How To Make Irish Wheaten Bread - A Family Favourite

Amazing Irish Foods (and Where to Find Them)

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Updated on January 12, 2024

Reviewed by Miranne Khaled

We’ll be featuring great local specialities with one thing in common: they aren’t just delicious but are local tastes you can create for yourself. 

You’ll find childhood favourites, beloved local staples and something for your sweet tooth too. 

We’ll start by taking a closer look at the type of local dishes we’ll be creating.

Irish Stew – A Taste of Home 

For many of us, a bowl of filling (and warming!) Irish Stew recalls countless evenings spent with family and friends at a kitchen table. 

Ideally served with beautiful local bread with plenty of butter, this is truly a taste to embrance the senses and recall meals with those closest to us. 

Want to try some today? Belfast bars including the famous McHughs often serve Irish Stew to warm away the winter cold or share a local taste with locals or visitors.

Wheaten Bread – A Belfast Favourite  

It might be taken for granted by those who are used to seeing it on our shop shelves, but tourists love the choice of delicious local bread created close to home. 

One timeless example – wheaten bread – tastes particularly superb with local salted butter and a bowl of soup or stew. 

Try the celebrated Sunflower Pub where weekends often see wheaten bread on the menu. You also find superb craft beers and an outdoor pizza oven to tempt your tastebuds. 

In the video above, Danny Millar of Stock Kitchen and Bar takes us through his recipe for the best Irish Wheaten Bread.

Belfast’s Hand-made Honeycomb

Honeycomb image for Amazing Food and Drink Northern Ireland blog

Have a sweet tooth? Honeycomb has always been part of Belfast, and Northern Ireland’s, food and drink scene.  

Often served with a Jawbox Gin and found (in ‘Yellowman’ form) at the coastal Ould Lammas Fair once per year too, you can see honeycomb being made at Aunt Sandra’s Candy Factory a little outside the city centre in East Belfast. 

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