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Updated on March 20, 2024

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Isn’t it a marvel how a single region can offer such a rich blend of culture, tradition, and flavor? Fermanagh, in Northern Ireland, is one such gem that’s home to some of the most exquisite pubs, distilleries, and culinary experiences.

The heart of this region beats in establishments like the award-winning Crowes Nest Pub, where tradition meets innovation in a symphony of flavors. Next door, the Boatyard Distillery crafts globally acclaimed spirits, each bottle a testament to Fermanagh’s distinct character.

What makes these experiences unique, you ask? Well, the answer lies in the ingredients they use, the people behind the scenes, and the stories they have to tell.

Cassidy Hospitality Group Overview


At the forefront of Ireland’s hospitality industry stands the Cassidy Hospitality Group, a dynamic enterprise renowned for its impressive portfolio of establishments and their commitment to delivering top-notch service and experiences. Led by the diligent Gavin Cassidy, the group’s innovative strategies continually shape and adapt to market trends, securing their standing as a leader in the sector.

Their acclaim includes owning the best bar in Ireland, a testament to their dedication to quality and stellar service. The group’s portfolio spans the Crowes Nest, West hotel, Firehouse, Watershaves Apartments, and Gourmet Brothers, each bringing a unique offering to the table.

With an unwavering commitment to innovation and a keen eye on market trends, Cassidy Hospitality Group isn’t just setting the bar; they’re redefining it.

Crowes Nest Pub: A Tradition

Crowes Nest

Among the noteworthy establishments under the Cassidy Hospitality Group’s umbrella, the Crowes Nest Pub holds a unique charm, steeped in traditional Irish culture and a rich family history. Situated near Dairyland in Northern Ireland, it’s a hub where Irish traditions and family history intertwine, offering an authentic Irish pub experience.

The Crowes Nest sources its produce locally, enhancing the flavors of its diversified menu. A recipient of the Family Business Award in County Fermanagh, it’s not only known for its gastronomy but also for its lively entertainment. Weekends are abuzz with live music, transforming the pub into an entertainment hub.

The pub’s commitment to tradition, family history, and local sourcing sets it apart, making it a jewel in Fermanagh’s hospitality crown.

Boatyard Distillery: A Unique Experience

Nestled on the banks of Lough Erne in County Fermanagh, Boatyard Distillery stands as a beacon of innovation in the world of spirits, offering a unique experience that leaves its visitors enchanted. Their core products, including Boatyard Double Gin and Old Tom Gin, are globally distributed, reflecting the distillery’s commitment to quality.

Boatyard Distillery provides an engaging and educational experience through distillery tours. Visitors have the chance to explore the production process, gaining insights into the science and art of distillation.

Cocktail crafting is another highlight, where guests can experiment with Boatyard’s spirits under expert guidance. Altogether, the Boatyard Distillery offers an immersive journey into the world of spirits, blending tradition with innovation in a captivating lakeside setting.

Local Sourcing for Sustainability

Crowes Nest

In the heart of Fermanagh, local sourcing and sustainability are more than buzzwords; they’re integral to the culinary and distilling process. Establishments like the Crowes Nest Pub and the Boatyard Distillery exemplify this commitment, incorporating eco-friendly practices into their operations. By sourcing ingredients locally, they not only ensure freshness and quality but also support the local community.

This commitment extends to everything from the fruits and vegetables used in their dishes to the grains used in their distilled spirits. The result is a remarkable fusion of local flavor and global appeal. These practices not only benefit the environment and the local economy but also enhance the quality of Fermanagh’s food and drink offerings, making them truly Fermanagh’s finest.

The Importance of Local Suppliers

Why are local suppliers crucial to Fermanagh’s thriving food and beverage scene?

They’re the lifeblood that keeps it pulsing. Supporting community, these suppliers not only provide fresh, quality ingredients, but their partnerships with establishments like the Crowes Nest Pub and the Boatyard Distillery also bring economic benefits.

These alliances help circulate money within the local economy, fostering growth and prosperity. Local suppliers also add a unique touch to Fermanagh’s gastronomic offerings, allowing pubs and distilleries to showcase the region’s rich agricultural heritage.

Homegrown Ingredients: A Difference in Quality

Crowes Nest

Building on the vitality of local suppliers, the exceptional quality of homegrown ingredients plays a significant role in setting Fermanagh’s culinary scene apart. The quality difference is palpable, with Fermanagh’s homegrown ingredients boasting superior freshness and flavor.

