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Favourit Foods: Spice Giant Rebrands for Home Chefs

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Updated on March 20, 2024

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Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, Favourit Foods, Ireland’s oldest spice business, is reinventing itself for the home chef. Pivoting away from its traditional B2B model, it’s broadening its horizons to sizzle up the retail sector.

With a refreshed brand and a wide range of quality herbs and spices, it’s poised to make home cooking a gourmet experience. This move could potentially shake up the spice market, but will Favourit Foods be able to curry favor with the discerning home cook?

Stay tuned to explore the spicy twists and turns of this intriguing rebranding journey.

Favourit Foods’s Historic Background


Rooted in history, Favourit Foods, Ireland’s oldest herbs and spice business, was established by the Moss siblings back in 1914, and has been offering a diverse range of over 70 herbs and spices to businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, and food manufacturers ever since.

The siblings’ legacy is a testament to their dedication and love for quality spices. A century later, Jared McAdory took the helm, honoring the past while steering the company towards new horizons. He’s retained the heritage packaging that reflects the brand’s deep roots and the quality it’s known for.

As Favourit Foods prepares to relaunch into the retail market, it doesn’t just promise an array of flavors, but also a slice of history packed in each bottle.

The Spice Production Process

Favourit Foods

Delving into the heart of Favourit Foods, the spice production process is an intricate dance of sourcing, testing, and packaging, ensuring that only the finest quality herbs and spices reach their consumers.

The company’s rigorous quality control begins with precise sourcing techniques: spices are globally sourced and tested at origin. A network of BRC accredited suppliers guarantees high-quality ingredients.

Once in the production facility, spices and herbs are dispensed into hoppers. Machines deftly label and package each product, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

The final barrier to any compromise in quality is a series of metal detectors and labeling machines, which further validate product safety. This meticulous process underscores Favorite Food’s commitment to delivering unparalleled quality in every package.

Unveiling New Packaging and Branding

Favourit Foods

In parallel with their rigorous production process, Favourit Foods is also stirring up its image with a rebranding of its retail packaging. This move is part of a wider retail strategy aimed at bolstering consumer engagement and enhancing market presence.

The new packaging is vibrant, with color coding to distinguish between herb, spice, and seasoning categories. It retains the historic ‘Chef’s Choice’ tag but also emphasizes its suitability for home use. This duality in branding appeals to both professional and home chefs, setting Favorite Foods apart in a crowded market.

The rebranding signals a shift in focus from solely B2B to include B2C, allowing Favourit Foods to tap into the home-cooking trend while still maintaining its professional credentials.

Showcasing Featured Products

Favourit Foods

Building on their new branding, Favourit Foods is shining a spotlight on some of their standout products, highlighting the diverse range of flavors and uses that their high-quality herbs and spices offer.

Their flavor pairings provide a gourmet touch, elevating everyday meals into culinary masterpieces. Coarse black pepper, for instance, is a versatile spice, offering a robust flavor that complements various dishes. Thyme, with its subtle, earthy tones, is a perfect addition to soups, stews, and roasts.

For those seeking to experiment with global flavors, their vibrant turmeric and zesty Cajun seasoning make a strong statement. In a series of cooking demonstrations, Favourit Foods underscores the transformative power of these spices, allowing home chefs to explore new culinary horizons.

Exploring Recipe Possibilities

Favourit Foods

Beyond simply providing premium spices and herbs, Favourit Foods also offers a range of enticing recipes that showcase the versatility and depth of their products. These recipes unlock a plethora of flavor combinations, empowering home chefs to elevate their culinary creativity.

By experimenting with different spices, herbs, and seasonings, cooks can discover new taste profiles and redefine familiar dishes. For instance, the addition of turmeric or thyme can transform a simple chicken dish into an exotic culinary delight. Such recipe possibilities also allow for exploration of global cuisines from the comfort of home.

Thus, Favourit Foods doesn’t just sell spices; it offers a gateway to gastronomic adventure, encouraging customers to experiment, innovate, and ultimately master the art of flavorful cooking.

Highlighting Quality Assurance Measures

To ensure top-tier quality, Favourit Foods implements rigorous quality assurance measures throughout their production process. Their approach to quality control involves stringent sourcing standards, using only BRC accredited suppliers. They source globally, testing products at the origin to ensure premium quality.

The production facility uses state-of-the-art equipment, including hoppers for herbs and spices, machines for dispensing, labeling, and packaging, as well as metal detectors for product safety. Each step reflects a commitment to excellence, ensuring the high-grade quality of Favourit Foods’ offerings.

The company’s unyielding dedication to quality assurance guarantees that both professional and home chefs receive only the finest herbs and spices, underlining the brand’s promise of superiority in the market.

