Dutch Bros Dairy-Free Drinks: A Comprehensive Menu Guide

Dutch Bros Dairy-Free Drinks: Recommendations and Tips

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Updated on June 4, 2024

Dutch Bros Coffee, known for its vibrant coffee culture and extensive drink menu, has become a favourite for many coffee lovers. In recent years, the rise of dairy-free lifestyles—whether due to lactose intolerance, allergies, or vegan preferences—has led Dutch Bros to expand its menu with a variety of dairy-free options.

Join us in this guide as we explore everything you need to know about enjoying Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks, including the available milk alternatives, customisation tips, and more. Jump right in and discover how to create your perfect Dutch Bros dairy-free drink, explore exciting flavour combinations, and navigate the menu with confidence.

Dairy-Free Milk Options at Dutch Bros

Dutch Bros Dairy-Free Drinks: A Comprehensive Menu Guide

Dutch Bros offers a selection of plant-based milk alternatives that are just as delicious and versatile as their dairy counterparts. Understanding the unique characteristics of each option can help you craft your perfect Dutch Bros dairy-free drink. Here’s a closer look at the dairy-free milk choices available at Dutch Bros.

1. Almond Milk: The Classic Choice

Almond milk is a popular dairy-free alternative known for its light and slightly nutty taste. It’s a fantastic option for those who prefer a subtle sweetness and milk that won’t overpower the coffee or tea flavours. Additionally, almond milk is naturally low in calories and fat, making it a great choice for health-conscious individuals.

However, it’s important to note that almond milk can be a bit watery compared to dairy milk. Additionally, some brands may have added sugars, so be sure to check the label if you’re watching your sugar intake. Dutch Bros offers both unsweetened and vanilla-sweetened almond milk, allowing you to customise the sweetness level of your drink.

2. Oat Milk: The Creamy Contender

Oat milk has taken the dairy-free world by storm, and for good reason! Its creamy texture rivals dairy milk, making it a perfect choice for those who crave a rich and smooth latte or cappuccino. Oat milk also boasts a subtle sweetness that beautifully complements coffee and tea flavours. However, oat milk tends to be higher in calories and carbohydrates than other dairy-free options.

3. Coconut Milk: The Tropical Twist

For a unique and flavourful experience, coconut milk is a fantastic dairy-free option! With its naturally sweet and slightly tropical taste, coconut milk adds a delightful twist to iced coffees, teas, and blended drinks. It’s also a good source of healthy fats and can be a great choice for those looking for a more filling Dutch Bros dairy-free drink.

Keep in mind that coconut milk has a distinct flavour that may not be for everyone. Additionally, it’s the highest in calories and fat compared to the other dairy-free milk options at Dutch Bros. If you’re unsure about the strong coconut flavour, you can always ask for a half-and-half mix with another dairy-free milk, like oat milk, to create a more subtle coconut experience.

Dutch Bros Dairy-Free Drinks

With a variety of milk alternatives and an extensive menu, there’s a perfect Dutch Bros dairy-free drink for everyone, whether coffee lovers, tea enthusiasts, or those who prefer caffeine-free options. Let’s explore caffeinated and caffeine-free beverages to learn how you can build your perfect Dutch Bros dairy-free drink.

Caffeinated Drinks

There’s a variety of Dutch Bros dairy-free drink options that contain caffeine, including coffee, tea, and energy drinks. Here are some options to consider.

  1. Americano: Dutch Bros Americano is a simple yet bold coffee drink made by diluting a shot of espresso with hot water. It’s naturally dairy-free and perfect for those who enjoy a robust coffee flavour without any added milk or cream. It’s available hot and iced.
  2. Oat Milk Latte: The oat milk latte is a popular choice for its rich and creamy texture that closely mimics whole milk. The combination of espresso and oat milk creates a velvety, smooth latte that is both satisfying and allergy-friendly. It’s available hot and iced.
  3. Dutch Bros Cold Brew: The cold brew at Dutch Bros can be customised with any of the dairy-free milk options. Whether you choose almond, coconut, or oat milk, the cold brew remains refreshing and robust, with the added creaminess and flavour of your chosen milk.
  4. Nitro Cold Brew: Dutch Bros Nitro Cold Brew is a smooth, cold coffee drink infused with nitrogen to create a creamy, foamy texture. It’s naturally dairy-free and perfect for a refreshing and energising coffee experience.
  5. Rebel Energy Drinks: Dutch Bros offers a range of energy drinks in various flavours (fruity or tropical), all of which are dairy-free. They can be customised to your liking and can be made sugar-free. You can enjoy them iced or blended.
  6. Iced Tea: Enjoy the refreshing taste of iced tea, available in a variety of flavours like peach, strawberry, and passion fruit. These Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks are perfect refreshments for hot days.

Caffeine-Free Drinks

There’s a variety of Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks that are caffeine-free for those who prefer to avoid caffeine.

  1. Smoothies: Dutch Bros smoothies are perfect for a healthy treat. They’re made with real fruit and are available in different flavours, such as strawberry, mango, and peach. Order them without whipped cream for a refreshing dairy-free drink.
  2. Lemonade: Lemonades are one of the best Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks! They’re available in various flavours, such as passion fruit, green tea, and strawberry. You can enjoy them iced or blended.
  3. Shakes: Dutch Bros offers a variety of shakes that can be made dairy-free by choosing almond, coconut, or oat milk and not topping them with whipped cream. Enjoy classic flavours like chocolate or vanilla, or explore more adventurous options like cake batter or bubblegum.
  4. Sparkling Soda: For a fizzy, refreshing drink, try Dutch Bros sparkling sodas. These are naturally dairy-free and come in a variety of flavours, such as Watermelon Fizz, Tropical, and Palm Beach. Make sure you order them without whipped cream on top.

