Tasty Au Jus Recipe for French Dip

Tasty Au Jus Recipe for French Dip

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Updated on February 22, 2024

Are you looking to create the perfect au jus recipe for your French dip sandwich? Look no further! This article will cover everything you need to know about making a rich and flavourful au jus, from beef drippings to enhancing the taste with red wine and other seasonings. Let’s dive into the wonderful world of au jus!

If you don’t have beef drippings on hand, you can still make a delicious au jus using beef broth as the base. While it may not have the same depth of flavour as drippings, beef broth can still create a tasty au jus with the right seasonings and ingredients.

What is Au Jus?

French Dip Au Jus - French dip sandwich

Au Jus is a French culinary term that translates to “with juice” in English. In the context of cooking, Au Jus refers to the practice of serving meat with its own natural juices. The origins of Au Jus can be traced back to France, where it has been used as a method of enhancing the flavour and tenderness of meats for centuries.

The process of making Au Jus typically involves roasting or grilling the meat and then using the drippings and juices that accumulate during the cooking process as a sauce or dipping accompaniment. This technique is commonly employed with beef, particularly prime rib, but can also be applied to other meats such as lamb, pork, and even poultry.


In addition to the meat juices, Au Jus is often flavoured with aromatic ingredients such as herbs, garlic, and wine to enhance its taste profile further. The resulting sauce is typically served alongside the meat to provide an additional layer of flavour and moisture. In contemporary culinary practice, Au Jus has evolved to become a popular accompaniment to various dishes, including sandwiches, steaks, and even French dip sandwiches.

Its rich and savoury flavour profile, derived from the meat’s natural juices, has made it a beloved topping in the culinary world. Understanding the origins and meaning of Au Jus sheds light on its integral role in French cuisine as well as its ability to elevate the flavours of various meat dishes.

Incorporating Au Jus Recipe in French Dip Sandwich

One of the key elements of a delicious French Dip sandwich is the au jus sauce. This flavourful and savoury sauce adds a rich and meaty flavour to the sandwich, enhancing the overall taste and making it a satisfying meal. The au jus sauce is typically made from the roasted beef’s drippings, giving it a robust and hearty flavour.

To incorporate au jus sauce in a French Dip sandwich, the bread is often dipped into the sauce, or the sandwich can be served with a small container of the sauce for dipping. Some recipes also call for brushing the bread with the au jus sauce before toasting or grilling, adding an extra layer of flavour to the sandwich.

Au Jus Sauce Intensifier

The meaty and salty flavours of the au jus sauce pair perfectly with the tender and juicy slices of roast beef, creating a harmonious combination that is beloved by many. Additionally, the au jus sauce helps to keep the beef moist and adds a succulent juiciness to every bite of the sandwich. The dipping process also allows the bread to absorb some of the flavours from the sauce, making each bite more flavourful and enjoyable.

Overall, incorporating au jus sauce in a French Dip sandwich is essential for creating a delicious and satisfying meal. Its rich and savoury flavours perfectly complement the roast beef, adding depth and richness to the sandwich that elevates it to a new culinary delight.

Importance of Drippings in Creating a Flavourful Au Jus

French Dip Au Jus - French dip sandwich

Drippings are an essential component in creating a flavourful au jus, as they contain the concentrated essence of the meat being cooked. When meat is roasted or grilled, the natural juices and fats from the meat are released, collecting at the bottom of the pan. These drippings are rich in flavour, capturing the essence of the meat along with any seasonings or herbs used in the cooking process.

Enhancing Flavour with Butter and Roasting Pan Drippings

When incorporated into a sauce or au jus, these drippings add depth, richness, and complexity to the overall flavour profile of the dish. They provide a savoury, meaty undertone that complements the flavours of the meat being served. By using the drippings, you are utilising every bit of flavour the meat offers, ensuring that none of its rich, savoury essence goes to waste.

The au jus created with the drippings adds moisture and juiciness to the meat and enhances its overall flavour. It acts as a finishing touch that ties the dish together, elevating it from good to exceptional. Therefore, drippings play a crucial role in creating a truly flavourful au jus that enhances the dining experience and leaves a lasting impression on the palate.

How to Make Au Jus Dip

When making au jus, having the right ingredients to achieve that rich, savoury flavour is essential. The key components for creating au jus include beef broth, roast beef drippings, and seasonings such as salt and pepper. Combining these elements allows you to produce a delectable au jus that will elevate your French dip sandwich to new heights.

