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Exploring Burren Balsamics’ Artisan Vinegars

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Updated on March 20, 2024

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With a staggering 50% growth in sales over the past year, Burren Balsamics’ artisan vinegars are out of this world. They’re leading a revolution in sustainable, small-batch production, using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to create unique and award-winning flavors. Their commitment to zero waste and innovative techniques, such as vacuum sealing for faster infusion, sets them apart.

But how exactly does the brand maintain such high standards, and what makes their Blackberry in Thyme vinegar a cut above the rest? There’s more to this success story that’s worth exploring.

Understanding Burren Balsamics Products


Delving into the world of Burren Balsamics, one discovers a small-batch artisan producer dedicated to crafting unique infused balsamic and white balsamic vinegars, all the while maintaining a commendable zero food waste policy.

They’re not merely producing vinegars; they’re creating an array of flavor pairings that excite the palate. The infusion techniques employed are meticulous, resulting in the distinctive flavors such as Blackberry in Thyme.

Their bespoke fennel vinegar, made specifically for local hotels, showcases their versatility and ability to cater to discerning tastes. Each product, from their award-winning Blackberry in Thyme vinegar to their relishes and chutneys, is a testament to Burren Balsamics’ commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovative flavor pairings.

The Artisanal Production Process

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Building on their commitment to quality and innovation, Burren Balsamics employs a meticulous artisanal process in the production of their unique vinegars. Ingredients are vacuum-sealed and cooked in a water bath, utilizing precise infusion techniques to ensure optimal flavor absorption. This process is faster than traditional methods, yet retains the artisanal touch that defines small-batch care.

Post-infusion, the product is strained and prepared for the bottling process. Each bottle is filled and labeled manually, exemplifying the company’s dedication to detail. The infusion techniques and bottling process aren’t rushed, embodying the brand’s pledge to deliver products with an authenticity only achievable through an artisanal approach.

This marriage of tradition and innovation truly sets Burren Balsamics apart in the world of artisan vinegars.

Cooking Ideas With Baron Balsamics

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Exploring the culinary possibilities with Burren Balsamics opens a world of flavor, as their unique vinegars provide a creative twist to traditional recipes such as Sticky Balsamic Chicken Wings with Blue Cheese and Beef Burgers with Onion Jam and Cheese. These tasty creations leverage the rich, complex profiles of Burren vinegars to create flavorful marinades that permeate the meat, ensuring each bite is a culinary delight.

Innovative use extends beyond the main course, with creative pairings like a zesty balsamic-infused salad dressing or a tangy reduction drizzled over fresh fruit for dessert. These culinary innovations, made possible by the versatility of Baron Balsamics, transform ordinary meals into gourmet experiences.

It’s clear: cooking with Baron Balsamics is a journey of flavor discovery that inspires the home cook and gastronome alike.

Quality and Awards Recognition

Not only do Burren Balsamics’ products elevate everyday meals, but their exceptional quality and innovative flavors have also garnered significant recognition within the culinary world.

Their rigorous quality standards, involving meticulous attention to detail and use of fresh, local ingredients, have set them apart in the industry.

The Blackberry in Thyme, a testament to Baron’s dedication to craft, was awarded Best Artisan Product at the Irish Food Awards in 2019.

Moreover, their commitment to quality secured them two stars from the esteemed Great Taste Awards.

These commendations aren’t merely plaques on a wall; they’re industry recognition of Burren Balsamics’ unyielding commitment to artisanal methods and excellence.

Truly, Burren Balsamics is revolutionizing the vinegar industry, one award-winning bottle at a time.

Inspirational Usage of Burren Balsamics

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Beyond the accolades and awards, Burren Balsamics truly shines when its products are put to use in creative and inspiring ways in the kitchen. The brand encourages flavorful pairings and creative presentations, igniting culinary inspirations among both professional chefs and home cooks.

Whether it’s a drizzle over fresh strawberries, a glaze for braised meats, or a punchy addition to sauces, Burren Balsamics vinegar elevates the dish with its complex flavor profile. Their commitment to sustainable cooking is evident in their zero waste policy, urging cooks to utilize every scrap and turn it into something delicious.

With each pour, dash, and dollop, Burren Balsamics not only adds depth to dishes, but also inspires a more mindful and creative approach to cooking.

