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Jawbox Gerry: Creator of Belfast’s Iconic Gin

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Updated on February 17, 2024

A local figure at the forefront of the local artisan spirits revival is behind the creation of a superb local product to be found on many bar – and shop – shelves. 

Gerry White developed the famous Jawbox Gin while working as a bar manager in celebrated Belfast bar The John Hewitt. 

Thanks to an outstanding brand, which celebrates the best of old Belfast, the product is now a staple of the local drinks scene. 

Speaking to a local blog, Gerry explained that the revived confidence of modern Belfast is part of the Jawbox story: “There’s a vibrancy about Belfast today and that’s why we have more investment in places like great restaurants.  

“It has meant a change for people here in how they think about Belfast: there’s more enthusiasm, helped by Belfast pulling off impressive events better than many larger cities could have managed.”

Jaw Box - Classic Dry Gin
Jaw Box – Classic Dry Gin

‘Brand Belfast’ 

The beautifully-marketed Jawbox intentionally evokes images of old Belfast sinks and chipped enamel shipyard mugs. 

The brand also evokes the famous, smokey industrial heydays of the city’s past. 

This simple, stunningly-executed premise can be seen in the brand’s labelling, merchandise, physical style of exhibition presence and much more. 

It’s a brand that lives its clear purpose and allows you to relive those days through their product. 

How Jawbox Was Born 
Jaw Box Gerry - Creator

The Belfast Telegraph featured Gerry in August 2018, noting that – incredibly – just four years previously the brand was still being created. 

Gerry explained how the Jawbox many of us know and love came into existence: “”When I met Shane and Graham (of Echlinville distillery) I just knew this was it. They had the same passion and we worked well together,” adds Gerry. 

“It might sound strange that even though Jawbox didn’t exist, I knew what it tasted like. 

“I wanted something classic. And Graham knew exactly where I was coming from. It took 15 blends to get that taste and when we got it we just looked at each other and knew that was it.” 

If you haven’t done so already, all that’s left is to try some for yourself! 

Tip: Try it with Fever Tree tonic and some local honeycomb.


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