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Oxy Brew and Mushrooms: Northern Ireland’s Health Revolution

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Updated on March 20, 2024

In Northern Ireland, there’s a new player in town, shaking up the conventional beverage scene. Tracy McNeely’s innovative venture, Oxy Brew, is introducing a line of hot drinks that harness the health-boosting properties of mushrooms.

But it’s not just about offering a tasty alternative to tea and coffee. McNeely’s vision is bigger – she’s on a mission to revolutionize health habits, making wellness both accessible and sustainable.

And with the magic of mushrooms at the core of her business model, who knows where this journey will lead?

Origin of Oxy Brew

Around 14 months ago, Tracy McNeely, with her rich experience in the food and drink industry and an entrepreneurial spirit nurtured since childhood, embarked on a unique venture – Oxy Brew. This venture was inspired by a chance encounter with a pine cone and a suggestion from Jon Jon Farriss.

During a forest discovery, a pine cone fell from the sky, striking her head. This seemingly random event sparked an idea, and thus, Oxy Brew was conceived. Drawing on her background in the food and drink industry and her experience from running an international coconut drink company, McNeely used this ancient inspiration to develop a product that’s both beneficial and innovative. This was the beginning of a journey that would change the face of the health industry.

The Science Behind Oxy Brew

oxy brew

Having drawn from ancient wisdom to create Oxy Brew, McNeely didn’t stop at inspiration alone; she leaned heavily on modern science to ensure the hot drink alternative isn’t only delightful but also packed with health benefits.

The magic begins with meticulous mushroom cultivation. Collaborating with experts, McNeely ensures the fungi are grown in optimal conditions to maximize their inherent health properties. Oxy Brew is then packed with these mushrooms, known adaptogens that help the body manage stress. They’re scientifically proven to support cell repair, boost immunity, and counteract pollutants.

With this product, McNeely has merged ancient tradition with modern science, delivering a beverage that doesn’t just taste good, but also promotes well-being.

Growth Strategy and Business Operations

In the whirlwind of managing multiple businesses under the Hot Cebu brand, McNeely has implemented a strategic growth plan for the new product line. This plan includes collaborations, product development, and market expansion. Under her guidance, Oxy Brew has formed alliances with experts in mushroom cultivation, facilitating the development of innovative products. Scaling strategies have played a significant role, with a focus on increasing production to meet rising demand.

Concurrently, McNeely prioritizes market expansion, not just within Ireland, but globally. She’s driven to introduce Oxy Brew’s benefits to a broader audience, ensuring more people can access their unique health offerings. The journey hasn’t been easy, but McNeely’s savvy business operations, coupled with her strategic growth initiatives, promise a bright future for Oxy Brew.

Target Market and Sustainability

While McNeely’s strategic approach to business operations and growth has been instrumental in Oxy Brew’s success, her attention to a specific target market and commitment to sustainability further differentiates the brand in the health and wellness industry. Oxy Brew is primarily designed for health conscious consumers who crave alternatives to traditional caffeinated beverages. These consumers not only value the potential health benefits of the product, but also appreciate the brand’s dedication to sustainable practices.

Oxy Brew sources organic ingredients locally, reducing its carbon footprint and supporting local businesses. Furthermore, McNeely’s focus on provenance ensures that all ingredients, including unique ones like Chaga from Siberia, are ethically and sustainably sourced, reinforcing her commitment to both the planet and her customers.

Understanding Mushroom Properties

oxy brew

To fully appreciate the health benefits of Oxy Brew, it’s essential to delve into the fascinating properties of mushrooms, the star ingredient in this innovative drink.

Mushroom cultivation has been refined over centuries, resulting in a harvest rich in nutritional value and health benefits. Mushrooms contain chitin, a hard substance comparable to lobster shells, and their fruiting bodies sprout from trees. This unique growing process contributes to their high vitamin and mineral content.

Additionally, mushrooms offer medicinal benefits such as enhanced vitamin D absorption. This understanding underscores Oxy Brew’s commitment to sustainability practices. By incorporating mushrooms in their drink, they’re not only boosting the beverage’s nutritional profile but also promoting eco-friendly agriculture.

Oxy Brew’s Global Market Reach

Building on the understanding of mushrooms’ unique properties, Oxy Brew has made significant strides in expanding its reach to global markets. Oxy Brew’s international distribution is backed by robust marketing strategies and a firm grasp of export opportunities. Their market penetration has seen a steady rise, notably in health-conscious demographics, owing to the company’s focus on harnessing the power of mushrooms.

The company has cultivated strategic partnerships and adapted to local consumer preferences to optimize its global footprint. Furthermore, Oxy Brew hasn’t shied away from digital platforms, leveraging e-commerce to widen its reach. Thus, Oxy Brew’s growth is a testament to the power of innovative product development, strategic market penetration, and the efficient use of export opportunities.

