13 Mouthwatering Dunkin’ Items to Complement Your Dairy-Free Lifestyle

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Updated on January 12, 2024

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Being healthy is becoming a greater concern by the day. Younger generations have a higher consciousness of health and well-being, leading the way in making self-care a priority and stirring the direction that way. This significant shift hasn’t gone unnoticed; top food and beverage brands are adapting to the current needs of their customers, coping with the newest trends and offering different items that suit everyone’s lifestyle, and Dunkin’ is no exception.

Many may think Dunkin’ is only synonymous with high-calorie doughnuts and several calorie-packed drinks. However, Dunkin’ happens to be among the brands that cater to people’s needs and pay great attention to their customers. They also upped their game and added new items to their menus. Thankfully, Dunkin’ has always been supporting people with different lifestyles. 

It offers a long list of dairy-free items you can choose from without worrying, easing your daily process of planning meals. Dunkin’s has also saved you the trouble of finding coffee shops serving various dairy-free items. Following a dairy-free lifestyle has been a new trend that many people have been doing for decades now. Whether it’s for a medical reason, a specified target, or a chosen lifestyle, there are tremendous benefits you can reap from cutting back on dairy products. 

The most apparent method of following a dairy-free diet is to cut off all milk products, including butter, yoghurt, cream, eggs, and cheese. However, some hidden and less obvious products contain little milk, including whey, buttermilk, and casein. Thus, there’s much to watch out for to maintain your wanted lifestyle and meet your dietary needs.

Here’s Dunkin’s list of non-dairy items that you can enjoy every day without having to worry and save the hassle of scouring more than a few menus to get what you want:

1. Black Coffee (Hot or Iced)

Black coffee is the safest choice for people with dairy-free lifestyles, and you can definitely find this standard option at Dunkin’. Not only is it a safe choice, but it’s also a flavourful one with a rich taste that can elevate your senses.

This cup of coffee doesn’t require milk, cream, or even a sweetener; thus, it supports vegan lifestyles. It’s an excellent caffeine fix that’s entirely plant-based and won’t mess with your chosen lifestyle. You can even order it hot or iced, depending on how you prefer to take your coffee. 

2. Espresso

Espresso is another easy and simple non-dairy option to ask for at Dunkin’. It’s just water and espresso shots with no addition of cream, flavours, or milk. This coffee, as small as it may seem, is quite intense and aromatic, offering incredible energy in the morning.

Although it’s almost the same ingredients as black coffee, espresso is deemed more intense in taste and has a thicker texture. The thicker consistency is due to the lower ratio of water used besides the different pressurised brewing methods.

3. Ask for Milk Substitutes with Your Favourite Drink

The appearance of milk substitutes has been exciting news for those who follow a dairy-free lifestyle. Gladly, Dunkin’ offers more than a few milk substitutes to help you enjoy their signature drinks without milk, allowing you to enjoy a plant-based coffee with the same bold flavour and intense sense.

You can often order your favourite drink and ask for coconut, oat, or almond milk instead of the regular one. Plant-based milk is vegan-friendly and offers unique flavours that you may find even tastier. You no longer have to compromise the taste and endure a tasteless cup of coffee just to stay on track.

4. Flavour Shots

Every coffee shop has its own set of signature drinks that make them stand out in the crowd. In Dunkin’, Flavour Shots are the special drinks you don’t want to miss. These drinks offer a variety of appetising flavours with no dairy included. 

These flavours include classics like vanilla and caramel, but seasonal flavours include peppermint, butter pecan, pumpkin and mocha. All of these flavours are sugar-free as well. Moreover, don’t confuse them with Dunkin’ flavour swirls, which aren’t non-dairy options.

5. Hash Browns

If you’re looking for a nice treat to enjoy alongside your coffee drink, hash browns are quite a delicacy. These little golden delights have earned themselves a reputation, setting Dunkin’ on top of the list. Dunkin’ has been making some of the best hash browns in town, competing with huge brands associated with those little golden treats. 

