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22 Signature Caribbean Cocktail Recipes That Are too Good to Miss

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Updated on February 4, 2024

What could be more refreshing to the body and the soul than a chilling drink you restfully enjoy on a serene beach? Just picturing it calms the noise in your mind and makes you vicariously feel the gentle wind against your face. And what could possibly beat the euphoric feel of the Caribbean beaches and iconic cocktails?

When you hear the words “Caribbean cocktail”, images of tropical fruits with sweet note pops into your mind. Whether you are planning to travel or not, we will introduce you to the best Caribbean cocktail recipes to try either during your trip or at home. The recipes are pretty simple and easy to make; you can prepare them in a snap. 

1. Piña Colada—Puerto Rico

Caribbean cocktail

This Puerto Rican drink has taken the world by storm, making it to almost every part of this planet. Yet, its chilling nature makes it perfect for a relaxing Caribbean vacation. Piña colada is a rich tropical Caribbean cocktail that embraces coconut cream, coconut milk, pineapple juice, and, of course, the rum to turn it into the booze drink it is. Pieces of pineapple or maraschino cherry are added for an additional fruity flavour.

2. Mojito—Cuba

Caribbean cocktail

Mojito is everywhere to be found on the Caribbean islands; however, not every mojito is actually an original one. Almost all mojito cocktails are created the same way; however, the original recipe should include a Cuban rum, tracing the drink back to its roots. Havana Club Rum is the most famous rum brand used to create this delectable Caribbean cocktail. Fresh mint is an essential ingredient that spruces up the drink’s flavour. Cane sugar, lime juice, and club soda are ingredients blended together and served on the rocks.

3. Mamajuana—Dominican Republic

Caribbean cocktail

Mamajuana is believed to be among the very first distilled spirits in the two Americas, if not the very first ever. It originated in the Dominican Republic and has been around for five centuries. The locals used to mix this Caribbean cocktail with herbal tea. Nowadays, the Mamajuana cocktail comes to life by infusing red wine, rum, and some herbs, along with honey, creating that deep red colour that complements the tranquillising Caribbean ambience.

4. Antiguan Smile—Antigua

Straight from Abracadabras, this Caribbean cocktail makes it to the top of the best tropical drinks to try. Its name is precise since it draws a smile on your face with every sip. Antiguan Smile infuses a mixture of banana, black pineapples, and a dash of lemon juice, all mixed with Cavalier Rum and garnished with an orange wedge for an extra citric flavour.

5. Charro Negro—Mexico

Charro Negro means Black Cowboy. There is this superstitious story that accompanies this drink, claiming that a technically dead cowboy returns to seek revenge, dressing in black and riding a black horse, hence the name. This drink comes straight from the Mexican islands, so you can easily guess what it is based on. Right! Tequila it is. The Caribbean cocktail blends tequila with lemon, lime juice, and cola for a dash of spiciness.

6. Blue Curaçao—Curaçao

Caribbean cocktail

This Caribbean cocktail is not to miss. It is made from the peels of Laraha citrus fruit, a bitter version of oranges. Blue Curaçao is basically a mix of the liquor of this dried fruit with artificial blue colouring. It is also found in the orange-dyed version, along with other forms. However, the blue version remains the boldest of them all.

7. Aruba Ariba—Aruba

Aruba is a Caribbean island that people commonly refer to it as a sunny island. It offers fascinating beaches and resorts to enjoy your vacation on it. Besides, it has its very own signature Caribbean cocktail, the Aruba Ariba. This one is pretty popular in different spots along the Caribbean Sea, yet Aruba is its homeland. The drink mixes local rum, vodka, Creme de Banana, and Grand Marnier. Cherry and orange are added as a garnish to accentuate the flavour.

8. Hurricane—The United States

Caribbean cocktail

This Caribbean cocktail with a hint of sweetness can take you on a pleasant journey without actually going anywhere. Whether you are really on a Caribbean island or on your couch at home, you will need a couple of passionate sips of the hurricane. This cocktail was birthed on the Caribbean islands in the United States. It is made with rum, lemon juice, and fassionola. Fassionola is actually a fruit syrup with a red colour that made up most of the tropical drinks in the 30s.

9. Bahama Mama—Bahamas

Caribbean cocktail

Is it possible that the Boney M. sang for a Caribbean cocktail? Well, maybe the Bahama Mama is more than what meets the eye. It looks delectable and is one of the most significant tropical drinks you could ever try. You can make a Bahama Mama in a snap by combining orange and pineapple juices, grenadine, and rum with a coconut flavour for an extra tropical tang.

10. Cayman Mudslide—Grand Cayman Island

The mudslide drink is the signature drink of Grand Cayman Island. It has been around since the 50s and is now a famous Caribbean cocktail. This traditional drink is a mixture of vodka, Bailey’s Irish cream, and Kahlua, a coffee liqueur. Since the “mud” element makes up the whole aspect of the drink, it is essential to add a generous dash of chocolate drizzle, making it quite thick to serve the purpose of the drink. Cherry and cinnamon garnish the drink and add a sweet note.

