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Home Restaurant Belfast – Innovative Bistro Eating & 2 Great Cocktail Recipes

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Updated on January 26, 2024

Reviewed by Eman Sameh

As part of our Amazing Food and Drink series we visited Home restaurant in Belfast. We wanted to know more about how their talented team of chefs and servers create amazing food and drink from local produce. We were brought behind the scenes to hear the story of Home restaurant and feature some of their delicious dishes and great cocktails.

The Story Of Home Restaurant Belfast


Home restaurant Belfast started in 2011 as a pop-up. Two of the owners, Stevie Haller and Andy Rea (of Mourne Seafood Bar) wanted to be sure their new concept would be a success. They were pleasantly surprised with the great welcome their pop up received with great popularity and regulars from very early on. Following their first year in the business they were featured in the Michelin Guide for 2012. They are now housed in Wellington Place in a much bigger space than the original pop up.

Their head chef, Ben Arnold, also joined as a partner in the business and all three owners now work to make Home Restaurant Belfast the best it can be. Offering up a wide range of delicious dishes to suit anyone with offerings for different dietary preferences or any occasion.

Home Restaurant Belfast specialise in making the best of local produce in both their food and drink. They specialise in offering the best wine pairing and helping their customers uncork something new. Twice a year they have a wine sale enabling customers to spend less on an amazing wine they never would have tried.

Home Restaurant’s Chicken Supreme


The first dish head chef, Ben Arnold, showed us was the home Restaurant Chicken Supreme. This decadent dish would be perfect for a warming lunch or a delicious dinner for celebrating a special occasion.

The dish starts with free range chicken from Armagh, it is presented as a chicken breast  with skin on to ensure the fats and flavours of the chicken remain in the dish. The chicken breast is fried in a pan, basted in herbed butter and then oven cooked for around six minutes to ensure it is cooked through but not dry.

The chicken breast is served on a bed of wilted spinach alongside wild mushrooms and a butter confit leek. The dish is then dressed with a rich roast chicken cream sauce and fresh watercress. The roast chicken cream sauce is enriched with cold butter before serving. This is a classic French technique called Monter au Beurre. This adds a glossy and rich element to the sauce at the end of the cooking process.

Home Restaurant Belfast - Chicken Supreme
Home Restaurant Belfast – Chicken Supreme

Home Restaurant Belfast Cocktails

Not only do Home Restaurant Belfast serve up great food they also offer up amazing cocktails. Assistant manager Brain Connolly showed us some of the great offerings they have on the menu. These cocktails also highlight local spirits which are produced in Northern Ireland.

If cocktails aren’t your thing, Home Restaurant also serves amazing craft beer from producers in Northern Ireland. They even have their own house IPA brewed by Norn Iron Brewery.

Irish Iced Coffee


This ode to a classic Irish coffee is the perfect cocktail for coffee lovers especially if you are looking for a nice deserve after a delicious meal.

The Irish iced Coffee is a mix of:

  • 30ml Black Bush Bushmills Whiskey
  • 20ml Hazelnut Poitin from Mourne Dew Distillery
  • 35ml Fresh espresso
  • 20ml Sugar syrup

This mixture is shaken with ice and poured into a highball glass. To complete the ice coffee it is served with ice and fresh cream.

This is a great cocktail using the best of Northern Irish spirits. Bushmills Black Bush is an eight year aged whiskey finished in a sherry cask for maximum flavour and makes the perfect kick to your Irish coffee.

Raspberry Gin Fizz


This fruity and light cocktail is ideal for gin lovers looking for a little fizz alongside their meal or as an after dinner treat.

The Raspberry Gin Fizz is a mix of:

  • 50ml Belfast Artisan Gin
  • 35ml Raspberry Puree
  • 35ml Pasteurised Egg White
  • 10ml Sugar Syrup
  • 20ml Fresh Lemon Juice

This mixture is dry shaken first to activate the egg whites to give a fluffy and smooth texture to the cocktail. A dry shake means there is no ice in the shaker. To cool the drink to the perfect temperature it is then shaken with ice. Then it is poured into a highball glass and topped with soda water and garnished with freeze dried strawberries.

You will end up with a refreshing and lightly sweet cocktail to enjoy.


Home Restaurant Belfast are producing some of the best food in the city through their dedication to local. From their name to their philosophy they believe in the best of Belfast and Northern Ireland. You will find there lovely atmosphere, food and wine to suit any occasion, and brilliant produce used to the best of its ability.

During our visit to Home Restaurant Belfast we learned all about how these restaurateurs brought their idea to life. From their first year in a pop up to their tenth year running this amazing and lively restaurant. Their regulars and new customers alike can find something special there and enjoy the best produce served in the most delicious food and drinks.

Check out the full videos for more information on how Home Restaurant Belfast got started and more of their amazing food and drink. Or pop by and say hello at their Wellington Place location, you may even find a new wine or dish you love.

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