Recipes for a Taste of Home

Recipes for a Taste of Home

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Updated on February 4, 2024

Visitors could be forgiven for feeling like they’re among the first to discover a real foodie gem in Belfast and Northern Ireland. But local people have always had a real love of great food. 

We’ve chosen some recipes you can use to celebrate that unique taste of home with family and friends.

If our home-grown dishes whet your appetite, create your own Belfast masterpiece with a step-by-step guide to cooking our delicious coconut-poached cod with cashew nut salad

Cod Poached in Coconut with Cashew Nut Salad

This is a wonderful cod poached in coconut milk with a cashew nut salad with red miso dressing and ginger. Yum!!! A great fish dish perfect to serve for dinner or for guests one of the best cod recipes out there.

You can watch the video above to learn how to create this delicious dish. Thanks to Ian Hunter from Belfast Cookery School for this recipe!

Himalayan Salt-Aged Sirloin 

Head over to to find a simple, delicious recipe to truly make the most of the award-winning Hannan Meats’ sirloin steaks. 

Using a Hannan Meats salt-aged sirloin for your culinary creation means the benefit of using meat salt-aged for 28 – 45 days to seal in the natural juices for a unique, sweet and flavoursome beef. 

Kilkeel Kippers Benedict 
Kippers recipe image for Amazing Food and Drink Northern Ireland blog

Thanks to Mourne Seafood Cookery School, you can use a simple combination of kippers, muffins and Hollandaise sauce to make something spectacular. 

Aside from the kipper fillets and muffins, the only ingredients needed are butter, egg, yolks and lemon juice. 

Tip: try the outstanding Abernethy butter from County Down. 

Posh Tayto Sandwich 

The menu of the Late Late bar in New York boasts a Northern Ireland treat we’d almost make the flight across to try: a Tayto crisp sandwich with a difference. 

Their ‘Crisp Sambo’ features a chive brioche, with Ballymaloe stout relish and cheddar cheese mayo. 

Sweet Tooth Boxty 

The Hairy Bikers, via BBC online, brought the world this stunning step-by-step guide to making boxty with crispy bacon and maple syrup. 

Boxty – a traditional Irish potato pancake – tastes great with the crunch of streaky bacon and a the sweetness of syrup. 

Don’t have a quality syrup at home? Try Sawers deli in Belfast city centre. 

Mortons Wheaten Bread 

For the ultimate in simplicity, a wheaten bread recipe from Mortons needs just three things: Mortons Wheaten Bread Mix, buttermilk and sugar! 

Follow this link for six short steps to have delicious, home-made wheaten bread for your next meal. 


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