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Stock Kitchen and Bar: Belfast’s Culinary Gem Unveiled

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Updated on March 20, 2024

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In the culinary world, Belfast is akin to a hidden treasure chest, and Stock Kitchen and Bar is its crowning jewel. This 80-seater restaurant, perched above the bustling St. George’s Market, is a testament to the culinary prowess of award-winning chef Danny Millar.

It’s not just a restaurant, it’s a masterclass in crafting heart-led dishes with the finest ingredients Northern Ireland has to offer. The commitment to quality doesn’t stop at the kitchen – the bar, led by Rhys, serves cocktails that are little masterpieces in themselves.

But what is it that makes Stock Kitchen & Bar stand out in Belfast’s culinary scene? What’s the secret behind their signature ‘Fish for Two’? Let’s embark on a culinary journey to find out.

Overview of Stock Kitchen and Bar


Nestled above the bustling St. George’s Market in Belfast, Stock Kitchen & Bar stands as a cozy culinary gem, owned by the award-winning chef Danny Millar, and offering heart-led food made with the finest local ingredients.

It’s a modestly sized space, seating about 80 guests, but the kitchen ambiance is warm, inviting, and rich with the aromas of Northern Ireland’s finest produce. Chef Millar’s inspirations are clearly rooted in his love for local, simple, yet high-quality ingredients. He’s known for his passion in using the best seafood, meat, and produce from the region.

The bar, helmed by skilled bartender Rhys, serves a variety of top-notch cocktails, beers, and wines, further enhancing the dining experience. Stock Kitchen & Bar is truly a testament to Millar’s culinary prowess and dedication to his craft.

The Uniqueness of Stock’s Locale

stock kitchen and bar

What sets Stock Kitchen & Bar apart, even more, is its prime location above St. George’s Market, offering a unique dining experience steeped in local flavor and culture. This strategic locale allows for an intimate connection to the local community and the vibrant life of the market.

Customers can revel in the hustle and bustle below, witnessing the sourcing of fresh ingredients. Stock’s proximity to the market isn’t just geographical; it’s also an emblem of cultural integration. It provides a platform for the restaurant to support and celebrate local vendors, while the market’s energy injects a dynamic, authentic atmosphere into the dining experience.

In essence, Stock’s location isn’t just about convenience; it’s a profound commitment to localism and cultural immersion.

Danny Millar: The Man Behind Stock

stock kitchen and bar

At the heart of Stock Kitchen & Bar’s success is its owner, the award-winning chef Danny Millar, who’s transformed his passion for simple, heart-led food into one of Belfast’s culinary gems. His culinary expertise extends beyond crafting delectable dishes, to include astute restaurant management, making Stock a gastronomic destination.

Millar’s career journey, marked by remarkable tenacity and creativity, gives him a unique edge. His relentless pursuit of culinary excellence, coupled with an instinctive understanding of the business, has driven Stock’s success. Millar’s approachable leadership style fosters a positive environment, enhancing the overall dining experience.

He sets the standard high, demonstrating a commitment to quality that permeates every aspect of the restaurant. Millar’s influence is palpable, resonating in every plate served at Stock.

Focus on Northern Ireland Ingredients

Building on Millar’s commitment to quality, Stock Kitchen & Bar shines a spotlight on regional produce by primarily sourcing ingredients from Northern Ireland. This fervent dedication to local produce embodies the essence of Northern Ireland cuisine, which is renowned for its fresh, flavoursome ingredients.

From the succulent seafood caught in nearby waters to the hearty meats and vibrant vegetables grown in local farms, sustainable sourcing forms the backbone of Stock’s culinary philosophy. This approach not only guarantees freshness but also supports local producers and contributes to the region’s economy. It’s a testament to Stock’s commitment to quality and authenticity, offering diners an unadulterated taste of Northern Ireland.

In essence, Stock Kitchen & Bar isn’t just a restaurant—it’s an ode to its homeland’s rich culinary heritage.

Stock’s Renowned Bar

stock kitchen and bar

The bar at Stock Kitchen, renowned for its eclectic range of drinks and exceptional mixology, is an integral part of the restaurant’s allure. Its ambiance is inviting, cozy, and exudes an air of sophistication, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to creating a unique dining experience.

Crafting cocktails is a specialty at this bar, with the bartender Rhys constantly innovating, creating top-notch drinks that appeal to both the eye and the palate. The bar operates with a food bar license, offering a variety of drinks from craft beers to sumptuous wines.

Overlooking the hustle and bustle of St. George’s Market, the bar provides a vibrant atmosphere that enhances the overall dining experience. In essence, Stock’s bar is a culinary gem in its own right, a testament to Belfast’s thriving food scene.

The Art of Cocktail Creation at Stock

stock kitchen and bar

In crafting their exceptional cocktails, Stock’s bar staff, led by Rhys, don’t just mix drinks—they create culinary masterpieces. Equipped with a deep understanding of mixology techniques, they transform simple ingredients into sophisticated libations.