Through partnerships with local suppliers like Stubborn Butchers and Prior Bridge, establishments like the Crowes Nest Pub ensure a consistent supply of premium produce. The sourcing benefits are twofold: not only does it yield a more flavorful product, but it also fortifies the local economy. This commitment to quality and community is a crucial component of what makes Fermanagh’s cuisine so distinctive.

As discerning diners increasingly demand quality, the importance of fresh, local, and sustainable ingredients can’t be overstated.

Signature Dish: Steak Sandwich

Crowes Nest

A standout on the menu at Crowes Nest Pub is their signature dish, the steak sandwich, a culinary delight that showcases the pub’s commitment to local sourcing and high-quality ingredients.

This mouthwatering meal begins with a prime cut of rump steak, sourced from Stubborn Butchers, marinated to perfection using traditional techniques that enhance the meat’s robust flavors. The steak is then gently cooked with flavorful mushrooms and onions, adding layers of complexity to the dish.

The sandwich is served on toasted ciabatta, adding a satisfying crunch with each bite. Accompanying the sandwich is an organic salad, a testament to the pub’s dedication to fresh, organic ingredients.

This signature dish delights patrons and solidifies Crowes Nest Pub’s reputation for exceptional cuisine.

The Art of Pouring Guinness

Crowes Nest

While the Crowes Nest Pub is renowned for its delicious cuisine, it’s also well-known for its perfect Guinness pint-pouring technique, a tradition that embodies their partnership with Over Bulkyard for drinks.

This art form, celebrated within the beer culture, begins with a fresh, clean, and dry glass. The bartender then pours the stout at a 45-degree angle, filling the glass three-quarters. They let it settle before topping it off, achieving the perfect head of foam.

This is more than just about bar etiquette; it’s a testament to the pub’s dedication to quality and authenticity. The result is a Guinness pint that not only looks good but also hits the right notes of flavor and texture, making each sip a memorable experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Some Future Plans for the Expansion or Innovation of Cassidy Hospitality Group?

Cassidy Hospitality Group’s got big plans. They’re focusing on digital innovation to enhance customer experience and streamline operations. They’re also eyeing group expansion, looking to acquire new properties and diversify their portfolio.

There’s a real emphasis on staying ahead of industry trends and maintaining their reputation as leaders in Irish hospitality. It’s an exciting time for the group and they’re eager to see what the future holds.

Does Crowes Nest Pub Host Any Special Events, Festivals, or Themed Nights?

Yes, Crowes Nest Pub frequently hosts special events, festivals, and themed nights. It’s part of their rich history and community involvement.

They’re known for their vibrant live music on weekends, transforming into an entertainment hub in the evenings. Additionally, they often organize themed nights like DJ Saturdays upstairs.

These events not only provide great entertainment but also help to strengthen their connection with the local community.

Can Visitors Tour the Boatyard Distillery and Learn About the Process of Making Their Core Products?

Yes, visitors can tour Boatyard Distillery. They’ll delve into its rich history, learn about the inspiration behind their favorite products, and witness the meticulous process of crafting their core spirits.

It’s an enlightening experience that’s engaging and informative, perfect for those seeking deeper understanding. Being able to see the birthplace of Boatyard’s renowned gin and vodka adds a touch of magic to their enjoyment of these fine drinks.

What Measures Does Cassidy Hospitality Group Take to Ensure the Sustainability of Its Local Suppliers?

Cassidy Hospitality Group is committed to sustainable tourism by sourcing locally. This includes partnering with Prior Bridge, Stubborn Butchers, and Over Bulkyard to boost the local economy and reduce the carbon footprint. These partnerships not only ensure eco-friendly practices but also support local suppliers and guarantee fresher, quality ingredients.

This aligns with Cassidy Hospitality Group’s commitment to sustainability, demonstrating that good business practices can also benefit the environment.

Besides the Steak Sandwich, What Are Some Other Dishes in Crow’s Nest Pub That Heavily Feature Locally Sourced Ingredients?

Aside from the steak sandwich, Crow’s Nest Pub serves other dishes that heavily feature locally sourced ingredients. For vegans, they’ve got a hearty vegetable stew using produce grown nearby.

And they’re also known for their Fermanagh seafood dishes. They source fresh fish from local suppliers, featuring it in dishes like their highly praised seafood chowder.


Cassidy Hospitality Group truly embodies the charm and warmth of Northern Ireland, offering world-class experiences at Fermanagh’s best establishments. They expertly blend tradition with innovation, emphasizing local sourcing and sustainability.