The Health Benefits of Mushrooms


Mushrooms, the key ingredient in Oxy Brew, pack an impressive array of health benefits that are transforming the wellness industry. These health powerhouses, grown through careful mushroom cultivation, are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

They provide immune support, helping the body ward off illness and disease. Moreover, they play a key role in maintaining a healthy metabolism, contributing to weight management and overall vitality.

Their high fiber content is beneficial for gut health, boosting digestion and aiding in nutrient absorption. Plus, they’re natural sources of vitamin D, important for bone health and mood regulation.

As part of a balanced diet, mushrooms can contribute significantly to overall wellbeing, making them a must-have in the modern nutrition landscape.

Product Development and Adaptogens

oxy brew

Expanding on the inherent health benefits of mushrooms, Oxy Brew’s product development focuses on incorporating adaptogens, powerful substances known for their stress-combating properties. Grounded in extensive adaptogen research, they harness these substances to create potent brews designed to promote immunity support.

These adaptogens help the body to adapt to stress, both internal and external, such as pollution, while also supporting cell repair and boosting immunity. This innovative approach allows Oxy Brew to offer a hot drink alternative that not only replaces tea and coffee but provides significant health advantages.

The company’s commitment to health and wellness, combined with their innovative use of adaptogens, positions them at the forefront of Northern Ireland’s health revolution. Their products demonstrate the transformative power of mushrooms and adaptogens.

Collaborations and Expansions

In a strategic move to scale up their reach, Oxy Brew has embarked on several collaborations and is expanding its operations both locally and internationally. Recognizing the potential of international partnerships for market expansion, the brand has joined forces with renowned names in the industry, thereby increasing its visibility.

Through these brand collaborations, Oxy Brew isn’t just diversifying its product offerings but also cementing its footing in new markets. The company is also actively diversifying its product range, innovating beyond its signature mushroom brew. While these expansions signify Oxy Brew’s ambition to become a global player, they also underscore the brand’s commitment to promote the health benefits of mushrooms far and wide.

This strategic approach is poised to drive Oxy Brew’s future growth and success.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Oxy Brew Ensure the Quality and Safety of Their Products?

Oxy Brew ensures the quality and safety of their products through rigorous checks and sustainable practices.

They source local, organic produce, contributing to product purity.

They’ve also innovated in packaging, using eco-friendly materials that keep the brew fresh and safe.

It’s not just about health for them, it’s about being responsible too.

Can Oxy Brew’s Products Be Consumed by Individuals With Specific Dietary Restrictions or Allergies?

Yes, Oxy Brew’s products can be consumed by individuals with specific dietary restrictions or allergies. They’re carefully designed for dietary compatibility.

However, as with any food or drink product, they should check the ingredients for any potential allergy concerns.

It’s always advised to consult with a healthcare professional before introducing a new product into a diet, especially for individuals with known allergies or dietary restrictions.

Are There Any Potential Side Effects or Interactions Associated With the Ingredients in Oxy Brew’s Products?

Oxy Brew’s products, derived from a meticulous mushroom extraction process, are generally safe for consumption. However, they’re not immune to causing potential allergic reactions in some individuals. It’s important to consult a health professional before incorporating them into a diet.

Despite this, Oxy Brew’s sustainability practices ensure their products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly, contributing positively to the health revolution in Northern Ireland and beyond.

How Does Oxy Brew Plan to Stay Competitive in the Global Health Beverage Market?

Oxy Brew’s staying competitive through savvy marketing strategies and technological advancements in production. They’re leveraging collaborations with renowned brands for exposure, scaling up production to meet demand, and expanding their reach globally.

Furthermore, they’re innovating with unique products like the ‘spears’, even launching products into space with Sky Rora. In essence, they’re not just selling a beverage, they’re offering a health revolution, which sets them apart in the global health beverage market.

Does Oxy Brew Have Any Plans to Expand Its Product Range Beyond Beverages?

Yes, Oxy Brew’s planning to diversify beyond beverages. They’re already exploring new product lines like spears, showing their commitment to innovation.

Through market penetration strategies, they’re aiming to introduce unique products to health-conscious customers. They’re also collaborating with mushroom cultivation experts to ensure sustainable growth.

This diversification isn’t just about expanding their product range, it’s part of Oxy Brew’s sustainability efforts to harness the full potential of medicinal mushrooms.


Tracy McNeely’s Oxy Brew is shaping Northern Ireland’s health scene, introducing the potent benefits of medicinal mushrooms through a comforting hot drink. With a sharp business strategy and a focus on sustainability, Oxy Brew is catering to health-conscious individuals, while educating a wider audience about mushroom magic.

McNeely’s venture showcases Northern Ireland as a pioneer of this global health trend, proving that innovative thinking can stir a health revolution.

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