Foods You Should Never Eat

Foods You Should Never Eat

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Updated on April 7, 2024

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What are the types of foods you should never eat? There are plenty of diet plans out there that limit the foods a person is allowed to eat. Every week it seems a new fad is introduced that promises people can lose weight just by eliminating certain foods from their diet. If you’re trying to lose weight, odds are you’ve tried cutting meat, sugar, fat, gluten, and whatever a polyunsaturated fat is. Eliminating huge groups of food, however, can make it difficult to stick to a diet plan in the long-term.  A lot of diets include long lists of foods that you should never eat. That means that even if you lose weight, you’ll quickly discover that you’ll gain it back again as soon as you quit the diet. Instead of trying a fad diet, make a few minor, permanent changes to your diet. While you won’t lose the weight as quickly, it will stay off once you lose it. By cutting each of the foods on this list one at a time, you can adjust to your new lifestyle easily.  These are foods you should never eat to lose weight.

The Top Seven Foods You Should Never Eat?


Foods You Should Never Eat Soda

This is truly one of the worst things you can drink, and it’s also one of the hardest to give up. Soda is really nothing more than a lot of sugar dissolved in carbonated water. There’s also a list of chemicals that give it a “cola” or “orange” flavour. This makes soda incredibly high in calories and virtually devoid of nutrition. To make matters worse, the high levels of sugar in these drinks make them really bad for anyone who needs to watch their sugar intake. Unfortunately, they can be next to impossible to avoid. Soda is available at every restaurant, gas station, and ball game, and it’s often cheaper to buy than bottled water. To break yourself of the habit, start bringing your own water with you everywhere you can. Also, make an effort to make sure that you never buy soda. If it doesn’t come into your house, you’ll be a lot less likely to drink it.

French Fries

Foods You Should Never Eat French Fries

French fries are one of the most dangerous foods to a person who is trying to lose weight because it’s next to impossible to judge their portion size or ingredients. A change in the type of oil used to fry them or even cutting them thicker or thinner can have a huge effect on the number of calories in the identical amounts of french fries. To make matters worse, many restaurants don’t worry about portion size when dishing out fries; they’re a food that most commercial kitchens give extra of because they’re so cheap. In fact, a recent survey showed that many fast-food restaurants gave their customers 30% more fries than the portion size listed on their menu. Fortunately, odds are good that you only have french fries when you’re eating out. Because of this, all you really have to do to eliminate this food is order something else or avoid restaurants where they are served. Instead, order steamed vegetables or rice. Adding a small amount of salt with giving you your sodium fix, and you won’t be consuming a lot of extra calories.

Packaged cookies

Foods You Should Never Eat Packaged cookies

When you bake cookies at home, they tend to go stale after a week no matter how well they’re wrapped. Yet, cookies in the grocery store taste fine years after they’re made. Have you ever wondered why? The truth is that prepackaged cookies and other baked goods are packed full of chemical preservatives, sugar, and fat. Increasing the fat content helps to keep them tasting fresh, and the sugar is needed to cover up the taste of the preservatives. The chemical preservatives aren’t harmful but they can cause some digestive problems. For this reason, prepackaged cookies tend to have a lot more calories than homemade and most bakery-made cookies. While there are plenty of people who would have no problem with avoiding cookies entirely, you don’t have to worry if this is your favourite treat. Just make them at home or buy them freshly made from a bakery. It might cost a little more, but you’ll save yourself a lot of time at the gym working off those extra calories.

Candy bars

Foods You Should Never Eat Candy Bars

Much like prepackaged cookies, candy bars are also full of chemical preservatives. This helps to not only give the candy bar a shelf life of several years but also prevents “wet” ingredients such as caramel and peanut butter from turning the “dry” ingredients such as cookie bars and peanuts from getting soggy. Again, to cover the taste of these preservatives, food manufacturers have to use extra sugar. In fact, many people have noticed that the peanut butter in many popular candy bars tends to have a lot more sugar than the peanut butter that can be bought elsewhere in the grocery store. This makes the peanut butter drier, which helps to preserve the shelf life of the candy. The consequence of this, however, is a treat that is extremely high in calories. If you really love candy bars, learn how to make them yourself. While the process is time-consuming, it will ensure that you only make these treats for very special occasions instead of eating them mindlessly from a vending machine.


Foods You Should Never Eat Bacon

This food has become enormously popular over the past several years, but it really is one of the worst things that a person can eat. This is actually very low quality, cheap meat that is over 45% fat. It’s also one of the saltiest meats available to consumers. In order to cook it, most restaurants add extra oil and fat (typically in the form of butter). The result is processed meat that is full of fat, calories, and sodium. Avoiding this food can be difficult if you’re someone who loves meat, but it’s not impossible. At the very least, avoid bacon that is served by low-end restaurants. This bacon tends to be some of the lowest quality meat on the market, and some of it contains over 70% fat. These restaurants also tend to fry the bacon, adding extra grease. Consider replacing this food in your home with turkey or tofu substitutes. These are lower in fat than pork bacon, and by cooking it yourself you can ensure that no other fat is added to the meat.

White Bread

Foods You Should Never Eat White Bread

The main problem with white bread is the flour used to make it. Bleached, processed flour strips just about everything nutritious from wheat. In order to turn it into bread, it’s necessary to add extra sugar or syrup. That produces a loaf of bread that is high in calories and very low in nutrients. There’s also virtually no fibre, so even though you’re eating a normal portion of bread, you won’t feel full afterwards. Instead of buying and eating white bread, replace it with whole wheat. Fortunately, it’s a lot easier now to find whole wheat bread in your local grocery store than it was a few years ago. Bread made from whole grains provides a lot more nutrition and fibre, improving your health and digestion.

Cream-Based Salad Dressing

Foods You Should Never Eat Cream based Salad Dressing

Caesar, Ranch, Thousand Island, and Creamy Italian dressings are among the most popular dressings in this category, but their high-calorie content can turn even the healthiest salad into a dieter’s nightmare. While there are hundreds of low-fat versions available, these tend to replace fat with sugar, essentially lowering the fat content while increasing the calorie content. Instead, find an oil-based dressing to use instead. Also, pour the dressing into a cup on the side, then dip your fork into the dressing before taking a bite. This will still let you taste the dressing, but you won’t pour hundreds of calories of it over your salad.

In addition to cutting these foods, make an effort to exercise at least ten minutes a day. As you eliminate each food, increase this time by five minutes. Even walking instead of sitting will help you to burn calories and build muscle. Exercise can also help to improve your overall health by increasing circulation and increasing your metabolism.

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