From the renowned Crowes Nest Pub to the unique Boatyard Distillery, their commitment to quality and attention to detail is evident. Whether you’re savoring their signature steak sandwich or enjoying a perfectly poured Guinness, Cassidy Hospitality ensures an unforgettable experience.

Video Transcript

Speaker 3 (00:00)
Where we are now is we’ve slimed down the menu, and what we’re trying to do is execute really high-end quality. The nicest food, in my opinion, is the simplest food. But when the product’s right and the ingredient’s right and it’s executed right, that’s when you get the quality. That’s the style of the food in a Crow’s. I’m Gavin Cassidy. I’m one of the owners and directors of Cassidy Hospitality Group. Part of our portfolio is the Crow’s Nest, the Westfield Hotel, Firehouse, and we’ve got Water Shades Apartments as well, and Gar, my brother’s. I’ve been in the industry since I was 14, and I worked in Leclerc Van, it was one Michelin star restaurant, one best restaurant in Ireland. Then me and my brother decided to open a bar with gastro food and food being led because at the time, it was changing very much from it was just 2006. So we’ve seen a gap in the market in a skilling. I came back from Dublin, we created a new menu, created a new kitchen, new place, and that’s how it all started.

Speaker 5 (00:58)
So recently we were We started the best bar in Firmana and we went on then to the Northern Ireland Heats. It’s the fact that it was the industry leaders that chose us as opposed to us even being nominated ourselves. It’ll give us a real boost, the fact that they’ve seen something within our company and within our business that they recognised as being of a top quality. To get through to the regional finals was an amazing achievement and we were very, very delighted about it. I’ve been here now for just nearly 27 years, so I do basically responsible for the day-to-day running of the business as it is.

Speaker 3 (01:28)
Initially, when I started, it would have been very hands-on and cooking every single dish. Now we’ve got to the stage where we set up a production kitchen now. We keep the quality very high for the other three places, and we’re not buying any cheap product in. We’re making all our own. So quality control, check and all the time, and innovating would probably be my biggest role. Innovating, creating, looking at trends in the market, what people want to eat, and also inspiring myself to make sure that we’re being better every day if we can. My favourite dish is definitely the steak sandwich. It’s really traditional, but all the flavours just work together. The garlic bread’s really tasty. It absorbs all the juice off the meat. I’ll tell you about it again. I’ll actually cook it for you now.

Speaker 1 (02:10)
So this is our rump steak. So we’ve iticed into slices. It’s been marinated in time bay leaf, salt and pepper. The beef is all locally sourced. We try to get it as close as we can. This is coming just from outside from Anna. Try to keep everything within 30 minutes as best as we can. Our fresh veg then. This is our mushrooms, just wee plain breakfast mushrooms and white onions. We get these in Swadlin’ Bar, which is 15 minutes out the road. Everything’s sustainable as we can. We start off placing your mushrooms in. A nice season, and your mushrooms have it on. Depending on how you want your steak cooked, we’re going to cook this one medium. Roughly, it’s going to take three minutes for the whole thing. We have our nice rump. There’s good flavour in this already. Small bit of oil. We place it down. You want it to fry really fast. If you put too much meat on the pan, it’ll stew, and that’s not what we want. You want to get a good caramelization on the beef. Again, as soon as you get it on, nice sprinkling of season. Don’t touch this for a wee second.

Speaker 1 (03:06)
So your mushrooms are started here. Just going to add a little bit of butter. Lovely flavour. Then we can add our onions then. So the mushrooms have got a little saute. We just add our white onions, nice and slice into it. You can see the beef’s caramelising away. If you want to, you want to get a nice golden colour on the beef, a nice sear on it. One of the things I find that people do wrong with beef is continually turn it. Try and turn it once and once only. The juice is staying into it. It’s compact then. All the moisture stays into the beef. If you keep turning it, the juice starts coming out of it. What you want to do is really keep it sealed in. Again, just give your mushrooms a wee toss while you’re doing this. And you can even see on them, they’re getting a nice caramelization on all the mushrooms, giving loads of flavour. So again, you’ll see the butter brings out more flavour in the beef. You can see that happening already straight away. Nice colour into the beef, nice smoke out of it. What we need to do now is combine the mushrooms and onions.