Impact of the Rebranding

Favourit Foods

With the rebranding, Favourit Foods isn’t just refreshing its look but also broadening its reach, aiming to appeal to both professional and home chefs by offering the same quality of herbs and spices in differentiated packages. This strategic move has resulted in increased sales, reflecting the successful penetration into the home use market.

The refreshed packaging, with its distinct color coding and messaging, has facilitated superior consumer engagement. Shoppers aren’t only drawn to the aesthetically appealing jars, but they’re also educated about the product’s versatility. The rebranding has successfully transformed Favourit Foods from a supplier known only in professional circles to a household name.

It shows that a carefully planned rebrand, backed by quality, can indeed expand a company’s clientele and boost sales.

Future Vision for Favourit Foods

Favourit Foods

Looking ahead, Favourit Foods envisions a future where it’s not just a cherished brand among professionals, but a staple in every home kitchen. The company aims to cultivate culinary creativity among home cooks, fostering a deeper appreciation for the art of seasoning.

By expanding reach to retail markets, Favourit Foods plans to transition from being an insider’s secret to a household name. In their blueprint for growth, they foresee their spices triggering an evolution in home cooking, making gourmet meals an everyday delight. The company’s commitment to quality, flavor, and variety remain at the heart of this vision.

With the rebranding, Favourit Foods hopes to inspire home chefs to explore, experiment, and elevate their dishes, truly transforming every kitchen into a chef’s paradise.

Market Response to the Rebranding

Since the announcement of Favourit Foods’ rebranding, the market response has been overwhelmingly positive, signaling a warm welcome to their transition from a professional to a retail brand. The rebranding aligns with the latest market trends, showing an insightful understanding of shifting consumer preferences.

Customers have expressed enthusiasm for the upgraded packaging, which still retains the reputable ‘Chef’s Choice’ tag, now paired with a more consumer-friendly design. The strategy of catering to both professional and home chefs seems to be well received, suggesting that Favourit Foods is successfully leveraging its established brand name in a new arena.

The market response indicates a promising future for Favourit Foods, provided they continue to stay attuned to consumer preferences and market trends. The rebranding appears to be a positive step towards this goal.

Expansion Into the Retail Market

Favourit Foods

Branching into the retail market, Favourit Foods aims to make its high-quality herbs and spices accessible to home chefs, a strategic move that’s set to shake up the culinary scene. This retail expansion caters to the increasing popularity of home cooking, riding the wave of consumers seeking to replicate restaurant-quality dishes at home.

By translating its century-long expertise in the food service industry to the consumer market, Favourit Foods is poised to fill a void for premium, accessible spices. The rebranding captures the essence of the company’s heritage while signaling its readiness to embrace a new, dynamic customer base.

The move promises not just a boost in sales but a revolution in home kitchens, fostering a new generation of home chefs equipped with professional-grade ingredients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is the Significance of the Color Coding System on the New Product Packaging?

The color coding system on the new packaging reflects a smart packaging innovation. It’s not just eye-catching, it’s functional. They’re using color psychology to distinguish between herb, spice, and seasoning categories.

This helps customers quickly identify what they’re looking for. It’s a significant change that not only modernizes the brand, but also makes it more user-friendly, especially for home chefs who may be less familiar with their wide range of products.

How Does Favourit Foods Ensure the Freshness of Their Herbs and Spices During Shipping and Storage?

Favourit Foods ensures the freshness of their herbs and spices through rigorous spice quality control measures. They’ve implemented innovative packaging techniques that seal in the freshness, preventing moisture and air from spoiling the products during shipping and storage.

They’re vigilant about their storage conditions, ensuring a cool, dry environment. This attention to detail guarantees consumers receive the highest quality, most flavorful herbs and spices every time.

Can Customers Purchase Favourit Foods’ Products Directly From Their Production Facility or Do They Need to Go Through Retailers?

They can’t buy directly from Favourit Foods’ production facility, but the company’s rebranding offers other options. It’s easier than ever to snag their products through retailers or online.

The benefits of direct purchase include fresher spices and herbs. Plus, online shopping provides convenience. They’re making it simple for home chefs to get their hands on restaurant-quality ingredients.

Are There Any Plans to Introduce Organic or Fair-Trade Certified Spices in the Future?

They’re currently exploring options to introduce organic and fair-trade certified spices. Understanding the health benefits of organic spice use and the positive impact of fair trade practices, they’re keen on expanding their product range.

They’re in the process of evaluating suppliers to ensure these new products align with their commitment to quality and sustainability. It’s an exciting development that’ll surely meet the growing consumer interest in ethically sourced and healthier food options.

