulations, you have just cooked the perfect streak! It will taste even better knowing you cooked it yourself 🙂
The Perfect Steak – How to Cook Steak – How to Cook Rib Eye Steak – How to Season Steak

We have plenty more cooking classes, recipes and industry expert interviews available on our site if you are interested! Thanks again to Ian Hunter from Belfast Cookery School for sharing his knowledge with us.

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