Speaker 1 (04:08)
What the mushrooms and onions are doing to the pan at this stage, all the nice flavour of the beef is on that. What the onions and mushrooms do is they clean it. They clean the whole pan. You can see the pan’s nice and clean, but all that flavour is going into the mushrooms and onions. You’re getting the beef, mushrooms, onions, all very traditional flavours. At this point now, I’m just going to play it up. There’s enough heat in this now, so I’m just going to turn the heat off. Just let that rest for a wee second. For a wee extra touch then, as it’s cooling what I do, just to gloss it all up, you can see it nice and shiny. I just add a small bit more butter and let it rest in the pan. We can bring this over now. What we have here, we just have a little house salad. Nice organic leaves from Rosenva in Liedrum. Again, local supplier, all organic. Again, it’s nice pop grub here, but we try to do our best to make sure it’s really high-end. We have here just a few cherry of those onions. And what I have here is we make our own homemade pesto, so we don’t add any nuts into it.

Speaker 1 (05:05)
Just basil, fresh olive oil, and some garlic, some salt and pepper. So just a nice… You don’t want to soak the leaves too much. Just a nice wee dribble. It gives a nice freshness to the salad. So now we’re just going to finish up plating the dish. So we’ve got all our beef. You can see the juice has came out of it. Now that’s that wee glossy shine of the butter at the very end. So all we have here now to finish this dish, it’s very simple. We just got a wee bit of toasted chia butter here. We’ve got nice garlic on top of it. Place your nice pieces of steak all over it. Be as generous as you like. So the beef’s nicely cooked. And then you want to make sure you use all these juices in the pan. This is so important. Nice mushrooms and onions, getting them a nice stir in, getting them all caramelised with that. How I finish it, just with that nice dressed organic leaves that I was talking about. Just on the plate. What we have here is our peppered sauce and then just our homemade fries. So that’s the dish, guys.

Speaker 1 (05:55)
Nice, simple food. We’ve got our steak sandwich. As you see, they’re made in two or three minutes. All your prep done. Really nice evening tea if you were having it. Nice dressed leaves, fresh chips, and peppered sauce.

Speaker 2 (06:11)
The Crow’s Nest itself, it’s a very traditional Irish pub. Actually next year, it’s going to be 100 years in the same family. I’m going down from McDonalds now to the Cassidy’s. It’s going to be amazing to see. Prior to Fruit and Vreadge, they’re based just the south of Derry Lynn there, which is just in the south of Ireland. They provide all of our Fruit and Breach across the firehouse. I know they provide here as well. We We have our meats coming from the Steard and Butchers, locally sourced across Northern Ireland and have that coming through the door as well.

Speaker 5 (06:34)
On the drinks side of things, we’ve obviously, we’re at the Boatyard today. They’re a phenomenal company who give us great support and it’s brilliant to have a partnership with them like that.

Speaker 2 (06:44)
We try We can provide as much locally sourced items that we can. If we can provide that across our group, we’re more than happy to do so.

Speaker 5 (06:52)
With all that being said, now we’re on to the exciting stuff. I’m going to show you how to pour the perfect pint of Guinness. So the secret to pouring the perfect pint of Guinness is, most importantly, you have a fresh, clean glass and it has to be dry. Then you pour your glass at a 45-degree angle, always making sure that you do not let the bear touch the Guinness nozzle at all. Then you start to straighten it up and you fill it up as far as the harp on the glass, and then you let it settle. Always push the top back and stop it just as you get a wee dome on the top and then allow it to settle again before you present it to the customer. So there you have it, the perfect pint of Guinness.

Speaker 2 (07:43)
So within the Costa City Hospital, our model is our success equals the quality of our service. So we try and strive for the best service we can. We have teamed up now with Tenant. Tenant is our main product for draught and stuff I got now. So we got our Heverly, our Strella, obviously Tenant, Outsider, Magners, So as well as food, we actually source a lot of our drink locally as well. We try to stock as much as we can there. But our big one that we have across the group now is our boatyard gym. I’m Matthew. I started my career out in Westville Hotel about six and a half years ago now. About a year and a bit ago, I then moved way up to the firehouse. Three to four months of being there, I became general manager of the firehouse. I come up to the Crow’s Nest to help out here and there. We help out in the nightclub or help downstairs whenever it needs to be. This is our boatyard, Double June. It’s locally made here in Fmana, about 13 miles away from ourselves. It is double hit like juniper, so it is a bit more botanically-led than most other junips, but I’m sure the guys of the boatyard are going to tell you a wee more than myself.

