Top 19 Famous Irish Drinks – Your Guide to the Best Drinks in Ireland

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Updated on January 29, 2024

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Going on a trip to Ireland means that you shouldn’t miss having a wine taste tour around the country. After all, Ireland is popular for being home to several operating distilleries that produce some of the world’s most famous drinks. 

When it comes to the most popular Irish drinks, nothing can beat the renowned Guinness or the acclaimed Irish whiskey. These two are the most famous drinks in Ireland, even to people outside the Irish borders. However, the local drinks are not just limited here; there is a list of refreshing and satisfying drinks that you still need to come in contact with. 

There are also several non-alcoholic drinks that you definitely should give a try. The versatility that is offered in Ireland when it comes to its drinks is perfect, given the distinct tastes of everyone. Thus, we believe there will surely be something for you. In this exciting list, we will walk you through some of Ireland’s best drinks:

  1. Guinness Shot

This one was definitely expected to top the list of the important Irish drinks. Guinness has been taking the market by storm since it was first brewed back in 1759. Years upon years have been going by and the Guinness managed to keep its place in the market. 

Many pubs and bars serve this decent beer, adding some little drops of coffee and finishing with a nice creamy top. The drink is even too appealing to the eye and will set you in a good mood before you decide to take your taste buds on this fun journey. 

2. The Irish Flag Drink One of the Famous Irish Drinks

Layered drinks always look fascinating, but, among all the famous Irish drinks, nothing looks as creative as the Irish flag drink. Apparently, the Irish folks know how to get creative when it comes to creating beverages that express their identity and heritage. This cocktail drink is a sweet sip to try on as another way to explore the culture of Ireland.

This colorful beverage is mainly a cocktail with three different layers, featuring the colors of the Irish flag in order. The bottom layer is of green color, featuring a shot of the green creme de menthe. In the middle comes a generous shot of the white Baileys Irish Cream, with Grand Marnier topping the cocktail layers.

3. Jamaican Irish Moss


If you are looking for something a little close to a thick texture of a milkshake but with an Irish twist, Jamaican Irish Moss will grant you your wish. This one is deemed among the healthy drinks, made with Irish moss found in carrageen. 

This Irish drink is a sweet blend of this special moss with Jamaican white rum, alongside some additives that accentuate the flavor. The added ingredients include coconut milk, nutmeg, vanilla extract, lineseed, and sugar. All of those ingredients are blended together with some ice cubes, resulting in a sweet, thick drink that will keep your tummy quite full and happy.

4. Irish Coffee


The Irish coffee has always been dominating the scene of the famous Irish drinks. It has gained wide popularity around different places in the world. And, with such popularity, the methods of preparations have greatly varied, not in the ingredients used though, but in how they are used. 

Irish coffee is a refreshing drink that is made up of a nice mixture between hot coffee, Irish whiskey, a little sugar, and cream. In Ireland, this frothy drink is served either hot or cold, featuring a nice creamy layer floating atop the drink.

5. Bulmers Cider

If you are looking for a refreshing drink with an Irish hint, Bulmers Cider is the best to have. Bulmers is an original Irish brand made with the best apples in Britain. This aromatic beverage is a sweet treat made up of totally natural ingredients.

Bulmers cider is one of the light Irish drinks that require the addition of some ice cubes to be enjoyed right. It consists of freshly juiced apples, with some more apple hints added to complement the taste. A few drops of vanilla are also added to complete the sweet flavor.

6. MiWadi

Dilute drinks have always had their own charm, especially on little kids. In fact, the list of authentic Irish drinks has managed to provide us with a fascinating diluted drink that adults can enjoy. It dates back to 1927 when it actually suffered to make good sales numbers in the market; however, it has now become an icon in the world of Irish drinks. 

MiWadi offers a wide array of fruit flavors, ranging from tropical to citrus, and more. Its flavors include apples, oranges, lemons, lime, and pineapples. You can also see some additional flavors on a seasonal basis. The best part about this drink is that it can be added to your plain water to spice up its flavor, helping you stay hydrated and refreshed, especially during the hot days of summer.