Unique Flavors and Diverse Range

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Diving into the heart of Burren Balsamics’ offering, it’s the remarkable variety of unique flavors and a diverse product range that truly sets them apart in the artisan vinegar market. Their portfolio ranges from Strawberry and Mint Fizz to Smoked Pearls, each product encouraging culinary creativity and taste exploration.

The offerings aren’t confined to vinegar, but extend to include products like Smoked Valley Lisk cheese and Onion Roast jam. Baron Balsamics’ strength lies in its ability to provide flavorful pairings that can elevate any dish, further enhancing the culinary experience. Accompanied by insightful presentation tips, their offerings inspire cooks to experiment and innovate.

Burren Balsamics is clearly more than just a vinegar producer; they’re a cornerstone for an evolving gastronomic culture.

The Secret Behind Zero Food Waste

At the core of Burren Balsamics’ operations is their impressive zero food waste policy, a testament to their commitment to sustainable practices. This policy isn’t just responsible, it’s also a breeding ground for culinary creativity. They cleverly use every part of their raw materials, turning otherwise discarded elements into flavor-packed products.

This approach is twofold: it’s an exercise in food preservation and a platform for flavor innovation. Leftover fruit skins, for instance, aren’t seen as waste, but as opportunities to create rich infusions. Their practice of reusing and repurposing ingredients is as much about environmental responsibility as it’s about pushing the boundaries of taste.

Burren Balsamics has proven that sustainability and culinary innovation can indeed coexist, transforming waste management into a gastronomic adventure.

Burren Balsamics’ Artisan Vinegars

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

In the realm of culinary innovation, Burren Balsamics doesn’t stop at just sustainable practices; they also create bespoke vinegar infusions tailored to their clients’ specific needs. These customized infusions are a testament to the company’s commitment to providing unique flavor pairings, which are handcrafted to suit each client’s palate.

These bespoke creations aren’t just about mixing and matching flavors; they involve a deeper understanding of the culinary arts, including the chemistry of ingredients and the sensory effects they produce.

Burren Balsamics’ commitment to culinary innovations has led them to develop award-winning products like Blackberry in Thyme, made using fresh, local ingredients, and following an exacting production process that underscores their commitment to quality, flavor, and the artisan craft.

Enhancing Flavors With Balsamic Glazes

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Burren Balsamics elevates everyday meals to gourmet experiences by incorporating their artisanal balsamic glazes, adding depth and complexity to a variety of dishes. These glazes, rich in flavor infusion, serve as a testament to culinary creativity, transforming the mundane into the extraordinary.

Their glaze versatility allows them to complement both sweet and savory dishes, providing taste enhancement that transcends culinary boundaries. The glazes’ concentrated flavor profile, born from slow reduction and meticulous aging processes, ensures a robust yet balanced taste.

Whether drizzled over grilled vegetables, brushed on seared meats, or swirled into fresh strawberries, Burren Balsamics’ glazes provide an unmatched flavor dimension that sets them apart. As a tool of culinary mastery, these balsamic glazes truly revolutionize the art of flavor enhancement.

Delightful Recipes With Baron Balsamics

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Exploring the culinary world becomes an adventure when you delve into the delightful recipes made with Burren Balsamics’ artisan vinegars. These vinegars lend themselves beautifully to flavorful marinades, enhancing the taste of meats and vegetables.

They’re an excellent addition to savory salads, adding depth and complexity to the simplest of green mixes. Creative cocktails also benefit from their unique tang, providing an unexpected note to refreshments.

Lastly, Burren Balsamics aren’t just for savory dishes, they’re also fantastic in sweet treats, adding a pleasant acidity that balances out the sweetness. Whether it’s strawberry balsamic truffles or a balsamic glaze on your favorite cake, the possibilities are endless and delicious.

Truly, Burren Balsamics is revolutionizing the way we cook, one drop at a time.

The Use of Local Produce

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

While these vinegars are indeed a game-changer in the kitchen, it’s worth noting that their unique flavors owe much to the use of fresh, local produce in their production. Burren Balsamics’ commitment to local sourcing not only bolsters the regional economy but also ensures the most flavorful ingredients are utilized.

Strawberries, mint, and fennel are transformed into award-winning concoctions, such as the lauded Blackberry in Thyme. This focus on local sourcing allows a flavor fusion that’s both innovative and authentic. Every bottle encapsulates the essence of the region, bringing a taste of the local fields directly to food lovers‘ tables.

Thus, Burren Balsamics masterfully harnesses the power of local produce to redefine the realm of artisan vinegars.

