15 Most Water-rich Fruits to keep you hydrated During Summer 

15 Most Water-rich Fruits to keep you hydrated During Summer 

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Updated on April 7, 2024

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The human body is mostly made up of water, more specifically, 60% of our bodies are made up of water. Therefore, the single ingredient our bodies need the most to function properly is, ultimately, water. Water plays an extremely important role and performs several vital functions for our bodies to run smoothly. Among these functions is that it helps regulate the body temperature, get rid of harmful toxins, carry the oxygen and essential nutrients to the body cells, and create a moist and appropriate environment for the body tissues and joints to function effectively. 

During the summer, and due to the high-temperature weather, our bodies tend to lose more water than usual which makes us at a higher risk of dehydration or/or heat strokes. Therefore, it is excruciatingly important to do everything we can to keep our bodies hydrated and do everything we can to stay protected from the scalding summer heat

6 ways through which you can best combat the summer heat:  

  • Drink an average of 12-16 cups (3-4 litres) of water or fluids daily to keep your body hydrated. 
  • Use SPF sunscreen protection before heading outside. 
  • Watch out for warning signs of dehydration or heat strokes such as high body temperature, dizziness, headaches, nausea, rapid pulse, or confusion, and act quickly when any is noticed. 
  • Avoid caffeine or alcohol-containing drinks as they can cause dehydration. 
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes during the summer to allow the body to breathe. 
  • Eat fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content to combat the water loss that occurs during hot summer days. 

Although drinking pure water is not something we can simply skip, an effective way to help your body absorb a sufficient amount of water is by eating fruits and vegetables that are rich in water content. Water-rich fruits and vegetables not only help the body get enough fluids to stay hydrated, they also give the body various nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that help keep the body nourished and healthy. They can also be incorporated into different recipes and consumed in several different ways such as juices, smoothies, and salads, so you never get bored of hydrating. 

Luckily, there are many options for water-rich fruits that can help keep you hydrated during the summer. Here is a list of the best 15 fruits to get that job done. 

1. Watermelon – Up to 92% Water Content 

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Starting our list is, of course, the king of summer fruit: watermelon. This wonder fruit does not only have over 90% of water content which makes it incredibly hydrating and refreshing but it is also packed full of various nutrients. This summer fruit also helps the body produce amino acid arginine which helps boost the overall immune system. Watermelon is also known for being quite great in fighting off the risk of heart diseases. 

Aside from being awesomely delicious on its own, watermelon can be incorporated into your summer diet in various ways. The most basic and popular way is to dig into a raw and plump watermelon slice or more. You can also have it in a fruit salad cup containing other fruit with the watermelon. You can enjoy sipping on an ice-cold watermelon juice or smoothie. The last and most refreshing way to have watermelons is in a delicious watermelon popsicle which you can make with only watermelon or you can get creative and add more components such as lemon juice, fresh mint, and more. However you choose to enjoy watermelon, it is sure to hydrate you, nourish your body, and make the summer heat a bit more tolerable. 

2. Pineapple – Up to 86% Water Content 

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The second fruit on our list is an iconic tropical beauty that makes everything instantly feels and looks more like summer, it is pineapple. In addition to being juice, tasty, and packed full of flavour, pineapples are an excellent source of Vitamin C which makes it great for fighting odd cell damage and boosting the immune system. That’s not all, pineapple is also very high in manganese which makes it great for bone health which is something we all need during those long tiring summer days. As if all of the above is not enough, pineapples are also loaded with healthy fibres and antioxidants. 

Therefore, not only will eating pineapples satisfy your taste buds, but it will also hydrate you, nourish your body, boost your immune system, and replenish your body’s fluids. 

Pineapples can be eaten raw as slices or cubes, however, be careful when cutting into a whole raw pineapple as it could be a bit tricky. 

Another popular way to have pineapples during the summer is by incorporating them into summer and tropical cocktails and drinks, the most famous of which is Pina Colada. 

3.  Mangoes – Up to 83% Water Content 

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Mangoes – some call it the king of summer fruit, some would even argue that it is the king of all fruits. Whether you agree with these claims or not, there is one thing we can not disagree on and it is that mangoes are, without a doubt, among the most delicious fruits our planet offers. 

In addition to being plump, juicy, delicious, and quite filling, mangoes are packed with antioxidants, they help boost the immune system, reduce the cholesterol levels in the blood, promote eye health, and work as a natural digestion aid.  

Mangoes are popularly eaten alone as they are so delicious that they easily stand alone. However, another great thing about them is that they are also commonly incorporated in a wide variety of desserts, drinks, and cocktails, such as mango shakes, fruit salad cups, and mango-based cocktails. However, if you choose to enjoy mangoes, make sure the summer months don’t go by without having as much mango as possible, if not for the creamy delicious taste, then for the hydrating and replenishing effect. 