7. Irish Whiskey

This whiskey has a fascinating style that, although it’s totally native to Ireland, gained wide publicity beyond the Irish borders. Not only that, but it also managed to make it in different countries beyond the European continent, becoming a number-one whiskey in many spots. 

Irish drinks always have their own edge and smoothness, yet the Irish whiskey seems to have a charismatic impact. This flavorful whiskey is made up of a delicious blend of both malted and unmalted barley. It is also triple-distilled, which is one more time of distillation than other alcoholic drinks.

8. Wild Irish Rose

Wild Irish Rose is another cocktail that stands out among the famous Irish drinks. This one is a great choice if you are into aromatic alcoholic beverages with a hint of an acidic flavor. It is a truly nice blend between sweet and bitterness that will keep you wanting even more, especially that Irish whiskey is part of creating this refreshing beverage.

Wild Irish Rose is mainly Irish whiskey blended with some fresh citric flavors. It contains fresh lemon juice, pomegranate grenadine, and more lemon is used for garnishing and to accentuate the flavor. A few pumps of sugar syrup are added to sweeten up the drink along with some club soda to balance out the extra sweetness, if needed.

9. Irish Bulldog

This cocktail is one to die for. The Irish bulldog is not only refreshing, but it is also super satisfying, leaving your taste buds dancing with joy. No wonder it actually falls in the category of the best Irish drinks, and, we’re telling you, it is one that you shouldn’t miss if you are looking for an irresistible mixture of the best ingredients.

Irish bulldog is a beverage that represents the best recipe for a gratifying alcoholic drink. It requires some vodka, half whole milk, half heavy cream, Irish cream, and some ice. You put all of those ingredients together in a shaker, give them a quick and good shake, and you are ready to go. Many people like to add some coke to spice up the drink. 

10. Baileys Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is a fancy alcoholic drink that is heavily flavored with cream, along with Irish Whiskey and cocoa. The best part about this cream liqueur is that it can be enjoyed in so many different ways and along with several recipes. Not only that, but you can actually enjoy this drink on its own, just with the addition of some ice.

In fact, Baileys is one of the best Irish drinks that you can enjoy on its or pair with some other hot or cold drinks. Since the recipes that can be made with the Baileys Irish Cream are countless, we will narrow it down to the type of drinks it can be paired with. You can use Baileys to spice up your cold brew coffee or hot chocolate, if you like to add an alcoholic hint to your drinks. Some people also like to pair it with tequila, Guinness, or even Earl Grey tea.

11. Alcoholic Shamrock Shake

The little three-leaf clover, known as shamrock, represents the Holy Trinity in Ireland. It is also deemed a symbol of hope and luck. That is why you can see shamrocks scattered around on Saint Patrick’s Day. You know what you will constantly see on that day? A green shamrock shake to fit the theme of the day. 

In fact, it doesn’t have to be St. Patrick’s Day to be able to go for this drink. You can find it pretty much everywhere, given that is one of the popular Irish drinks that can be either alcoholic or not, depending on your preferences. 

The shamrock shake is a nice blend between vanilla vodka, Crème de Menthe, low-fat vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate, and, of course, some mint sprigs for an added flavor. You can drop the vodka and just go for a vanilla extract to keep the flavor if you’re looking for something that is alcohol-free.

12. Irish Red Lemonade

Among all the Irish drinks, the red lemonade remains the most fun and refreshing. It is a fizzy drink that is widely consumed across Ireland. Despite its plain red color, it has this lemon flavor taste.

This revitalizing cocktail is a nice mix between Irish whiskey, lime juice, chilled water, red grapes, and pomegranate. The best part is that it can be drunk on its own or it can be used as a mixer with other Irish drinks.

13. Gin and Sin Cocktail

There is a lot of Irish drinks out there with several cocktails to refreshen your mood and leave you more joyful. If you are looking for something a little fruity with a nice sweet tint, the gin and sin is here to save your day. It is mainly made with gin mixed with other ingredients, resulting in a revitalizing drink.

