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7 Delicious Irish Easter Dishes to Try Out

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Updated on January 12, 2024

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Easter Day is just one more holiday to take the excuse of gathering with friends and families. After all, life has drifted lots of people in different directions with the fast pace and the hectic schedules of every day. This day holds a special place in Irish culture, just like many other countries. People celebrate by gathering, having fun, and serving the most succulent Irish Easter dishes. 

Easter Day always marks the beginning of Spring. This day always takes place on a Sunday given its Christian background. There is no specific date but it always has to be a Sunday. On this religious day, Christians gather to remember the resurrection of Jesus Christ and celebrate it. In fact, Easter is the second major holiday in Ireland, right after Christmas.

Some people like to spend the day at the church and then meet with their close friends and family member after the church service. Well, like any other celebration in the world, food plays a great role, and that is what happens right after the church service. People meet to enjoy the delicacies that are associated with this day. 

In this article, we are taking you on a quick trip on what people in Ireland enjoy eating on this very special day. Tables always hold more than a few delicious plates filled with palatable meals. So, here is an interesting list of the most popular Irish Easter dishes that are enjoyed on this day.

1. Irish Lamb Stew

Lamb is an essential part of the most popular Irish Easter dishes. It is a sacrificial lamb that the Christians use to get closer to God on Easter. Some often refer to Jesus as the Lamb of God. And, since Easter is a Christian celebration, filling the dishes with Jesus-related food is quite relevant. 

The dish consists of roasted lamb. It is seasoned with herbs and other spices to spruce up the flavour. Christians cook this dish in the hope that a good angel is going to pass over the house, guard the family, and bless them with health and fortune. 

2. Roast Smoked Salmon

Celebrating Easter in a style that culture goes with can be entertaining, especially when it comes to food. The Irish style is fascinating when it comes to offering their magnificent Irish Easter dish, There is also lots of fatty meat, but beef is not allowed on this special day. So, salmon makes a nice appearance. 

Roast smoked salmon is one of the great dishes that is offered on Easter day. It comes in so many shapes and ideas, either appetisers, a main dish, or some mini treats at a party or family gathering. Some recipes may include the amazing Irish boxty recipe, along with scrambled eggs and some chopped-up avocado.

3. Chocolate Eggs

Eating boiled eggs on Easter day is a common tradition in so many countries. Some people also take the time to colour the shells of the eggs into beautiful and bright shapes. Markets are filled with egg-shaped candies, especially chocolates. 

Having some chocolate eggs and spreading them among the little ones in the family is a common tradition in Ireland. A very joyful one as well. We all hope this custom never has to go away. After all, who doesn’t like an excuse to indulge in some sweet delicacies?

4. Simnel Cake

If you want to dig deeper into the culture of Ireland and their Easter traditions, you need to try out the appetising simnel cake. This cake is one of the famous Irish Easter dishes that has been around for many years. It also goes back to medieval times and its popularity goes beyond Ireland to include the United Kingdom. 

This cake is a fruity one that comes in several layers, with the base being a layer of almond paste and another one of marzipan. The topping is precisely eleven balls made of the same ingredients as the cake, and yes, they are always eleven. This number represents the eleven apostles of Christ, which makes it another Jesus-related food on the list. Simnel cake is also associated with Mother’s Day in many parts of Ireland.

5. Hot Cross Buns

Who wouldn’t love the smell of freshly baked goods, especially when they are soft buns that are quite hot and delicious? It is a great way to start your morning on a national holiday. The best part is that hot cross buns are deemed a classic in the traditional list of Irish Easter Dishes. Yes, the cross is an important part, given that it is a religious celebration and it is made with icing.

Those buns are seasoned with a sweet spice that gives them an edge. They always taste fruity since it is always made of different kinds of fruits, satisfying myriad tastes. The buns are also filled with raisins or currant as the classic fillings. Yet, you are free to stuff it with any ingredient that suits your taste. 

6. Fish

Fish has been deemed a holy food to most Christians and it is no different in Ireland. There have always been biblical stories that relate fish to the life of Jesus. In fact, fish makes up a lot of the Easter dishes around different places in the world. One of the most common Irish Easter dishes is the herring. It goes way back to ancient times and still persists. 

7. Irish Potato Roast

If the Irish’s love for potatoes isn’t that obvious, we don’t know what is. Potatoes make up many of the traditional Irish dishes. After all, who can blame them? It is a wonderful veggie that can be baked, fried, boiled, and basically cooked in so many different ways. At Easter, potatoes make a special appearance, coming with their crispy edges thanks to the perfect roast.

Potato roast is an Easter classic. All it takes is peeling the potatoes before roasting them to perfection. Olive oil, herbs, spices, and salt are added to flavour up this deliciously crispy dish. Whether it is Easter at your place or not, you should try out this perfection that is the little roasties.

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