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Green Food Ideas that Match the Celebratory Theme of  Saint Patrick’s Day

Every year, on March 17, Ireland turns into a green festive place because it’s Saint Patrick’s Day! Green is everywhere to be found. Green attires, green balloons, green-colored parades, and even green food are found on every street in Ireland on this day. The relation between this color and this celebratory day is so embedded in Irish culture that you will get lost trying to track the roots.

However, some people claim that the color comes from the three-leaf shamrock. It is said that St. Patrick used this little plant to explain the Christian concept of the trinity. Whether this is true or not, this color will always make an appearance on Saint Patrick’s Day every year, and we enjoy it!

On this day, it is a great time to gather your friends and family members and celebrate the rich heritage of Ireland. There are many ways to have fun, whether you decide to go for a contest of the fastest Guinness gulper or march along with the festive parades. Enjoying a nice treat with your loved ones is a little memory to keep remembering through the years. 

One of the fun ways to enjoy your food on this day is to have it in green. And before you jump to any conclusions, no, you don’t really have to stick to dull bowls of green salads. There are many green food ideas to make your celebration even more fun. Check out our interesting list of all the green foods you can enjoy. 

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls 

Cabbage is a major ingredient in Irish cuisine and it makes a storming appearance during the holidays. Folding cabbage into small rolls and stuffing it with delicious ingredients is a great idea for adding green food on your dining table on St. Patrick’s Day. All you need is to cook some cabbage leaf to soften them and prepare them for folding. Then add the needed fillings, like onions, cooked rice, garlic, ground beef, and some seasonings for a flavorful taste. 

Minted Pea Puree

If you are looking for green food to celebrate your day while also enjoying some good taste, pea and mint are there for you. The two green ingredients can be blended together into a soft puree that is even suitable for babies. This dish is simple, delicious, and will save your day. You can easily pair this puree with any dish, whether pasta or salads. Or, you can take a nice dash and spread it over a toast and enjoy a succulent meal.

Herby Baked Falafel Bites

Falafel has a green core but the outer shell is definitely not green. However, this recipe of herby-baked falafel bites turns the falafel into a super green food, fitting into the theme of St. Patrick’s Day. The ingredients added to the falafel bites before it’s cooked are mint leaves, cilantro, dill, parsley, and shelled pistachios; all of which contribute to coloring it green. 

Avocado Pops

Popsicles are a childhood staple that we have all been addicted to at some point. Avocado pops is the adult version of this fun treat, and it is among the green food you can enjoy on this holiday. There are many ways to create this sweet indulgence, look up the available recipes and go for the one most suitable for your routine.

Green Slaw

Coleslaw is a colorfully bright dish that you can enjoy on the side of your main course. The good part is that you can turn this shredded salad into green by substituting some ingredients. Instead of using carrots, go for collard greens and shred them into thin slices along with fresh cabbage. Adding onions and dressing can spice up the flavor of this green food while you still enjoy a healthy dish.

Smoky Guacamole

What is the best way to enjoy your crunchy nachos? Yes, dipping them in some rich Mexican guacamole dip. Despite its Mexican origin, it is one of the green food that you need to enjoy your St. Patrick’s Day. Making smoky guacamole is your ideal go-to to enjoy your snack, make sure you look up the best recipe for a mouthwatering taste.

Basil Pesto

Both basil and pesto are green food that you can use on your day of celebration. Mixing these two ingredients makes the best paste to use over different dishes. You can use your basil pesto by spreading it over your pizza. Pasta is always a perfect choice to pair it with this succulent paste and enjoy a yummy dish. Spreading it over your sandwich can also be an ideal option to enjoy this tasty green paste.

Green Donuts

If you want the dessert added to your dining table to be another green food, consider going for some delicate green donuts. Most of the shops create their products in green on Saint Patrick’s Day; you can purchase a fluffy box of green donuts from your favorite local shop. Many donuts shops create the original glazed donuts, wearing green. However, some also are offered with flavors, including matcha, mint, or green apples.

Green Goddess Soup

This one is an ideal option for those wants to join the green celebratory vibes without throwing off their usual regimen. Green goddess soup is an extremely green food to opt for when you are on a detox journey but still want to have some fun. Despite being suitable for vegans and gluten-free folks, it has a creamy texture that makes you enjoy a hearty meal. This soup is a perfect blend between cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, small potatoes, and a bountiful amount of herbs.

Grasshopper Shake

Celebrating the spirits of Saint Patrick’s Day demands some festive green food as well as drinks. Grasshopper shake is your best pick when it comes to creating a nice green beverage that is not dull. This refreshing milkshake is a sweet blend of creme de menthe, ice cream, and creme de cacao. It also has some nice hints of vanilla adding an extra sweet taste. 

Shamrock Shake

If green food doesn’t intrigue you, there are many shakes that you drink to blend with the vibes of the celebrations. Shamrock Shake is a perfect choice, not only because its green color bodes well with the festivities, but also because it is linked to Saint Patrick. This shake is a mint-based one blended with sweet chocolate chips and sweetened vanilla ice cream. It is a sweet delicacy to treat yourself to on this special holiday.

Avocado Toast

Avocado is a healthy tropical food that has benefits and greatly contributes to improving one’s overall health. Sticking to avocado as your green food option is a great way to stay in the loop but healthy and the same time. At the end, it is better not to carry any holiday weight around than to gain and trying to lose it. 

Pairing avocado with a slice of toast is great to ensure satiety. You can cut the avocados into thin slices and neatly put them on your toast. Another option that you can opt for is mashing your avocado and using it as guacamole instead, easily spreading it into your open sandwich. You can also use the dip in enjoying other treats while still sticking to the green food theme of the day.

St. Patrick’s Day Cookies

Regular cookies are everyone’s guilty pleasure, especially during the holidays. But when it comes to Patrick’s Day, it is time to bode well the main theme and create matching cookies. Turning sugar cookies into some sickly green food is a nice idea to celebrate this national day. However, creating the right shapes is the right way to make this celebration go right. 

Whether you decide to make these cookies yourself or just buy them, opt for ones with the right symbols. A shamrock-shaped cookie screams Patrick’s Day; the color and icon itself present the day so well. But, there are more shapes to consider, including little leprechauns, green beers, and Claddagh rings.

Grasshopper Bars

The Irish version of brownies is delish bars rather known as a grasshopper. These little brownies are inspired by the renowned shake. Just like the grasshopper shake, the grasshopper bars are minty desserts prepared and served on the special holiday of St. Patrick’s Day. 

It consists of mint-based cream cheese frosting paired with mouthful chunks of chocolate chips. Choosing the green frosting to be on the top of the filling of the brownies won’t make much difference. It is still a great green food idea to serve on your table for a lavish dessert.

Pesto Pasta with Green Beans and Potatoes

Pasta is a lot of people’s favorite dish for dinner. Making your pasta green is absolute to enjoy on this special day. Pesto sauce is your best pick to turn your favorite pasta dish into some dreamy creamy green food. To add an even more Irish edge to this Saint-Patrick-Day dish, toss in some chopped potatoes. Adding green beans will contribute to coloring your meal green as well as providing you with some essential nutrients.

The ideas on this list embrace several kinds of food to meet people’s different tastes. Share with us which savory dish or sweet delicacy on this list is your top-notch green food to celebrate Patrick’s Day with.

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