Each cocktail tells a story of balance, with flavors that complement and contrast in unexpected ways. Crafting cocktails at Stock involves a meticulous curation of spirits, liqueurs, and fresh accompaniments.

From the sharp bite of a classic martini to the smooth caress of a whiskey sour, Rhys’ creations are a testament to his skill and creativity. The artistry displayed in each glass reflects Stock’s commitment to delivering a unique experience, where each component is thoughtfully selected and expertly combined.

It’s not merely mixing—it’s a form of edible art.

St. George’s Market: Stock’s Fresh Food Source

Perched above St. George’s Market, Stock Kitchen & Bar doesn’t just serve food—it’s a culinary showcase of Northern Ireland’s freshest, finest ingredients.

The Market association allows this gastronomic gem to source vibrant produce and fresh fish directly from the bustling stalls below. Every Friday, the best local catch is brought up, ensuring high-quality seafood graces the menu, from halibut to mackerel.

Chef Danny Millar’s commitment to sustainability and quality is evident through this practice. The direct link between Stock and the market not only provides a riot of fresh flavors but also adds a unique authenticity to the dining experience.

It’s this synergistic relationship that successfully positions Stock Kitchen & Bar as a true champion of Northern Ireland’s local produce.

Enhancing Dining Experience With Market View

stock kitchen and bar

Adding another layer to the dining experience, Stock Kitchen & Bar’s balcony offers a mesmerizing view over St. George’s Market, connecting patrons to the very source of their meal. This strategic positioning not only provides a unique market ambiance, but also enhances the culinary experience.

It bridges the gap between the production and consumption of food, making dining an immersive, educational affair. Patrons can observe the market’s lively atmosphere, giving them a sense of connection and appreciation for the local produce that shapes their meals.

The market view, with its raw and vibrant energy, complements the restaurant’s commitment to fresh, locally sourced ingredients. This integration of visual and gastronomic experiences distinguishes Stock Kitchen as a true culinary gem in Belfast.

Fish Sourcing: A Weekly Ritual

stock kitchen and bar

Just as the lively market view enriches the dining experience, Stock Kitchen’s commitment to sourcing fresh, locally caught fish from St. George’s Market every Friday sets them apart in the culinary landscape.

This weekly tradition isn’t merely a purchasing task, but a ritual that underscores their dedication to quality and sustainability. As part of this ritual, chef Jerry personally selects each fish, ensuring the seafood showcased on their menu is the freshest and finest available.

This meticulous process guarantees the integrity of their dishes, as only the best, ethically sourced seafood graces the plates of Stock’s patrons. It’s a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence, embodying the authenticity that Stock Kitchen is known for.

Celebrating Local Seafood at Stock

At Stock Kitchen, the celebration of local seafood goes beyond mere procurement; it’s an integral part of the restaurant’s culinary philosophy. Emphasizing the importance of fresh, local fish, the team meticulously selects the best catches from St. George’s Market every Friday. This commitment to quality is evident in their seafood showcase, where patrons can witness a stunning array of locally-sourced seafood.

From halibut to mackerel, Stock’s seafood offerings reflect both the richness of Northern Ireland’s waters and the skill of those who fish them. By privileging local produce, Stock not only supports local fishers, but also ensures a fresh, sustainable dining experience for patrons. The restaurant’s ethos is clear: celebrating local seafood isn’t just about taste—it’s about community, sustainability, and the joy of sharing exceptional food.

Signature Dish: The ‘Fish for Two

stock kitchen and bar

While the celebration of local seafood is ingrained in Stock’s philosophy, it’s their signature dish, ‘Fish for Two’, that truly encapsulates this dedication to fresh, locally-sourced ingredients.

Mastery of cooking techniques is evident as fish is cooked on the bone, a method known for flavor enhancement. The fish, a selection of the day’s best catch, is accompanied by a medley of grilled vegetables and crispy greens, embodying Stock’s heart-led food ethos.

The ‘Fish for Two’ is more than a dish; it’s a testament to the restaurant’s commitment to quality and freshness. With every mouthful, diners experience the vibrancy of St. George’s Market, the chef’s skill, and the true taste of Northern Ireland’s seas. This exemplifies Stock Kitchen’s culinary excellence.

The Art of Cooking at Stock Kitchen

How does the art of cooking manifest itself at Stock Kitchen, one might wonder?

At this culinary gem, it’s all about the interplay of cooking techniques and flavor profiles. The chefs skillfully employ an array of techniques from grilling to braising, lending each dish its unique character.

The flavor profiles are meticulously crafted, balancing the robustness of locally sourced meat and seafood with the subtlety of fresh vegetables and herbs. They’re not afraid to experiment, often creating daring combinations that surprise and delight.