11. Panti Rippa—Belize

Panti Rippa is a Belizean cocktail that features a nice mixture of tropical fruits, making a perfect Caribbean cocktail. This sweet alcoholic drink combines coconut-flavoured rum with pineapple juice. You cannot help but feel the authentic Caribbean vibes while enjoying the chilling sips of this perfectly blended cocktail.

12. Ti’ Punch—French West Indies

Caribbean countries are known for being predominantly Spanish-speaking islands in the world. However, there is this part of them that speak French as their first language. This includes the French West Indies, Martinique, Haiti, French Guiana, Guadelope, and Réunion. These countries have the Ti’ Punch as their national Caribbean cocktail. The drink is rather sweet, made from sugar cane syrup, lime, and Rhum Agricole.

13. Daiquiri—Cuba

Cuba may be famous for its dancing talents, yet that is not the only thing it is famous for. It also happens to be the original home to the renowned Caribbean cocktail, the Daiquiri. Daiquiri is a sweet-flavoured cocktail based on citrus juice, sugar, and rum. Any other sweetener can be used to give this drink its inducing taste.

14. Planter’s Punch—Jamaica

Planter’s Punch should be your next sip if you are looking for a sweet Caribbean cocktail with a bold appearance. It is the national drink of Jamaica and can only be prepared using Jamaican rum. Any other variation can create a whole different drink further from the original one. The ingredients of this cocktail are Jamaican rum, lime juice, and sugar cane syrup. Fill it with ice and enjoy the flavourful beverage.

15. Green Bonaire—Bonaire

Bonaire is a Dutch island on the Caribbean Sea, best known for its exceptional shores and top diving destinations. It houses a great variety of marine life that will amaze you vehemently. One way to mind-travel there is through its national Caribbean cocktail, Green Bonaire, commonly known as the Cadushy Special. It is made of green apple mixed with blue Curacao to accentuate the drink’s colour, making it boldly green. A dash of lime juice is added for a citric note, along with a handful of ice cubes for a chilling experience.

16. Dark ‘N’ Stormy—Bermuda

If you are familiar with the Moscow mule, then you probably have an idea of what the dark ‘n’ stormy cocktail is about. They both share most of the ingredients, including lime juice, simple syrup, ginger beer, and the wedge of lime that is added for garnishing. The only difference is that Moscow mule has vodka, while the dark ‘n’ stormy uses dark rum instead. It has a tropical-like appearance and is served on the rocks, making a flavourful Caribbean cocktail.

17. Painkiller—The British Virgin Islands

You may mistake it for a piña colada at first, but the painkiller is much bitter despite mainly using the same ingredients. The painkiller is a typical Caribbean cocktail consisting of coconut cream, pineapple juice, and dark rum. Slices of fruits like orange or pineapple are added to accentuate the sour taste. Ground nutmeg is another ingredient that gives the drink its rich flavour. 

18. Aguardiente—Colombia

Aguardiente is a South American liquor made of sugar cane. Sipping aguardiente means giving a toast to Colombia as well as the Hispanic community. It is the national Colombian drink that tops Caribbean cocktail recipes. Making an aguardiente cocktail, also known as Aguardiente Sour, requires beating egg whites lightly and adding them to the renowned liquor along with a simple syrup, lemon juice, and a generous amount of ice.

19. Zombie—United States

Zombie is a vehemently potent Caribbean cocktail that contains an insane amount of rum. However, given the sugary ingredients that make it up, it has a delightful flavour. It is a sweet infusion between passion fruit syrup, pineapple juice, simple syrup, lime juice, lemon juice, aromatic bitters, and dark rum. Fresh mint is added to garnish the drink and serve it in a way that makes it look delectable.

20. Guaro Sour—Costa Rica

This green drink is prevalent in most Latin countries and is traditional in Costa Rica. It is among the famous beverages that use the guaro, a sugar cane liquor, and is served in different restaurants across the country. Guaro sour is a blend of fresh lime, sugar, sprig mint, and a generous splash of club soda. Give it a try and enjoy this Costa Rican delight in the comfort of your own place.

21. Cuba Libre—Cuba

Cuba libre means “free Cuba.” It is said that this Caribbean cocktail came to life during the Spanish-American War when the soldiers were stationed in the Cuban capital of Havana. Many people confuse it with rum and coke, given its exact appearance. And while they bear a remarkable resemblance to one another, Cuba libre contains lime juice, which is not found in the rum and coke. It consists of aged rum along with a sweet mixture of coconut, caramel, vanilla, citrus, and almond. You will realise the complex flavour from the very first sip.

22. Goombay Smash—Bahamas

Goombay Smash is another Bahaman drink that competes with the Bahama Mama to win the title of the best Caribbean cocktail. It is one of the best tropical drinks you could ever have, given that it has different types of rum infused together in one glass. The goombay smash consists of light, dark, gold, and Malibu rums, so you can imagine the rich taste. They are all blended with pineapple, orange juice, and some pineapple wedges for an extra tropical flavour. 

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