Many individuals wonder if they can use beef broth to make au jus. The answer is yes; beef broth serves as the foundational base for creating a delicious au jus. However, for the best results, incorporating beef drippings from a roast beef recipe will significantly enhance the depth of flavour in your au jus.

Utilising beef drippings for au jus is the optimal approach to achieving a rich and robust flavour. The best way to use beef drippings for au jus is by collecting them from the roasting pan after cooking your prime rib or roast beef. These savoury drippings will infuse your au jus with unparalleled taste, resulting in a truly exceptional dipping sauce for your French dip sandwich.

Creating the Perfect Au Jus Gravy

One common inquiry is about the distinction between au jus and gravy. While both aim to enhance the flavour of a dish, au jus is typically thinner and lighter than traditional gravy. Au jus emphasises the natural juices from the meat, whereas gravy often involves the addition of flour or other thickeners to achieve a thicker consistency.

To further enhance the flavour of au jus, red wine can be used to introduce complex and aromatic notes to the sauce. The addition of red wine contributes depth and richness, elevating the overall taste of the au jus. When adding red wine, it’s essential to simmer the au jus to allow the alcohol to evaporate, leaving behind a harmonious blend of flavours.

Additionally, various seasonings can be incorporated to make the au jus more flavourful. Ingredients like Worcestershire sauce, butter, or a sprinkle of all-purpose flour can be added to the au jus to amplify its taste profile, creating a truly decadent and savoury sauce.

Tips for Making Homemade Au Jus Sauce

Preserving homemade au jus is imperative to ensure you can enjoy its delectable flavour for an extended period. The best way to store homemade au jus is by placing it in an airtight container and refrigerating it. Storing the au jus in an airtight container helps maintain its freshness and prevents any absorption of unwanted odours from the refrigerator.

French Dip Au Jus - French dip sandwich

Worcestershire sauce, with its complex blend of flavours, can be effectively used in an au jus recipe to enhance its taste. Adding a small amount of Worcestershire sauce can provide a delightful depth of flavour, making your homemade au jus genuinely exceptional.

Whisking is a crucial technique in achieving the perfect consistency for au jus. To master this process, it’s important to whisk the au jus continuously while gradually adding the drippings and other ingredients. This method ensures that the sauce maintains a smooth texture, is free from lumps, and perfectly combines all the elements to create an exquisite au jus.

Storage Tips: Keeping Homemade Au Jus Fresh in Airtight Containers

When it comes to storing homemade au jus, it’s important to keep it fresh and flavourful for as long as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by using airtight containers. Airtight containers help to keep out air and moisture, which can cause the au jus to spoil more quickly. Make sure to let the au jus cool completely before transferring it to the airtight containers.

This will help prevent condensation from forming inside the container, which can also lead to spoilage. Once the au jus is in the containers, be sure to seal them tightly to create a strong barrier against external elements. It’s also a good idea to label the containers with the date that the au jus was made so you can keep track of how long it’s been in the fridge or freezer.

By following these storage tips and using airtight containers, you can help your homemade au jus stay fresh and delicious for weeks or even months to come.

French Dip Sandwich with Au Jus

The French dip sandwich is a beloved classic, and the key to making the perfect version lies in the quality of the au jus. Creating the ideal French dip sandwich with au jus involves using the best combination of ingredients and techniques to achieve an irresistible flavour profile.

When preparing a French dip sandwich, it’s essential to use high-quality meat that complements the savoury au jus. Opt for tender slices of prime rib or roast beef, as they work exceptionally well with the rich flavours of the au jus, resulting in a truly delectable culinary experience.

Utilising prime rib drippings for au jus in a French dip sandwich is a game-changer. The decadent flavours from the prime rib drippings infuse the au jus, creating a sumptuous dipping sauce that perfectly complements the succulent meat in the sandwich.

Enhancing Flavour with Drippings in Au Jus

Using beef drippings in au jus offers numerous benefits, enriching the sauce with an intensely savoury essence that embodies the essence of the meat. The key advantages of incorporating beef drippings include elevating the richness and depth of the au jus, resulting in a truly extraordinary flavour profile.

Collect the flavourful drippings from the roasting pan to make au jus using roast beef drippings, ensuring that you capture all the rich juices for the au jus. These delectable drippings will infuse the au jus with a luxurious taste, providing an unforgettable dining experience.