The sin here lies in the indulgence of sweet taste paired with the fruits, but it is not an actual ingredient, and we are not sure where the naming comes from. Anyway, pair gin with some citric flavors, like lemon and orange juices, and a dash of grenadine. A lemon twist is added to embellish the drink and put on an extra spicy taste.

14. Jameson and Ginger Ale (The Irish Mule)

This drink is a classic beverage that stands out among the most famous Irish drinks. The Irish mule is a bubbly representation of the well-known Irish whiskey of Jameson paired with tangy ginger. It also goes by the name Jameson and Ginger Ale.

With a generous amount of lime squeezed straight into the cocktail, you can have a smooth drink to enjoy. The lime juice goes in nice harmony with the Jameson Irish whiskey and the ginger ale, creating a bubbly alcoholic drink.

15. Irish Poitín

The Poitín is actually the Irish version of Mountain Dew, or so it was formerly called before it has gone by simply Poitín. It is deemed one of the most traditional distilled beverages in the history of Irish drinks. Also, it is one of the most enjoyed drinks throughout Ireland. The chillness it is served with makes it one of the most revitalizing Irish drinks to pick, especially during summer.

This drink is basically a type of vodka with several hints of other flavors added to spice up its flavor.  The Poitín vodka is mixed with some toffee, blackberries, mint, and thyme. Hints of honey and lemon juice are added to sweeten it up a little and banish any extra sourness. Some like to add some herbal blackberry flower for an additional perk up in flavors. 

16. Irish Wake Cocktail

Did you know there were Irish drinks specifically served during funerals? It’s called the Irish Wake Cocktail. The Irish have this tradition of doing a wake as a means to pay tribute to their beloved ones who passed away. This tradition usually involves people gathering in the house of the deceased family, with some soft music playing in the background, and the deceased in an open casket. While praying and doing the rituals of a wake, some drinks are passed around. 

The Irish wake cocktail is a nice mix between some of the most famous beverages, creating a cocktail suitable for a funeral setting. These ingredients include Jameson Irish Whiskey, Baileys Irish Cream, some vodka, Kahlua, and Amaretto. Other versions include the addition of rum, curacao, and Barcadi rum.

17. Cidona

Cidona is a classic among Irish drinks with a fizzy texture and a strong flavor of fresh apples. Mostly, it has been served as a non-alcoholic beverage since its production back in 1955. However, like any other drink, some people prefer adding their own twist by pouring some alcohol into the cidona. 

Cidona is an apple-flavored drink with carbonated water, and it is served in a can like most soda beverages. The sparkling drink also includes sugar, a sweetener, caramel, and fermented apple juice. To reduce the super sugary taste, some citric acid to spice up the drink.

18. Misty Mint

If you love the minty taste in your alcohol, then Misty Mint should be your next pick. It is one of the sweet Irish drinks that use mint for its base, creating a cool and refreshing beverage that is perfect for the hot days of summer. Most importantly, it is quick and easy to make that you can actually prepare it at the comfort of your own home. 

This revitalizing mint cocktail takes only a few ingredients to be ready. It features mint, creme de menthe, rum, and voilà! All you got to do is mix the ingredients thoroughly and add lots of crushed ice to chill up the drink, then you are ready to sip. 

19. Irish Maid Cocktail

Among the most Irish drinks that make an appearance on St. Patrick’s Day is the Irish Maid cocktail, sometimes known as Irish maiden. This day is all about the color green and its hues, but there is no harm in adding some little yellow for a spectacular contrast. It is also one of the lightest beverages to go for and still have your alcoholic refreshing dose.

The ingredients used to make up the Irish maid are Irish Whiskey, which is found in most Irish drinks, along with St. Germain, cucumber slices, a drizzle of lemon juice, and any syrup of your choice. All of the ingredients are tossed into a cocktail shaker, mixed thoroughly, and then served with ice cubes. You can also add some cucumber slices for garnish and an extra flavor.

Ireland is famous for its high-quality alcoholic drinks that are enjoyed in different places around the world. While the list of the famous and best Irish drinks can go on forever, we have gathered for you the unmissable ones that you should go for! There is no way you won’t find the right drink for you among all of these unique and premium beverages.

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