Yet, they also respect tradition, drawing inspiration from the rich culinary heritage of Northern Ireland.

In essence, the art of cooking at Stock Kitchen is a dance of innovation and tradition, each dish a testament to their culinary mastery.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Dietary Accommodations Does Stock Kitchen & Bar Provide for Customers With Allergies or Specific Dietary Requirements?

Stock Kitchen & Bar takes dietary needs seriously. They’ve got allergy-friendly menus, ensuring those with restrictions can enjoy their meal worry-free.

They’re not just about meat and fish; they’ve got vegan options too. Their chefs expertly craft dishes that cater to all tastes and diets. They’re committed to inclusivity in their food, making sure no one’s left out.

It’s not just about great food, it’s about great food for everyone.

Are There Any Special Events or Themed Nights at Stock Kitchen & Bar?

Indeed, Stock Kitchen & Bar hosts special events and themed nights. The event booking process is straightforward, ensuring patrons can reserve their spot with ease.

These themed night experiences not only showcase Chef Danny’s culinary prowess but also infuse a sense of fun and festivity into the dining experience. They’re an excellent opportunity for food enthusiasts to explore new flavors and dishes.

Stock Kitchen & Bar truly knows how to turn an ordinary evening into a gastronomic adventure.

What Inspired Danny Millar to Open Stock Kitchen & Bar Above St. George’s Market?

Danny Millar’s culinary journey, deeply rooted in his love for local Northern Irish ingredients, inspired him to open Stock Kitchen & Bar. The bustling atmosphere and fresh produce of St. George’s Market below became his muse.

He saw it as a platform to showcase the region’s best, transforming them into heart-led dishes. It’s not just a restaurant to him, but a testament to his commitment to local produce and the vibrant Belfast food scene.

Can Customers Order the ‘Fish for Two’ Dish for Takeaway or Is It Only Available for Dine-In?

They’ve asked if Stock Kitchen’s ‘Fish for Two’ dish is available for takeaway. It’s unclear. The restaurant’s focus on serving sizes and presentation suggests it’s best enjoyed in-house. They haven’t mentioned takeaway options.

Given the dish’s complexity and the restaurant’s emphasis on dining experience, it’s likely designed for dine-in. However, they should contact Stock Kitchen directly for accurate information.

Does Stock Kitchen & Bar Offer a Selection of Non-Alcoholic Cocktails at the Bar?

Yes, Stock Kitchen & Bar does offer a selection of non-alcoholic cocktails. They’re ahead of the curve in mocktail innovation, creating unique and flavorful drinks without alcohol.

These non-alcoholic pairings are carefully crafted by their skilled bartender, Rhys, who ensures each mocktail maintains the same complexity and taste as their alcoholic counterparts.


In the heart of Belfast, Stock Kitchen & Bar encapsulates local culinary excellence. Danny Millar’s passion for quality, coupled with the restaurant’s dedication to local sourcing, makes Stock a true gem. Its unique locale and commitment to fresh ingredients, particularly seafood, sets it apart.

The renowned bar and signature dishes, like ‘Fish for Two,’ further amplify its charm. As a celebration of Northern Ireland’s finest, Stock Kitchen & Bar is a testament to stellar cuisine and sustainable practices.

Video Transcript

Speaker 3 (00:00)
Welcome to another episode of the Amazing Food and Drink, Behind the Seam series. Today, we’re heading over to Stock Kitchen & Bar in Belfast, just above St. George’s Market, to meet award-winning chef and owner, Danny Miller. Let’s go check it out.

Speaker 4 (00:19)
Hey, folks.

Speaker 1 (00:20)
Welcome to Stock Kitchen & Bar. I’m Danny Miller, Chef Owner, and it’s above the famous and fabulous St. George’s Market. Come on inside. Here we have the lobby. It’s going straight ahead into the market. Then upstairs, overlooking, we have the fabulous Stock Kitchen & Bar. I say, when the restaurant, it’s a little bit deceiving. People don’t realise just how big it is, but it’s still nice and cosy. Sits about 80 people. I think lunch as well has that lovely vibe overlooks the market. I guess that nice association with the food and where it comes from, which is what stock is all about. We do food that means not hard. There’s no fussy. It’s lead with Northern Ireland ingredients. Best Good food, best meat, best veg, best stuff I could buy. Just cook it simple. No hurts and graces. We’re here about two years in stock, and I think at night, just after the first second, it always takes a bit of time for a restaurant to get to that energy level. For a long time, we’re So it’s been a great journey. I’m so proud of the place. And as you can see, who wouldn’t be?

Speaker 1 (01:52)
So we’re just going to go through to the bar now, is that all right? We can go and have a wee drink beforehand before we need your dinner. A lot of people don’t know up in Stock Kitchen that we have a bar here, a food bar licence. You come in for drinks, cocktails, be it with a wine, ever float your boat. It’s great for after dinner drinks, before dinner drinks. And you’ll be served by the fabulous Ries, who knocks up some of the best cocktails in Belfast, and some of the best pain to start.