Speaker 4 (08:50)
My name is Ciaran Shannon, and I am the brand development manager for the Boatyard Distiller. Boatyard Distiller is situated here on the banks of Lough Irn in County Fremana, and we aim to produce some of the best gins and vodka around the world, do some of the best bars around the world. We mainly focus on our four core products. We’ve got our Boatyard Double Gin, we’ve got our Boatyard Old Tom, we’ve got our Boat Yard Slow Boat Gin, and our Boat Yard Vodka, which is made 100% on-site here in our distillery. We sell our products all around the world, but nothing is important to us as a champion in Fremana. We work closely with groups such as the Casta Hospitality Group and venues such as their Crow’s Nest. So this is our Boatyard Double Gin. This is the first spirit that we released here from the Boatyard Distillery. It’s a product that is 100% organic and really focuses on the juniper, the double gin name coming from our double contact method with juniper. We also We have a nice wee botanical that we have in our Boatyard Double Gin, which is called Sweet Gael. And this is something we harvest from the family farm in their bogs here in Fremana.

Speaker 4 (10:11)
Here we have our boatyard Vodka, which we make 100% here on site, which we use Irish organic wheat to get a really unique and full-body flavour. This Vodka is basically something that has jam-packed with character. This is our boatyard O’Ton Gin. It’s the style of gin that most people won’t know, but it’s a sweeter style. How we sweeten our gin is by edging it in first fell Pedro Jimeneff cherry casks, which we then add a small amount of Gonzales Bayes PX Cherry to afterwards. The latest addition to The Boat Yard core range is our Boat Yard Slow Boat Gin. This is me in the very traditional way of macerating gin and slowberries at high ABEV to extract a lot more natural flavours. So jam-packed, full of those plum, cherry, and blackcurrant flavours. Perfect Christmas, but again, works all year round. So this is our still, Eireann, which we’ve named after lockdown, and this is where we do all of our gin distillations on our first two distillations for our vodka. This still has been specifically designed for production in our boatyard, Double Gin, which, as I’ve mentioned before, has a double contact method with juniper, both here at the start in the pot, but also here in this in a paper basket.

Speaker 4 (11:31)
Then runs off and it’s down to our distillers to then cut the gin to their preference using their nose.

Speaker 2 (11:44)
So now we’re going to make a white lady with our boatyard double gin.

Speaker 6 (11:50)
It was actually made with cream of month or white cream of month as an original recipe. It then changed whenever higher McAlhomen opened his new bar in Paris, and he changed out the month for gin to make it a wee bit more palpable for himself and a bit stronger. So from there we’re using 50 millilitres of our boatyard double gin. We’re then going using 25 millilitres of our Quantro or triple sec, which is an orange liqueur. I personally use 10 millilitres of sugar syrup. Big a wee bit sweeter. And then we’re using some fresh lemon juice, about 25 millilitres. And then this is an egg white cocktail. So in a separate tin, crack open our egg and separate our egg white from our egg yoke and the scar to the rest. And then to emulsify the egg white, drop it in the tin and give it a good wet shake. Break the tin open and see the frothiness come from the egg white now. Add in a rice. Give it a good shake. Now, get rid of the ice cooling down your glass. Then find, Serena, if you’re not getting an ice shower, it’s going throughout the drink.

Speaker 6 (13:25)
Then it’s a final garnish. You’re just using a lemon peel, give it a twist. Over the top of the drink and setting the edge. That there is the white lady using Bookyard.

Speaker 3 (13:41)
Thankfully, with being in the local area, we have a great huge catchment here. We’ve got really good suppliers that want to work with us. Now, going forward, what we’re trying to do is use more and more local because the sustainability piece is getting bigger and bigger. It’s dear to transport the stuff here. At one point, I would have been frustrated because using home-growing stuff would have been more expensive, where now it’s actually become more aligned. So as well as being the right thing to do, it’s also become the financially right thing to do, and you’re keeping your quality, and it’s much better when it’s fresher. Much, much better.

Speaker 1 (14:12)
So what we have is our pan, nice and smoked. We’re going to cook your chicken stir fry. This has been marinated for a couple of days already in our Asian spice. So there’s loads of different things going on, and the chicken’s already marinating that. And you can see the chicken nearly starts to cook in this marinate. So it gives a really intense flavour. So again, onto your pan. Again, you want to get good caramelization on this. So the idea of the chicken’s caught into nice thin strips. So it cooks really, really quickly and keeps all the moisture in the chicken. So one of the things you don’t want to do with a stir fry is you don’t want to crowd the pan. So you want to make sure that there’s plenty of room for everything else going on. So again, all our chicken source locally as well. It’s all Irish. So what we have there, you have your chicken stir fry, and again, turn it straight away. You can see there already that the marinate has given a nice sunny colour to the stir fry. It adds a wee bit of difference rather than just putting in your plain chicken.