Will Favourit Foods Be Offering Any Cooking Classes or Demonstrations to Highlight the Use of Their Products in Recipes?

Yes, Favourit Foods plans to enhance culinary creativity through recipe innovations. They’re setting up cooking demos and classes to showcase their spice range. Home chefs can learn to use these flavorful products in their meals.

It’s a brilliant move, not only introducing their products to consumers, but also educating them on the use of spices in everyday cooking. These interactive sessions will certainly elevate the cooking experience for home chefs.


As Favourit Foods spices up its branding, the market response is eagerly anticipated. This bold move into retail promises to bring exotic flavors into home kitchens.

The successful rebranding could set a vibrant new course for this historic company. By balancing tradition with innovation, Favourit Foods is poised to become a household name, bringing global culinary experiences to the fingertips of home chefs.

The future is certainly flavorful for this seasoned spice giant.

Video Transcript

Speaker 1 (00:00)
Hi, my name is Jared McAdori. I’m the owner of Favourite Foods, which is Ireland’s oldest herbs and spice business based here in Belfast. The business itself was actually incorporated in 1914 by a brother and sister called Moss. We got involved in the business about two and a half years ago. We’ve been through a process of trying to understand the whole herbs and spices industry and then to take the products to market. We currently have probably in excess of 70 herbs and spices, which we sell through the food service, direct to restaurants, coffee shops, and we’re about to relaunch into retail. And we also have some food manufacturers who are looking to buy quality ingredients that are produced here in Belfast. So today is about giving you some information around Harvesting Spices and the history and where they come from. And then we’re going to take you through the production facility and allow you to see how they’re actually packed. Enjoy the day, enjoy the show, and we’ll take you through everything shortly. So here we are, guys. We’re in Favourites Ambient Warehouse. This This is where you’ll find products that we import from all over the world.

Speaker 1 (01:03)
We have dill, we have black onion seeds, we have a whole range of products here. The products get tested at the source from the country they come from. We only use BRC accredited suppliers, which means the best ingredient When our clients arrive here. Our quality team then do the same checks and processes before it goes through into the production facility, which is just here. Guys, here we are into Favourites production facility. You’re I’m very welcome. I’m going to explain some of the processes that we go through to pack off the herbs and spices. I just want to explain a couple of the pieces of equipment that we have and we use in the facility. This is our hoppers. This is what we use for producing our spices. Any powders come through here, up through the main dispenser and go along the glass filling line. This machine we’re working on here today is for herbs and spices, predominantly herbs because they’re lighter. What we do is we fill the hopper. We have the bulk bags that go into the hopper, and this goes up through the buckets and into the dispensing heads at the far side.

Speaker 1 (02:13)
As they dispense in the glass is drawn across into the second line, and they go up onto the labelling machine. This machine, as I say, we’re actually putting through mixed herbs today. I’m getting a fantastic aroma. We use these in most Italian dishes or any cooking dishes, actually, which brings great flavour and that fantastic scent. What we have here is mixed herb. It’s a blend of oregano, marjorium, basil, and thyme. What we’re trying to do here in Fevered is bring herbs and spices from all over the world and bring those to consumers in the island of Ireland. Just going to go over and show you the main line after we pack. What happens then down the rest of the facility. Follow me. The machine runs, goes through our metal detector, goes through the capping facility. Then we go through into the tightening of the caps, and then it goes right through into the labeler, back at the other end where we go put it into the trace.

Speaker 1 (04:06)
Guys, now that you’ve actually seen the process of production, I’d like to talk to you a little bit about the packaging formats and the branding that we have here at Favourite. Favourite historically has been a product in this packaging, historic with chefs for over 100 years. The branding is called the Chef’s Choice, and we know that chefs and restaurants up and down the country have been using the a fantastic range of favourite products. We then decided to do a retail pack. We wanted the quality of Favourite that’s in chefs and restaurants to now be able to be enjoyed and used at home. This is our rebrand, which is just about to go live. It’s the same quality that we have in the restaurant side. It goes right through to the retail side as you’ll find in your supermarket. Hi, folks. Now that you’ve seen the We’re going to be facility downstairs, we just like to take you through some of the products. I’ve chosen some thyme, turmeric, coarse black pepper, and Cajun Seasoning. The first thing you’ll notice is the colour-coding on the label, both on the front of the jar and on the lid.