Speaker 2 (02:24)
Good afternoon, folks. Welcome to Stock Kitchen and Bar. My name is Rys, and I’m going to be taking you through our Goose Cocktail. So So step one is to get a coupe glass. Fill it with a little bit of ice just to get it nice and chilled. They’re going to take a mixing glass. Again, fill it up to the brim with the out. The reason you need to chill the glass is the same reason the chef has to heat their plates to keep the drink cold rather than letting it get warm with room temperature. So the first ingredient, folks, we’re going in with 40 millilitres of Grey Goose Vodka. And we’ve got 7.5 millilitres of Martini, extra dry for Mouth. Next up, we’ve got 20 millilitres of Saint-Germain, which is an elder floor liqueur. And last up, we’re going in with some Saturne. Saturne is a French dessert wine from the Bordeaux region. The reason that we use it in here is it compliments the other floor very well. It’s got very heavy floral notes. This is going to be a stir drink. The reason that it’s stirred rather than shaking is we don’t want to aerate the drink too much.

Speaker 2 (03:44)
We want to dilute it and chill it, but we don’t want to get any air into it. We start for about 30 seconds. It looks good to me. We’ll then take our ice out, and we’re going to use a tulip strainer. Straight into our glass. We’re going to harness it with a skeleton leaf through a dehydrated lime wheel. There we have the goosh.

Speaker 1 (04:26)
Where we are in the balcony, it’s great to sit down and have a bit of lunch and overlook doing the award-winners in Georgia’s market. You feel the hustle and bustle. You get a real sense of the market. It’s great to have an association with the restaurant, doing the food, and showing where it’s come from. We’re going to go down there and see you guys now. Buy some fish. This is where you’ll find me every Friday morning. They’re not the best fish, best fish in Ireland, if not the best fish in the world, is here at George’s Market. Here we go, man. Gerry, look at that. Well, it’s an amazing bit of halibut. That’s the stuff. We’re down here and pick it. Gerry is good enough to bring it in. Now you know how to cook it. We get straight on the lunch menu every Friday. So it’s out there. Hello. Hello. It’s on a local Mcroll. Where were these landed then, Gerry? They were landed in our class. Class. Out there. See, out there? Grill some chips. Nothing beats it. All right, Terry, you back that up. You back that up for me, general. Take that one, okay?

Speaker 1 (05:56)
Sure, yeah. All right, cheers. Well, here we are in the kitchen. But it’s absolutely amazing bit of brill. I’m going to cook one of our signature dishes here at Stack. It’s fish for two. We serve it on the bone, which I think is the best way to cook the fish because it keeps all the flavour and all the moisture in it. I know this is quite a big portion, but at Stoke, I would definitely call myself a feeder. It’s what we do. If you go to London, that’s why you do about four people. Here at Belfast, it’s two. So we’re getting the fish in. What we’re doing now is just caramelising the bottom of the skin. That’s doing its flavour. It’s going to impart into the sauce. We’ll be cooking in the same fish sauce, butter and lemon. That’s going to take about, as Fishad said, it’s going to take about 20 minutes, about nearly 200 degrees. And yeah, it’s going to show them as it goes. Another thing I’m very proud to serve and stuff is our veg. I think veg always gets that thing chefs don’t really take as the leading green for me it is.

Speaker 1 (07:26)
We’ve got amazing farmers in Northern Ireland. Look at this. Fantastic project. It’s like purple sprouting broccoli, ice kale, covillenero. See when you get ingredients so good, cooking’s easy. All the time, they just throw a bit of heat in it and a wee bit of love. Also, we do with it This time of year, we got some lovely organic beetroot, red, golden, some carrots. We cook this in a vegetable stock first, and then peel the skins off. Then from that stuff, we would juice it down with red wine vinegar and brown sugar. I make what’s called the gastric. That combination of that with the glazed root vegetables and the fresh crisp greens, it goes really well with the face. Well, that’s been 20 minutes in the oven. Let’s see how she is. Again, that’s another one. See that? That’s it. What I would do is just want to peel the skin off it. And yeah, it’s good to serve. You can’t eat this skin, but I think it just looks a bit more aesthetically pleasing, should I say? Look at how easy it is. There we have it. What I think it’s stuck since your day.

Speaker 1 (09:12)
It’s a grill for two, local vegetable chips, and roast bone butter, lemon sauce. I know I’m bas, but that’s cracking. So hopefully, I’ll give you a wee taste of what we do here at Stock Kitchen & Bar. And we’re open Thursday to Sunday. It’s about to go online. Or if you want to just pop in for a drink or a nibble, bar is open too. See you then.

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