If you have leftover roast beef, it can certainly be used to create flavourful au jus. Simply utilise the leftover roast beef in conjunction with other ingredients to produce a rich and flavourful au jus that perfectly complements your dishes.

Comparing and Contrasting Au Jus and Traditional Gravy Recipes

When it comes to sauces that accompany meats, Au Jus and traditional gravy are two popular choices. Both Au Jus and traditional gravy are savoury sauces often served with roasted or grilled meats, but there are some key differences between the two. Au Jus is a French term that means “with juice,” and true to its name, it is made from the natural juices of the meat, usually beef, and often seasoned with salt, pepper, and possibly a splash of red wine.

On the other hand, traditional gravy is typically made from the drippings of the cooked meat, which are then combined with a thickening agent such as flour or cornstarch and often flavoured with stock or broth. While Au Jus is lighter and thinner in texture, traditional gravy is thicker and more substantial.

Additionally, traditional gravy often has a more intense flavour due to the addition of rich stock or broth. Both sauces have their own unique appeal and can complement different types of meats in various ways, making them versatile options for enhancing the flavour of a meal.

Utilising Au Jus and Gravy in Roast Beef and Prime Rib Recipes

When it comes to roast beef and prime rib recipes, utilising au jus and gravy can take your dish to the next level. Au jus, which translates to “with juice” in French, is a light and flavourful sauce made from the meat’s natural juices, often combined with beef broth and seasonings. It provides the perfect dipping sauce for a tender slice of roast beef or prime rib, enhancing the meat’s natural flavours.

On the other hand, gravy is a thicker sauce made from meat drippings, flour, and broth. It adds richness and depth to the dish, complementing the savoury flavours of the beef. Both au jus and gravy can be used to baste the meat during cooking, creating a delicious caramelised crust on the outside.

Additionally, they can be drizzled over the sliced meat before serving, further enhancing the overall flavour experience. Whether you prefer the lightness of au jus or the heartiness of gravy, incorporating these sauces into your roast beef and prime rib recipes is sure to elevate the dish and impress your guests.

Capturing the Essence: Creating Rich and Flavourful Au Jus and Gravy

Creating rich and flavourful au jus and gravy is an art that requires capturing the essence of the ingredients used. The key to a successful au jus and gravy lies in the quality and variety of the drippings and stock used, as well as a careful balance of seasonings and thickening agents. For a delectable au jus, it is essential to capture the natural juices and drippings from roasted meats, such as beef or lamb, and then enhance their flavour with aromatics like onions, garlic, and herbs.

On the other hand, creating a velvety gravy requires a careful balance of flour, butter, and stock, along with the addition of flavourful elements such as mushrooms, onions, or even a splash of wine. The result is a savoury and luscious sauce that complements a variety of dishes, from roasts to mashed potatoes.

To truly capture the essence of a rich and flavourful au jus and gravy, one must pay attention to the details and aim to enhance, rather than overpower, the ingredients’ natural flavours. With patience and attention to the nuances of flavour, anyone can master the art of creating a delectable au jus and gravy.

Exploring the Versatility of Sauces Made with or without Beef Drippings

In addition to red wine, you can also add aromatics and seasonings to your au jus to enhance its taste. This includes onions, garlic, thyme, bay leaves, and black peppercorns. These aromatics and seasonings will infuse the au jus with additional layers of flavour, making it even more delicious and satisfying.
Once you have all of your ingredients combined, it’s time to let the au jus simmer and reduce. Allowing the sauce to simmer for a time will help concentrate the flavours and thicken the sauce slightly, resulting in a rich and flavourful au jus that is perfect for dipping your French dip sandwich into.

With these tips and tricks in mind, you’ll be well on your way to creating the perfect au jus for your French dip sandwich. Whether you use beef drippings or beef broth as the base and whether you enhance the flavour with red wine and other seasonings, the result will be a delicious and satisfying sauce that takes your sandwich to the next level. So go ahead, get creative in the kitchen, and enjoy the wonderful world of au jus!


In conclusion, mastering the art of creating the perfect au jus for your French dip sandwiches is a delightful journey that leads to unparalleled culinary satisfaction. By utilising the knowledge and techniques shared in this article, you can elevate your culinary skills and delight your taste buds with a rich and flavourful au jus that will undoubtedly become a staple in your cooking repertoire.

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