Speaker 1 (05:16)
And this is the differentiate between the three main categories. So green is for herbs, red is for spice, and orange is for reasoning. So the first one we’ve chosen is coarse black pepper. Black pepper, as you probably know, is the most common used spice in the world today. And immediately you’ll get the aroma, you’ll get the woody, the piney, the earthy, that real strong scent that you get that enhances most dishes. Black pepper comes from the Piper negrum ale plant. This perennial vine produces small berries or peppercorns, which are harvested and dried. While you may see peppercorns in different colours, they may come from the dried fruit of the same vine. Their final colour depends on when they’re harvested and how they’re processed. Originating in India, historically this famed spice was used as a status symbol, a natural medicine, a wealth builder across continents, and a viable currency which some used to pay their taxes. So when it comes to the use of black pepper, the only limit is your imagination. It can be used on stir fries, pastas, meats, salads, and even desserts. Next up, we’re going to have a look at thyme. Thym is a herb very popular in many spice blends and savoury recipes.

Speaker 1 (06:31)
You’ll see the thyme, it actually comes from a plant which has hundreds of varieties which offer different flavours and fragrances depending on what you’re cooking. So thyme is native to several countries, including Spain, Egypt, and Morocco, and it grows widely in sunny locations with a mild climate on the hillsides of Southern Europe and a number of other locations around the world. Thym plant has hundreds of varieties, and each one has a slightly different flavour, fragrance, and ideal use. You’ll often find that they’re earthy, minty, and a little bit citrus. Its flavour is mild and balanced and even a bit floral, like lavender or rosemary. So thyme is a very versatile herb. You’ll find it in stuffings, salads. It’s also very complementary to other herbs, and they work really, really well in conjunction with each other. So next up, really interesting one, this is Chimeric. Chimeric has been around for centuries. It’s been used for its spice, its colour, and its health benefit. The general historic consensus is that the crops were grown in Western and Southern India. Historians can take it back to 2000 and a half thousand BC. Chimeric contains a compound called curcumin, and that’s what gives it its bright yellow colour.

Speaker 1 (07:40)
It might surprise you to learn that Chimeric is primarily used as a natural colouring agent in the textile in the child food and pharmaceutical industries. Chumeric is believed to contain potent antioxidant properties that protect the cells, reduce inflammation, prevent infection, and promote full body wellness. Last, but by no means least, my My personal favourite is Caisian seasonal. This is a blend of lots of spices, very versatile, can be used in rubs. I personally use it on fish, on meat, on barbecue. It can be an ingredient to most core dishes, something that every coverage, every staple should have. So hopefully you learned a little bit today. That gives you an idea of some of the ranges that we have. We’ve focused on three or four, but clearly there’s an awful lot more. For full information, you can go to favouritefoods. Com. But for now, I’m going to pass you on to James. He’s going to show you a pulled pork recipe where we’ve used some of our herbs and spices. Thank you very much.

Speaker 2 (08:47)
Hi, everybody. My name is James Woods, and I’m the Finance Director here at Favourite Foods Limited. And when I’m not cooking up the books, I like to cook up some food in the kitchen. So today I’m going to cook for you our Favourite Pulled pork baps. Dead easy and really simple and using our amazing favourite ingredients. So we’ve got our favourite paprika, our favourite ground cumin, and our favourite onion salt all gone into this rub. Two teaspoons of the paprika, two teaspoon of our ground cumin, and one teaspoon of our onion salt. And we’re adding to that some white pepper and some browned sugar. And that’s Dead simple rub. So get that mixed together. And then we’re just simply going to pour that over and start rubbing that into our pork. We’ve scoured the pork just to get a bit more flavour in there. So putting this dry rub on is going to enhance the natural juices in the pork and add that amazing flavour. As you can see, this is dead simple. And then we’re going to take that pork and we’re going to place it into our slow cooker, skin side up. And then before we start cooking that, the last thing to do is just pour in our apple juice.

Speaker 2 (10:06)
We’re going to pour in roughly two mugs of apple juice into the slow cooker. That’s about us. And then just pop the lid on, and that’s eight hours in the slow cooker. And then after that’s finished, all we need to do is take our lid off, take away our fatty bits, tear up the pork, add in a mug of barbecue sauce, mix it all back in with our sauce in the slow cooker, and we’re ready to go. It’s to put it in our baps with some coleslaw or cheese to taste. So after you’ve patiently waited your eight hours for your slow cooker to do its bit, added your barbecue sauce, then it’s time for the messy bit, which is making up the bap as you wish. So for me, that’s plenty of our favourite barbecue pork. Straight on to the bap. Essential, adding some cheese, some coleslaw on top. There you have it, folks. A favourite in our office and at home. Favourite barbecue, sticky pork bap.

Speaker 1 (11:30)
So guys, if you enjoyed that, give us a like. Any questions or comments, leave them in the comment section. For more information around Favourite, favouritefoods. Com. If you want to see any other videos, food videos, amazing food and drink, go on to the platform, follow them on YouTube. You’ll find lots of fantastic videos and interesting companies to follow. For now, thank you very much. Happy cooking.

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