4. Apricots – Up to 86% Water Content 

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Delicious, filling, packed full of flavour, and quite hydrating, apricots are one of the most underrated summer fruits. In addition to being hydrating and delicious, apricots are an excellent source of dietary fibre, they help improve digestion, increase metabolism, and promote heart health. 

Apricots are most commonly eaten whole as a snack for being quite filling and fibre-rich, however, they are also often incorporated into desserts such as pies, and are also a great addition to summer fruit salad cups. 

5. Peaches – Up to 89% Water Content 

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Peaches are known for being one of the most sweet-tasting and juicy fruits. However, that is not the only reason you should eat more peaches. With almost 90% water content, peaches are among the most hydrating fruits. One peach can easily replenish quite a lot of your body’s fruits and help your body fight off the heat and humidity of a long summer day. 

That’s not all, peaches are loaded with vitamin C and vitamin A which makes them great for your skin health, something we desperately need during sunny summer days. Thanks to their high fibre content, peaches are great for the digestive system, as well as stress-relieving. Peaches are also known to help the body fight cardiovascular diseases. 

Peaches can easily stand alone as an after-dinner light dessert, a light breakfast item, or a refreshing afternoon snack. Peaches are also popularly used as a dessert base for several pies and desserts such as the famous ‘Peach Cobbler’. They can also be added to fruit salads as they bring on natural sweetness which could allow you to ditch any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners you would otherwise use. 

The one downside about eating peaches, however, is that they are mostly available for a short period of time every year, so enjoy as many peaches as you can before you have to wait a whole year for another plump sweet peach. 

6. Plums – Up to 87% Water Content 

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In addition to being a cooling and refreshing fruit, plums are packed full of several vitamins and nutrients. For starters, plums are a great source of Vitamins A, C, and K. They are also very rich in Potassium, Copper, and Manganese. Thanks to the various healthy components of plumps, they work as a natural anti-inflammatory, promote bone health, and reduce the risks of heart diseases and diabetes. 

Plums are commonly enjoyed whole or in juice form. However, they are also often used as a healthy breakfast side item or a fruit salad base. Furthermore, with over 80% water content they are also quite ideal for a mid-day summer snack to combat the summer heat and dehydration. 

7. Cantaloupe – Up to 90% Water Content 

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In addition to being water infused with over 90% water content, cantaloupes are also a low-calorie fruit, although quite sweet, which makes it ideal for a healthy summer diet. That’s not all, cantaloupes are a great source of various micronutrients and vitamins, such as Vitamin C and Vitamin A which help boost your immunity. Cantaloupes are also loaded with potassium which is great for balancing blood pressure. Furthermore, the beta carotene in cantaloupes helps the body fight cataracts and improves vision. 

Cantaloupes are widely used in preparing several desserts and refreshing summer drinks. They are also commonly eaten alone as a healthy breakfast food, a mid-day or an afternoon hydrating snack, or even as a healthy dessert. However they are eaten, they are certainly enjoyed. 

8. Papaya – Up to 88% Water Content 

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In addition to being sweet, fibre-rich, and hydrating, papaya is an ideal fruit for those managing their weight and trying to lead an overall healthier lifestyle thanks to being loaded in Vitamin C, healthy fibre, and antioxidants. Therefore, incorporating papaya into your diet helps prevent cholesterol build-up in your arteries, boost your immune system, and balance your blood sugar. 

Furthermore, because papayas can be quite sweet, they are used as a base for several pies and desserts since they allow you to give up artificial sweeteners and depending only on the natural sweetness in the papaya, they are also quite creamy in taste which makes them baked quite well. 

9. Strawberries – Up to 92% Water Content 

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Strawberry is another one of what people call ‘super fruits’, and if any fruit has earned that title, it certainly is strawberry. A very rich source of Vitamin C, B vitamins, folate, potassium, manganese, healthy fibre, and vital flavonoids, this fun and small fruit is, in fact, quite powerful when it comes to its health benefits. Incorporating strawberries into your diet helps protect you from heart diseases, balance out your cholesterol levels, relieve digestion problems, and overall hydrate your body and replenish its fluids as it has over 90% water content. 

Another extremely great thing about strawberries is that they can be served and incorporated into a diet in almost endless ways. Since they taste quite remarkable on their own, strawberries are usually eaten whole and raw. However, because they also pair well with almost everything, they are also used to prepare an extremely wide variety of desserts, smoothies, cocktail drinks, ice creams, and just about anything you fancy making. So regardless of how you choose to experience the delight that is strawberries, you are guaranteed a sensory pleasure free of diet guilt. 