Baron Balsamics’ Sustainable Practices

In addition to making waves with their innovative use of local produce, Burren Balsamics is also leading the charge in sustainable practices within the artisan vinegar industry. They’ve adopted eco-friendly initiatives that emphasize a zero food waste policy. Ingredients that aren’t used in vinegar production find a second life in their jams, chutneys, or relishes. This closed-loop system ensures that nothing is wasted, enhancing their sustainability practices.

Their small-batch production process, which involves manual bottling and individual labeling, minimizes energy consumption. Burren Balsamics isn’t just creating award-winning products; they’re also setting an example for the industry, proving that quality and sustainability can indeed coexist.

Experimenting With Balsamic Vinegars

Burren Balsamics' Artisan Vinegars

Beyond their commitment to sustainability, Burren Balsamics also encourages culinary creativity, inspiring chefs and home cooks alike to experiment with their range of balsamic vinegars. Their distinct infusions lend themselves to a plethora of flavor pairings, opening avenues for vinegar experimentation that can elevate any dish.

Whether it’s a tangy strawberry balsamic drizzled over fresh greens, or a rich, smoky number accenting a hearty roast, the possibilities are endless. They even provide pairing suggestions to guide the uninitiated, fostering an understanding of taste profiles.

This focus on creativity and exploration underscores their commitment to the artisan craft. Burren Balsamics doesn’t just produce vinegars; they cultivate culinary experiences, inviting us all to partake in the art of flavor.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Shelf Life of Burren Balsamics Products Once Opened?

When opened, the shelf life of Burren Balsamics products depends on storage recommendations. Ideally, they’re kept in a cool, dark place.

Proper balsamic preservation ensures freshness and quality. If stored correctly, they’ll remain delicious for up to three years. It’s not that they’d spoil, but the flavors may dull over time.

Are There Any Allergen Warnings Associated With Burren Balsamics Products?

They don’t provide allergen warnings for Burren Balsamics products. However, due to their careful ingredient sourcing and meticulous production process, they’re able to maintain high quality and safety standards.

It’s always wise to check the product labels, as some balsamic vinegars may contain sulfites. Individuals with severe allergies should contact the company directly for more detailed information.

How Can I Purchase Burren Balsamics Products Outside of Ireland?

They’re curious about buying their products outside of Ireland. It’s possible! The company offers international shipping.

They can browse the selection online, add items to their cart, and proceed to checkout. There, they’ll find various payment methods, making the process easy and secure.

Are Burren Balsamics’ Products Suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians?

Yes, they’re suitable. Their production process ensures vegan-friendly flavors. They don’t use animal products or by-products in their balsamic vinegars.

Their adherence to a zero waste policy also means they’re environmentally conscious, which resonates with many vegans and vegetarians.

Does Burren Balsamics Offer Any Product Bundles or Gift Sets for Special Occasions?

Yes, Burren Balsamics does offer product bundles and gift sets for special occasions. They’ve got a variety of bundle options, each thoughtfully curated with their award-winning vinegars.

Additionally, they offer customizable sets, allowing customers to pick and choose their favorite flavors. It’s a perfect way to sample their unique products or to gift a taste of artisan craftsmanship to a loved one.


Burren Balsamics is truly transforming artisan vinegars. Their unique blend of local produce, sustainable practices, and innovative production methods results in high-quality, award-winning products.

They’re not just a vinegar producer, but a source of culinary inspiration, offering recipes and encouraging experimentation.

Burren Balsamics is more than a brand, it’s a revolution in the kitchen, a testament to the power of detail, sustainability, and the magic of balsamic vinegars.

Video Transcript

Speaker 2 (00:00)
Hi, I’m Susie. I’m the founder of Burren Balsamics. I began it in 2014. At the time, I was working in the Vets in Market Hill, and I met with a friend for a coffee one day, and we decided to make some infused vinegar for sale at a Christmas fair. In 2017, Bob joined me and we changed the methods of manufacturer.

Speaker 1 (00:26)
I’m Bob. I have a background in professional cookery. I’ve been a chef all my life. As you go through your career as a chef, you get to a point where you no longer want to do the buzz of service every night. And most of us move into product development. That was certainly my course, and I worked with some amazing companies. And in the course of a show in Dublin, I was visiting a client, and Susie was at the show exhibiting, and we got talking a little bit about our products, and I came to have a look. Food fascinates me. I’m very lucky. I still I love doing what I do.

