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A Scoop on Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Creams

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Updated on February 25, 2024

Remember the days when indulging in Ben & Jerry’s iconic ice cream meant a trip down memory lane but also a potential trip to tummy trouble if you were dairy-free?

Well, those days are officially over. Ben & Jerry’s, the ice cream brand synonymous with chunky swirls of joy, has embarked on a mission to bring their euphoric flavours to everyone, regardless of dietary restrictions. Their rapidly expanding line of non-dairy ice creams is shaking up the industry, proving that plant-based indulgence does not have to mean sacrificing taste or texture.

This article dives into the creamy, dreamy world of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy offerings. We will delve into the unique ingredients and flavours that set them apart and, most importantly, answer the burning question: can dairy-free ice cream truly be as good as the original? So, grab your spoon (or maybe a spork, for good measure!) to embark on a delicious exploration of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy revolution.

Get ready to discover a world where you can have and eat your ice cream without a single moo in sight!

Certified Vegan Non-Dairy Ice Cream


Ben & Jerry’s is more than just an ice cream brand. It is a cultural icon. Established back in 1978 by Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, two friends with a love for chunky mix-ins and Vermont cream. They started in a renovated gas station and scooped their way to global recognition. They have become synonymous with delicious indulgence and a socially conscious scoop.

Ben & Jerry’s first ventured into the vegan ice cream world in February 2016, launching with four flavours: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Chunky Monkey, Peanut Butter & Cookies, and Coffee Caramel Fudge. They have become “Certified Vegan”, which signifies that they now have products with no ingredients derived from animals. This typically includes dairy, eggs, honey, and other animal-derived substances.

Their vegan offerings have grown significantly since then, expanding to include over 20 flavours and experimenting with different bases.

Vegan Base

ben and jerrys non-dairy ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s uses three kinds of non-dairy ingredients to make the base of their vegan ice creams: almond milk, oat milk, and sunflower butter, each giving the ice cream a unique, rich taste that is loved by many. Their decision to use these three particular plant-based ingredients was made with much care.

Oat milk has a mild, slightly sweet flavour with a creamy and smooth texture. It does not have a strong taste of oats but may impart a subtle oat-like undertone to the ice cream. Compared to other plant-based milk alternatives, the taste of oat milk is generally neutral, which gives the flavour a chance to shine through.

Ben & Jerry’s has eight types of ice cream with an oat milk base, including Strawberry Cheezecake, Peanut Butter Half Baked, and Chocolate Fudge Brownie.

Almond milk is a more popular dairy milk alternative among vegans, and Ben & Jerry’s was not to skip using it as a base. It has quite a mild and slightly nutty flavour with a light sweetness, but the overall taste is generally subtle and so versatile that they use it with 13 flavours. Their unique Karamel Sutra® Core and Lights! Caramel! Action! use almond milk.

In contrast, sunflower butter made from roasted sunflower offers a creamy, nutty, slightly earthy, and mildly sweet flavour and is comparable to the taste of other nut butters, like almond or peanut butter. It makes the base of six Ben & Jerry’s ice creams, including Colin Kaepernick’s Change the Whirled and Bananas Foster​.

The choice between oat milk, almond milk, or sunflower butter depends on what you like most. All three give you yummy non-dairy alternatives for your sweet tooth needs, so try them and see what resonates with you more.

Features of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Ice Cream


All Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream offers a range of features that make them a delicious and responsible choice for those looking for dairy-free options. Let’s explore some of those.

For instance, Ben & Jerry’s is on a mission to cut down the packaging that ends up as waste. They do this through sustainable packaging where their non-dairy ice cream tubs aim to give back to our planet, not take away.

Also, Ben & Jerry’s is taking steps every day to lessen its impact on climate change by making better choices with its ingredients and how it sources them.

Additionally, Ben & Jerry’s is keen on using Fairtrade-certified ingredients. This means they buy sugar, cocoa, vanilla, coffee, and bananas from farmers who get a fair price for their crops. In 2017 alone, Ben & Jerry’s paid $3.4 million to these farmers. They were the first ice cream maker in the world to use such ethically sourced stuff. Even their new non-dairy flavour uses such ingredients too.

This way, Ben & Jerry’s helps small-scale farmers make a good living and take care of the Earth better by promoting sustainable farming practices. It also shows people how important it is to be socially responsible when shopping for grub.

Speaking of varieties, Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream is a treat for the taste buds. It was actually back in 2016 that Ben & Jerry’s gave their first non-dairy taste sensation. Today, they boast about 23 tasty dairy-free options, each with its own unique twist, from sweet to nutty.

