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Best Olive Oil for Dipping Bread

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Updated on March 7, 2024

Lost in the sheer joy of plunging a piece of warm, oven-fresh bread into silky olive oil? Ah, isn’t it just something divine? Just like you, we find ourselves constantly on a quest to unearth that perfect kaleidoscope of freshness and flavour embodied in olive oil for such moments.

Having delved deep into the world of this golden liquid—looking at taste profiles, extraction methods, and brand reputations—we think we’ve struck gold with some hidden gems. So, pop the kettle on, settle down comfortably, and let’s embark together on this journey to unveil your new favourite ‘bread dipper’.

Key Takeaways

  • Extra virgin olive oil for dipping bread comes first as it has a strong flavour and is unrefined.
  • When looking for a dipping oil, choose one that is fresh, with a smooth feel in your mouth and a fruity or grassy flavour.
  • Some recommended brands of this oil suitable for bread dipping include California Olive Ranch, Cobram Estate, Graza, Brightland, Corto, Pompeian, Filippo Berio and Colavita Select.

Understanding the Best Olive Oil for Dipping Bread

When choosing the best olive oil for dipping bread, it’s crucial to prioritise extra virgin olive oil and look for specific characteristics that enhance the experience.

A bottle of high-quality olive oil surrounded by bread and dipping ingredients.

Importance of Extra Virgin Oil

Extra virgin olive oil is definitely the top choice for dipping bread. It’s made from olives in the early and middle parts of the harvest season. This makes it full of flavour and dark in colour. Unlike regular oil, it has less oleic acid as it is unrefined. With a strong taste, extra virgin olive oil turns simple bread into a delicious snack.

Characteristics To Look For in a Dipping Oil

You’ll want your oil to be fresh. Fresh oils have a strong scent and are more flavourful. So, pick one that is not too old. Also, the oil should have a smooth feel in your mouth. The taste matters, too. It must have a fruity or grassy flavour but not a bitter or metallic taste. You need it to enhance the bread’s taste, not ruin it.

High quality is key as well. You can often tell from the price – quality olive oils usually cost more than regular ones. Types of olives used can affect the flavour as well; some types make mild-tasting oil, and others make robust ones. In short: Get fresh, tasty and high-quality olive oil for dipping bread.

Top Picks for the Best Olive Oil for Dipping Bread

In this section, we will introduce the top picks for the best olive oil to enhance your bread-dipping experience.

A rustic picnic table set with bread, olive oil, and dipping bowls.

California Olive Ranch

Many people love using California Olive Ranch olive oil for dipping bread. It’s one of the best out there. This oil is extra virgin, which means it’s top quality. It comes from farmers in different countries like Argentina and Portugal.

But its main source is in the USA, particularly California. Its taste stands out among other brands we’ve tried. Not only can you dip your bread into it, but it also works great for cooking and adding flavour to salads or even just drizzling over food.

One thing is sure: this high-quality olive oil never lets us down when we want a truly tasty treat.

Cobram Estate

Cobram Estate olive oil is our top pick. It’s full of flavour and loved by food lovers like us. The people at Cobram Estate press and bottle their oil within a few hours of picking the olives.

This way, they make sure to capture all the fresh taste. If you smell it, you’ll get a whiff of its rich fragrance. It’s an extra virgin olive oil that fits many uses in your kitchen – not just as bread dipping oil but also for grilling or roasting. Plus, big names like New York Magazine recommend it for being simply delicious. So, next time you need some oil to dip your bread into, try Cobram Estate.

Other Recommended Brands

Graza, Brightland, and Corto are top picks for olive oil that food lovers should have in their kitchens. Graza’s olive oil has a unique taste, loved by many. Brightland is famous for its fresh and fruity flavour. It makes everything taste better. Its rich aroma adds an extra touch to your meals.

Corto’s olive oil is another brand you can trust for cooking or dipping bread. Many like it because of its light taste with a pinch of spice. Pompeian olive oil also gets love from those who cook often as the best option. For baking or frying, Filippo Berio Olive Oil Extra Light Tasting may be the one you need. Lastly, we have Colavita Select, which stands out when grilling or searing meats.


Tips for Enjoying it With Bread

Pair different types of bread with the perfect oil to enhance their flavours.

Pairing With Different Types of Bread

  1. Olive bread is one of our favourites for olive oil dipping. It pairs well because both have the same main ingredient, olives.
  2. We choose whole wheat bread when we want a healthier option. It holds more nutritional value than white bread.
  3. We often use baguette or ciabatta as they have a firm crust and soft interior, perfect for soaking up the oil.
  4. Focaccia bread gives a nice twist to olive oil dip. Its rich taste and fluffy texture make it an ideal partner.
  5. For fancy occasions or dinner parties, we go for artisanal bread varieties like sourdough or pumpernickel.
  6. We enhance the flavour by adding infused olive oils to our bread dip from time to time.
  7. A fruity aroma is what you need to look for first in your olive oil, as it adds depth to the overall taste.
  8. Balanced bitterness acts as a counterpoint to the sweetness of some bread types.
  9. A slight peppery finish leaves a memorable aftertaste that lingers long after you’ve finished eating.
  10. Pair robust flavoured oils with strong-tasting breads so neither overpowers the other.
  11. Similarly, delicate oils work best with mild-flavoured breads.

Adding Herbs and Spices for Flavour

You can make your own tasty dips for bread. First, choose some herbs and spices that you enjoy. You could use rosemary, garlic, oregano or red pepper flakes. Maybe even try some basil for a fresh taste.

Proper Storage and Serving Techniques

Here are some key things to keep in mind if you want to store and serve it properly:

  1. Store good-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a cool, dark place.
  2. Use the oil within 1 – 2 months of opening to ensure freshness.
  3. Unopened oil can be stored for a longer period of time.
  4. It’s important to throw out any dipping oil after 2 hours, as it can become unsafe to consume.
  5. Avoid keeping it at room temperature or refrigerating it after the 2-hour mark.
  6. If you make an Olive Oil Bread Dip, try to consume it on the same day.
  7. The oil may coagulate in the refrigerator, so it’s best not to store it for too long.
  8. For added flavour, consider adding Parmesan cheese to your bread dip.


In conclusion, when it comes to the best olive oil for dipping bread, extra virgin oil is the top choice. Its pure and rich taste adds a delightful flavour to any bread. Brands like California Olive Ranch and Cobram Estate offer high-quality oils that are perfect for this purpose.

So go ahead, grab your favourite bread and enjoy a delicious dip with extra virgin olive oil.


1. Can I use any type of oil for dipping bread?

While you can technically use any type for dipping bread, extra virgin olive oil offers superior taste and quality, making it the preferred option.

2. How should I store this oil for dipping bread?

To maintain its freshness and flavour, store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

3. What are some other uses for good quality olive oil besides dipping bread?

Good quality olive oil could be used in various recipes such as salad dressings, sautéing vegetables, marinating meats, or drizzling over grilled fish or pasta dishes.

4. Can I substitute other types of oils for olive oil when dipping bread?

While other types of oils like vegetable or avocado oil can be used as substitutes, they may not provide the same depth of flavour that comes with using high-quality extra virgin olive oil specifically made for dipping bread.

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