Speaker 2 (01:01)
Originally, we started with just dark balsamic, black balsamic, and we then progressed to using white balsamic as one of the products. The dark balsamic, when we started, was perhaps of a lesser quality than that that we use now. We now use a beautiful balsamic that has no sulfites, no caramel, and we infuse all our products with that.

Speaker 1 (01:26)
So we started to explore how you would change the flavours. Susie was doing a very classical thing. She was infusing in barrels, and that takes place over a period of time. We put it in and using a little bit of science, if you put it into a bag and extract the oxygen, everything intensifies But it’s very controlled. The heat to make flavours transfer is very low, so it’s very safe. It’s lightweight. It’s not excess heat. So it’s a lovely way to be able to produce. And when you take oxygen away, eventually, Essentially, you stop life almost. So it’s in a state of limbo. So it’s a great way to produce because you can produce in advance, put it back into oxygen, and everything comes back to life. So that’s basically what we do. We are surrounded by orchards, and we buy as much locally as we can. Ethically, that’s always a good thing for me. We want to cut down in miles travelled and support the local community as they support us. That was the start of the journey at Burned Balsamics.

Speaker 2 (02:33)
We’ve had some really memorable moments over the last few years. We’ve won the best artisan product at the Blasnaheron Irish Food Awards twice, which is amazing. We’re the only company to have won it twice. We have 38 great taste stars at the minute. We hope to get some more this year. We’ve had two Great British Food Award winners.

Speaker 1 (02:57)
Balsamic is a PGI product. It’s a protected geographical product. So it must come from a region similar to champagne. It comes from a region. It comes from the Moderna region of Italy. We use a producer who are so into quality. They are driven by the end results, not by the price. The price takes care of itself if it’s really good. So balsamic is essentially, if I could explain it, similar to a red and white wine. The black balsamic comes from red and black grapes of various varieties, and the white comes from white grapes, and it’s cooked. So eventually, they press like a wine, they treat it like a wine, and then they almost allow it to sour. And the souring process happens with cooking. And what happens with cooking is you’re building density and you’re building layers of flavour.

Speaker 2 (03:50)
We’re very lucky. We’re going to the World Airlines show next week, and we are in the middle of producing and developing some fantastic products for a single portion in a very lightweight, extremely recyclable film. So we’re producing three products, specifically for the airline show next week. We have a citrus dressing, a burger sauce, and a ketchup. All the flavours in these are extremely intense because when you’re flying, the flavour of your palate dulls a little.

Speaker 1 (04:25)
And as the barrel size gets smaller, the price goes up because that’s starting to age the product. And they can go on and they have wines. I call them wines. They have vinegars that are maybe 50, 60, 100 years old. The difference essentially between balsamic and wine is if you open a bottle of wine, drink it all because oxygen will absolutely ruin it. Oxygen improves balsamic because it’ll allow a natural thickening. As the volume reduces, the density goes up, so you’re actually making a better vinegar the longer it’s open, but we wanted to open it and use it.

Speaker 2 (05:04)
We have a citrus dressing that is made with our citrus vinegar, lemon, lime, grapefruit, and orange, and mixed with our balsamic. It’s very flavoursome and beautiful on a salad. The burger sauce and ketchup are both very vibrant in colour and in flavour. We’re very proud that we have a great collaboration with IndieFood, and we help produce some products for them under their brand name.

Speaker 1 (05:31)
What happens when we put fresh ingredients in? If we do a Blackberry & Thym vinegar, we’ll put blackberries in, we’ll put fresh garden thyme, and nothing else apart from the vinegar. We’re in the process of developing one with a friend who happens to own Campot Pepper. Campot Pepper is regarded as one of the most premium of all pepper berries in the world, and we’re very lucky to have some of it here. We think a pepper vinegar will be exceptional. A real good sushi condiment, lots of uses.

Speaker 2 (06:05)
We’re incredibly lucky to supply to some wonderful independent shops, actually including Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, but a lot of farm shops and delis in and around Northern Ireland and in the Republic.

Speaker 1 (06:18)
The way we’ve designed the range, it goes from very savoury to cool temperatures in salads. But something like Black Brain Time If you had a beautiful piece of lamb and you added some Black Brain time into your gravy or your sauce, it’s going to give a lovely richness. What we’ve done with the black brain thyme is we’ve sperified it, so it comes out like little pearls that are liquid-centred. That’s going to give you a completely different taste and texture in your mouth. And it’s all about building layers of flavour within food.

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