10. Blueberries – Up to 84% Water Content 

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One of nature’s best antioxidants, blueberries are a natural blood purifier that boosts brain health and were even used for treating colds and coughs during olden times. In addition to its outstanding health benefits, blueberries are a worldly popular flavour, so much so that it is widely used in several dessert recipes such as blueberry muffins, blueberry pancakes, blueberry cheesecake, blueberry tarts, and more. Because of their health benefits, blueberries are also commonly used as a healthy breakfast side item or a topping for cereal, oatmeal, or yoghurt, especially since it pairs quite well with anything it is mixed with. Therefore, it doesn’t really matter how you choose to add blueberries to your diet, however, it matters a great deal to make sure your body gets almost a daily dose of this nutritious and delicious super fruit. 

11. Blackberries – Up to 88% Water Content 

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Extremely rich in Vitamin C, Blackberries help wounds heal faster, help your body regenerate skin cells, help fight off the common cold, provide aid in the face of digestive issues, and help the body better absorb iron. 

In addition to all these impressive health benefits, blackberries are one of the most delicious and hydrating summer fruits, with almost 90% water content. 

Blackberries taste good enough to eat on their own, however, they are also popularly used in a variety of recipes, most commonly breakfast dishes and desserts. They are considered among the most popular fruit toppings for pancakes, french toast, and oatmeal. They are also often incorporated into baked goods recipes, such as muffins, pies, and tarts. 

12. Oranges – Up to 87% Water Content 

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With an 87% water content, oranges are not just a fruit, they are a hydration icon, especially in juice form. Orange juice is one of the most popular juices across the globe, people have it in the morning over breakfast, when fighting off the common cold, or before and/or after an intense workout. The reason for its vast popularity is not just that it is very high in water content, it is also because of its various health benefits. Oranges are Vitamin C which makes them great in reducing cholesterol levels, improving heart health, enhancing and rejuvenating the skin cells, and leaving the body feeling overall more energised. The great thing about oranges is that they are found almost all year round, so whether you need more hydration to fight off the summer heat or just replenish your body’s fluids on any regular day, you can’t go wrong with a chilled glass of refreshing orange juice. 

13. Grapefruit – Up to 91% Water Content 

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Although grapefruits don’t exactly scream fun summer night, they are considered to be one of the healthiest and most hydrating fruits all over the world with an over 90% water content. 

In addition to being hydrating and refreshing, grapefruits are more on the low-calorie side which makes them an ideal snack or dessert for those trying to lose or manage their weight. Also, because grapefruits are loaded with potassium, they are quite great for balancing blood pressure levels. They are also very rich in healthy fibre and antioxidants, so they help a lot when it comes to digestive problems. 

Grapefruits have quite the tangy taste to them which not everyone can tolerate. To overcome it, you can simply add some sugar or honey to it. You can simply eat it raw, or you can have it in the form of juice, which is the most popular way of enjoying grapefruit, as the water and sweetener help counter the sourness of the grapefruit. 

14. Apples – Up to 86% Water Content 

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The health benefits of apples don’t need an introduction. But what most of us tend to forget is that apples are among the most hydrating fruits as they contain over 86% water.

Another great thing about apples is that they are available on hand all year long during almost all seasons. Furthermore, apples can be incorporated into your diet in almost endless ways; you can add them to your salads, smoothies, pies, cakes, and baked goods, or they can be simply eaten raw as a snack. 

Aside from being hydrating, apples help boost metabolic levels, improve heart health, and regulate blood sugar levels. Apples are also packed with ample vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that help enhance the health of your skin, teeth, and bones.  

15. Tomato – Up to 94% Water Content 

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In case you were not already aware of this fact, tomato is not a vegetable, it is actually a fruit, and not just any fruit it is the one with the highest water content. 

Tomatoes are also extremely rich in Vitamin A which makes them a great help in reducing macular degeneration which, in turn, is responsible for vision loss. This super hydrating fruit also helps reduce the risk of hypertension and is a great addition to your diet if you are seeking to improve the overall health of your skin. 

Tomatoes can rightfully be called the joker of fruits as they can be incorporated into just about any recipe we use in our everyday life, which is ultimately great for us due to the countless health benefits tomatoes give to your body. 

Now that you have your complete list of the most hydrating fruits out there, you have no excuse to keep your summer diet fruits-free anymore. This season is the perfect opportunity for you to take advantage of nature’s buffet of fresheners and enjoy your favourite fruits in any shape or form you prefer, as a healthy snack, into smoothies, ice creams, pies, juices, yoghurts, or cakes. Just make sure to stay hydrated and replenish your body any way you like. 

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