Moreover, the hash brown in Dunkin’ is vegan, making it appropriate for a larger group of people to enjoy them. You can guiltlessly indulge in the little crispy snacks where you can devour every bite with great pleasure.

6. English Muffin

Hash browns are not the only breakfast that Dunkin’ offers. In fact, it provides far more options that will kerb your hunger, satisfy your sweet tooth, and still fit into your vegan diet. Dunkin’s English muffin is an irresistibly heavenly delicacy that melts in your mouth the very second it meets your taste buds.

Even better, it’s one of the vegan items you can enjoy at Dunkin’ without worrying about including eggs. Make sure you grab an English muffin the next time you’re at Dunkin’ and ready to enjoy a sweet delicacy.

7. Nitro Cold Brew

There’s the famous cold brew many people resort to for an aromatic cup of coffee, and then there’s Dunkin’s Nitro Cold Brew. It’s another signature drink from Dunkin’ that will leave you with a FOMO, hence its peculiarity. 

The Nitro Cold Brew offers a cup of iced coffee made by adding nitrogen gas into the brewed coffee. Besides its surreality, it’s among the vegan items made with black coffee and 100% Arabica beans, with no dairy included. Sadly, it is limited to specific regions and is not a worldwide beverage. We hope this unmissable drink has managed to find its way to your home country. 

8. Dunkin’ Refreshers

When summer is around the corner, we long for chilling cups with bursting flavours to keep us hydrated and refreshed. It’s another time when Dunkin’ pitched in to save the day, presenting its set of Dunkin’ Refreshers, which are fruit-based beverages without a pint of milk.  

If you don’t want to alert your brain by drinking caffeine, you can resort to an alternative; these Dunkin’ refreshers are the best option. They also work perfectly for our vegan buddies, where the main ingredients are green tea, fruit concentrates, and green tea extract. 

9. Avocado Toast

21165812 avocado toast snack

Whether you’re feeling peckish or just in the mood for a delectable light meal, look no further than Dunkin’s menu, which offers a wide array of healthy snacks and meals. The Avocado toast is one of the best items on the menu that you can have guiltlessly and with no worries. They’re usually served with roast tomatoes and also offer you the option of having Hummus toast, which makes this toast a perfect vegan choice.

10. Breakfast Sandwiches (Without Cheese)

One of the best things about Dunkin’ is its ability to predict the needs of its loyal customers. Expecting you to have a growling stomach in the morning, Dunkin’ offers diverse breakfast sandwiches that cater to different tastes.

All the breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin’ are suitable for vegans and dairy-free followers. You may only need to request to remove the cheese and enjoy the other ingredients. Moreover, you can enjoy the bagel options with a wide variety. Most sandwiches are fulfilling and will drive you to satiety in no time.

11. Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers

The Dunkin’ Refreshers’ lineup yields considerable success, paving the way for a new product to emerge into the light, the Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers. These chillingly delicious drinks offer a wider array of flavours, introducing a tropical taste blended well with other ingredients. 

Dunkin’ Coconut Refreshers are a combination of coconut milk with B vitamins and fruit concentrate. They come in different bright colours and flavourful tastes that will definitely brighten up your day.

12. Cold Brew

Cold Brew drinks have no milk; however, those who prefer milk with their coffee can resort to milk substitutes. Moreover, Cold Brews at Dunkin’s offer a creamy texture often made by The Charli cold foam. 

Although it looks pretty flavourful, there’s no way you can have cold foam without dairy. Thus, you can simply ask to lose the foam and enjoy your cold brew with sugar-free flavours like vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut.

13. Americano (Hot or Iced)

30701964 ice of americano in glass bottle isolated on white background

Americano coffee can be served either hot or iced. It’s a great non-dairy option since it only takes hot water combined with two espresso shots, including 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified from Dunkin’. This drink is quite favoured by coffee addicts all over the world, and it serves all sorts of lifestyles. 

Ditching dairy can be a tough pill to swallow, whether it’s due to a medical condition or a lifestyle choice. But fret not, fellow foodies! Dunkin’ has got your back with a tempting selection of delectable delights that cater to all dietary needs. Go ahead, take a bite out of life!

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