Products That Are NOT Dairy-Free at Dutch Bros

While Dutch Bros offers a wide range of dairy-free options, it’s important to be aware of the products that contain dairy to make informed choices. Knowing which ingredients are not dairy-free will help you navigate the menu more effectively and avoid any unwanted dairy in your drink.

Non-Dairy-Free Ingredients

Here’s a list of ingredients commonly found in Dutch Bros drinks that are not dairy-free:

  • 2% Milk
  • Caramel Sauce
  • Dutch Chocolate Blend Milk
  • Freeze Mix (Whole Milk)
  • Ice Cream Mix
  • Half and Half
  • Nonfat Milk
  • Pumpkin Pie Sauce (Seasonal)
  • Soft Top
  • Sugar-Free Caramel Sauce
  • Sugar-Free White Chocolate Sauce
  • White Chocolate Sauce
  • Whipped Cream

Dutch Bros Drinks That Are Not Dairy-Free

Here’s a list of some popular Dutch Bros drinks that are not dairy-free and how you can tailor them to be dairy-free:

  1. Caramelizer
    • Contains: Caramel sauce, chocolate milk, and whipped cream.
    • Alternative: Request caramel-flavoured syrup, substitute chocolate milk with almond, coconut, or oat milk, and order without whipped cream.
  2. Cocomo
    • Contains: Chocolate milk and whipped cream.
    • Alternative: Substitute chocolate milk with coconut milk and order without whipped cream.
  3. Kicker
    • Contains: Half-and-half.
    • Alternative: Substitute half-and-half with a non-dairy milk option like oat milk. Be sure not to add whipped cream.
  4. Annihilator
    • Contains: Half-and-half.
    • Alternative: Use non-dairy milk like almond milk, and be sure not to add whipped cream.
  5. White Chocolate Mocha
    • Contains: White chocolate sauce, milk.
    • Alternative: Use another syrup of a different flavour and non-dairy milk.
  6. Double Torture
    • Contains: Chocolate milk and whipped cream.
    • Alternative: Substitute chocolate milk with almond, coconut, or oat milk and skip the whipped cream.

Pro Tips & Customisation Hacks

There are endless possibilities for creating and customising your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink. Here are some tips and hacks to help you enhance your experience and enjoy a wide variety of delicious Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks tailored to your tastes and preferences.

  1. Don’t hesitate to ask the baristas for recommendations. They are knowledgeable about the menu and can suggest dairy-free modifications for most drinks. Whether you’re looking for a dairy-free version of a popular drink or something completely new, the baristas can help you craft the perfect beverage.
  2. Experiment with different flavour combinations. For instance, almond milk pairs well with nutty and chocolate flavours, while coconut milk complements tropical and fruity notes. Oat milk, with its creamy texture, is versatile and works well with almost any flavour.
  3. While not officially advertised, you can often request “secret menu” drinks that are inherently dairy-free. For example, ask for an oat milk “Blended Coconut Latte” for a creamy and tropical treat.
  4. Dutch Bros offers a variety of sugar-free syrups, allowing you to control the sweetness level of your drink. Request the “sugar pump” for a subtle hint of sweetness.
  5. Keep an eye out for seasonal specials and limited-time offers. Many of these drinks can be made dairy-free by substituting the milk. Seasonal flavours like pumpkin spice or peppermint can add a festive touch to your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink.
  6. Download the Dutch Bros app to stay updated on new products, promotions, and rewards. The app allows you to customise your drink order ahead of time and pick it up at your convenience.

Addressing Common Concerns

When choosing a Dutch Bros dairy-free drink, you might have some common concerns regarding safety, taste, and overall experience. Here, we address some of the most frequently asked questions to ensure you have a seamless and enjoyable experience and help you make informed decisions when choosing your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink.

Safety for Those with Severe Allergies

While Dutch Bros offers dedicated dairy-free milk options, there’s always a chance of cross-contamination with dairy products used elsewhere in the store. So, it’s essential to communicate your allergy clearly to the barista when ordering your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink to ensure your safety. Let them know about the severity of your allergy so they can take extra precautions.

Taste Differences

One common concern is how non-dairy milk alternatives might alter the taste of your favourite Dutch Bros dairy-free drinks. Each type of non-dairy milk—almond, coconut, and oat—has its unique flavour profile.

Almond milk offers a nutty taste, coconut milk adds a tropical note, and oat milk provides a creamy, neutral flavour. As for the texture, coconut milk tends to be creamier, while almond milk is lighter. Oat milk is often praised for its texture, which is similar to cow’s milk, making it a popular choice for lattes and other creamy beverages.

These subtle differences can enhance the overall taste of your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink. If you find the taste of your Dutch Bros dairy-free drink isn’t quite right, consider customising it with additional flavours or adjusting the sweetness level.

Nutritional Considerations

Non-dairy milk alternatives vary in their caloric content. Almond milk is typically lower in calories compared to coconut and oat milk. When choosing a Dutch Bros dairy-free drink, consider your dietary goals and preferences. You can check the Dutch Bros nutritional guide for detailed information.

Final Notes & Further Inspiration

With Dutch Bros’s good selection of dairy-free milk options and endless customisation possibilities, you can create a flavour explosion in every cup without sacrificing the creamy texture or delicious taste you crave. Enjoy your next Dutch Bros visit, armed with all the knowledge you need to savour the best dairy-free drinks they have to offer.

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