Speaker 1 (15:12)
You’re already adding your flavour. So chicken on. Just trying to make sure each part of the chicken is getting in contact with the pan as best you can. Again, stir fry, you can add whatever you want to it. What we have here is a nice selection of bell peppers, red onions, baby corn, Munch 2. Nice and simple, but again, whatever you want to use, more than happy. We have here, we have our dressed noodles here. We’re using glass noodles. They’re a nice, thin noodle. We’ve got some coriander, Sesame seeds, and sweet chilli through this. It makes the noodles nice and dressed and not starchy. As you can see they’re all not coming together. They’re not stuck and nicely over cooked. So the wee coriander gives it a nice fresh lift. So we have that. The chicken here now is already cooked. So we add in our stir fry now. At that point, when you add the stir fry, the chicken’s maybe absorbed all the oil. So what you want to do is just add another little touch of oil. So again, the idea of a stir fry is quick. It needs to be cooked in minutes.

Speaker 1 (16:09)
If you start over cooking it, the veg start leaking liquid, becomes soggy. You want it really, really fast. So one minute’s plenty. So now you’re confident that the chicken’s cooked. All we need to do is give it a good stir. Okay. And one of the things it says, Fashion Chef, don’t panic about the flame. All it is, is a bit of water. All it is, is water and oil mixing together, it’s going to disappear as soon as it connects. So don’t be panicking about that. So again, if it’s in the pan like this, just making sure maybe everything’s getting a wee contact. Give it a wee shuffle. Grand. So what we have in here, we’ve oyster sauce, hoisin sauce, some honey, some sweet chilli, and a few other spices then into it. Just adds that real different flavour into it. It’s really nice. It’s pre-mixed. So this, again, it’s really easy. Just one ladle. And again, I don’t like these stir fries too wet. You want them nice and messy. It’s not a sauce dish, it’s stir fry. You don’t want it like a curry or you don’t want. So just a small bit in.

Speaker 1 (17:07)
So at that point, one of the things I’ll stress you is, don’t add the sweet chilli or any of your mix till the very end. Because what happens is there’s so much sugar in it, it caramelises really quick and it will burn. So just add it at the last. You only want 30 seconds of the end of that. So just give it a nice toss through. That’s cooked. Now we’re just going to plate it up so we can see the stir fries nice and crisp. Loving lovely and shiny. The whole marinating the chicken’s coming through everything, but there’s still a nice crunch to the veg. You want that left in it. Now this is really, really simple. All you do, we have our dressed house noodles here. Place it over. Lovely fresh dish. What I like to do is dress with it. I like some nice fresh coriander because there’s quite a bit of sweetness in that. You need something fresh coming through then at the end. So a nice bit of coriander, just dress it over the top.

Speaker 2 (17:58)
Hospitality in general is a great, great career. You get to make your cocktails, you get to make your drinks, you get to make people happy. And at the end of the day, that’s what we strive towards within this group of trying to make everyone that comes to the door happy and make sure they enjoy their stay whenever they’re with us, regardless of where they are, whether it be the Crow’s Nest, the fires, the vessel, everything else. It honestly makes us enjoy our job.

Speaker 5 (18:19)
We have a mixed bag in hospitality. We have the restaurant downstairs, which is mainly operational during the day up until nine o’clock. Then we obviously transform it into an entertainment venue. We do have live music at the weekends and stuff. Then upstairs, then we have DJs on a Saturday night in particular.

Speaker 3 (18:58)
Highlights for me, It was very nice last week in our local business awards. We won family business in Fremana, and it was nice to be recognised within the local community. We try to be good employers, and I suppose one of the highlights being is seeing some of our managers develop. Three or four of our managers have worked with us since they were 17, so they went on their ride up. Now they’re earning good salaries, maturing as things. So you’re evolving. My biggest thing is growth of people, and that’s my highlight that I try to achieve.

Speaker 5 (19:25)
So we’re really, really looking forward to the year ahead. We’ve got some amazing plans with our entertainment in particular. We have some top-ups coming from all over Ireland. But as I said, we’ve done loads of work and planning this year to get ready for a real good year next year. And also with the food offering, we try to cater that basically, as we have said before, the crows is everything you need under the one roof. So if you’re standing down in Fmana, it’s a perfect spot to come for your Sunday lunch, even with the family. You’ll still get entertained on the Saturday night with some brilliant bands, and then you can finish it off in the nightclub upstairs if you’re still fit for it at that stage.

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