Here are some of their amazing flavours and treats:

ben and jerrys non-dairy ice cream
  1. Oatmeal Dream Pie: This flavour combines chunks of oatmeal cookies with a creamy cinnamon ice cream base. It is like eating a slice of delicious pie.
  1. Lights! Caramel! Action!: If you are a fan of caramel, this flavour is a must-try. It features caramel swirls and chocolatey chunks in a rich caramel ice cream.
  1. Bananas Foster Core: This unique flavour has a banana ice cream base with gooey caramel and fudge cores running through it. It is decadent and oh-so-delicious.
  1. Boom Chocolatta Cookie Core: Calling all chocolate lovers! This flavour is packed with chocolatey goodness, including fudge chips, chunky cookie swirls, and a gooey chocolate cookie core.

It does not even stop here. Ben and Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream offers a mix of textures, too, from smooth and creamy to chunky.

Impact of Ben & Jerry’s Vegan Ice Cream

ben and jerrys non-dairy ice cream

Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream has made a significant impact not just on the market but also on how people perceive desserts, especially those following a vegan or non-dairy diet. Let’s explore some aspects of this impact.

Changing Perceptions of Veganism

Veganism is slowly starting to change how people think about food. More and more, people are realising the importance of ethical consumption and how our choices impact animal rights and the environment.

Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream has played a role in this shift by offering delicious vegan options that appeal to a wide audience. It is not just for vegans anymore; it is becoming a mainstream choice for those who want to make a positive impact through their food choices.

The availability and popularity of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream have helped to normalise veganism and make it more socially accepted. It is exciting to see these changing perceptions and the growing interest in plant-based alternatives that prioritise environmental sustainability and social responsibility.

Accessibility for Vegans

Being vegan can sometimes be challenging, especially when it comes to finding delicious and cruelty-free options. That is why the accessibility of Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream is so important for vegans.

With their wide range of plant-based flavours, Ben & Jerry’s makes it easy for vegans to indulge in creamy and satisfying desserts without compromising their values and the best part? Their vegan options can be found at popular supermarkets like Tesco and Sainsbury’s in the UK, making it even more convenient for vegans to enjoy a tasty treat whenever they want.

Influence on Other Ice Cream Brands

Vegan Ben & Jerry’s ice cream has had a significant impact on other ice cream brands. By offering delicious dairy-free options, they have changed consumer perceptions of vegan desserts.

Their success has shown that plant-based ice cream can be just as satisfying and delectable as traditional dairy versions. As a result, other ice cream companies have started to develop their own vegan offerings to meet the increasing demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly alternatives.

Ben & Jerry’s has paved the way for socially conscious brands in the ice cream industry, inspiring others to prioritise sustainability and ethical consumption.

Delicious Ben and Jerry’s Dairy-Free Ice Cream Recipes


It is really fun to experiment with delicious dairy-free recipes using Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream. Here are some fantastic creations that we highly encourage you to try:

  1. Vegan Cookie Dough Sundae: Scoop Cookie Dough non-dairy Ice Cream into a bowl and top it with vegan chocolate chip cookie dough bites, dairy-free whipped cream, and also a drizzle of vegan chocolate sauce.
  1. Berry Bliss Smoothie: Blend a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s Berry Berry Extraordinary non-dairy ice cream with frozen mixed berries, almond milk, and a handful of spinach for a more nutritious and refreshing smoothie.
  1. Chocolate Peanut Butter Shake: Combine Chunky Monkey non-dairy ice cream with creamy peanut butter, almond milk, and a sprinkle of dairy-free chocolate chips for an indulgent milkshake.
  1. S’mores Ice Cream Sandwiches: Take two vegan graham crackers and sandwich a scoop of Ben & Jerry’s S’mores non-dairy ice cream in between. Roll the edges in mini vegan marshmallows for an extra special treat.
  1. Vegan Banana Split: Slice a banana lengthwise and place it in a bowl. Top it with scoops of Ben & Jerry’s Non-Dairy Vanilla Fudge Chip, Non-Dairy Cherry Garcia, and Non-Dairy Chocolate Caramel Cluster ice creams. Add vegan whipped cream, dairy-free chocolate sauce, chopped nuts, and maraschino cherries for the ultimate plant-based indulgence.


Ben & Jerry’s non-dairy ice cream offers a delicious and indulgent option for vegans and those looking to reduce their dairy intake. With a wide range of flavours and responsibly sourced ingredients, it is easy to see why this vegan-friendly treat has become so popular.

If you are craving something sweet and creamy, be sure to try out Ben & Jerry’s dairy-free options. Plus, do not forget to explore our collection of mouth-watering dairy-free recipes and discover tips for ordering vegan desserts at other establishments.

Happy scooping!

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