10 Best Dairy-free Protein Shakes

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Updated on April 16, 2024

Let’s say you just finished a bottle of protein shake after your workout, and your stomach begins to rumble, and you begin to feel ill. We’re sorry to burst your bubble, but an upset stomach could be caused by dairy sensitivity, making you lactose intolerant. So, a dairy-free protein shake is your best option. 

Dairy can cause abdominal discomfort due to the presence of lactose, a sugar found in milk; some protein shakes can also cause stomach discomfort. 

However, if you are dairy-free or vegan, this does not mean your days of drinking protein shakes are over. The good news is that there are dairy-free protein shakes available, and whether you drink them post-workout or for weight loss purposes, your stomach will thank you because you won’t feel sick.

So, before we get into the top 10 dairy-free protein shakes, let’s go over some frequently asked questions.

What Is the Difference Between Plant Protein and Whey Protein?

  • To put it simply, whey protein is one of the two major proteins found in cow’s milk, the other being casein. On the other hand, plant proteins are derived from a wide range of plant sources. Soy, pea, and hemp protein powders are the most commonly used plant protein powders. This makes plant-based powder suitable for people who do not consume anything containing animal products, such as vegans and vegetarians, as well as those who have dairy allergies.
  • Whey is a naturally complete protein, but plant-based proteins combine proteins from various plant sources to make it complete, depending on the mix of vegetable-based proteins. In addition, the amino acid profile of each plant-based supplement may vary slightly depending on the blend used, whereas whey will be pretty consistent.
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What Are the Similarities Between Whey and Plant-based Proteins?

  • According to research, both whey and plant-based protein powders contain protein, which can help you supply and repair muscle after a workout.
  • Both types of powder are simple to mix into a shake for a quick snack.
  • Both whey and plant protein powders come in a variety of flavours.

Which Is Better, a Plant-based Protein Shake or a Whey Protein Shake?

One thing to remember is that muscle growth is the result of muscle training, and protein powders are simply a tool for quickly replenishing losses.

This brings us to the great debate between whey and plant-based proteins. Unfortunately, there is no strong evidence. However, one study found that both whey and pea protein produce similar results for important indicators such as body composition, muscle thickness, force production, performance, and strength after an 8-week high-intensity functional training protocol; so it comes down to your personal preference.

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5 Interesting Benefits of Dairy-Free Protein Shakes

So, if you’re thinking that because it’s dairy-free, it won’t have the same benefits as regular shakes, think again. Dairy-free protein shakes have plenty of benefits, and here are five that may persuade you. 

  1. If you are vegan or looking for other sources of animal protein, incorporating plant-based proteins into your diet is very convenient because you will get the same source from dairy-free protein shakes.
  1. You might be wondering why dairy-free protein shakes are better for your body. Let us explain further: the majority of dairy-free protein shakes are derived from sources such as nuts or seeds, which are naturally lower in saturated fat than cow’s milk protein. This means they contain less fat and cholesterol, which can lower the cardiovascular disease risk. 
  1. It’s important to understand that any dairy-free protein shake is plant-based. Any plant-based protein is high in fibre, which means it can help with digestion, regulate blood sugar levels, promote a feeling of fullness, and help in weight loss. In other words, it’s a drink full of benefits that will make your tummy very happy.
  1. Regular shakes contain whey or casein proteins, which are much more difficult to digest; however, dairy-free options are frequently easier to digest and lighter on the stomach. 
  1. Some dairy-free shakes are enriched with extra vitamins and minerals like vitamin B12 and iron.

10 Delicious Dairy-Free Protein Shakes

You will be surprised at the number of options there are for a lactose-free protein shake and how some brands have so many flavours that you will be confused about which flavour to choose! So, let’s find out more about those vegan shakes.

Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake

A dairy-free protein shake that comes in four flavours that you won’t get tired of French Vanilla, Berry, Coconut Almond, and Chocolate.

Vega One All-in-One Nutritional Shake is considered one of the best vegan protein powders for various reasons, including the fact that it is sugar-free, gluten-free, low glycemic, soy, and dairy-free. Moreover, it contains probiotics for digestive health and 25% of your daily fibre requirements for a well-balanced diet.

Just know that each scoop contains 20 grammes of protein from peas, hemp, sacha inchi, and flax protein for a complete amino acid profile and 50% of your daily vitamin and mineral intake.


Garden Of Life Organic Raw Protein

Another lactose-free protein shakes with a variety of flavour options. Garden Of Life Raw Organic Protein is available in classic vanilla chocolate shake for those who prefer a rich cocoa flavour, vanilla chai shake, which combines spices like nutmeg and ginger with light hints of vanilla, and plain unflavored for those who prefer a neutral taste. 

Garden Of Life Organic Raw Protein It provides a good balance of grain-based proteins like quinoa and legumes like peas and sprouted seeds. As well as 3 billion CFU of live probiotics for improved digestion, with 22 grammes of raw organic sprouted protein per serving.

Naked Nutrition’s Pea Protein Powder

Another dairy-free protein shake that is free of gluten and GMO ingredients is Naked Nutrition’s pea protein powder; it is a plant-based powder that still provides all five essential amino acids that your body needs to stay fit and healthy!

Naked Nutrition’s pea protein powder contains up to 24 g of protein per scoop and 4 g of fibre, providing a high dose of both energy and nutrition in a single pack. What more could you want from a plant-based protein shake?


Jarrow Formulas Hemp Protein Powder

This dairy-free protein shake isn’t the sweetest, so there aren’t many flavour options, but it provides a wide range of benefits. This includes better digestive health as a result of the inclusion of prebiotic fibres in each scoop. We’re talking about the none other Jarrow Formulas Hemp Protein Powder.

Jarrow Formulas Hemp Protein Powder contains 15g of hemp-derived proteins. As well as ten essential amino acids that adults require but rarely obtain from traditional sources, making it a shake that you can drink and benefit from without getting an upset stomach.

KOS Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder

If you’re looking for an organic shake, Organic Plant-Based Protein Powder is a great choice; it’s an organic protein shake that uses natural stevia leaf extract rather than artificial sweeteners or flavours.
This lactose-free protein shake contains 25g of plant-based protein per serving. It contains an amazing 7g of dietary fibre, making it a perfect option for losing weight!

Happy Viking Triple Chocolate Protein Shake

This lactose-free shake has a very interesting story behind it. The phenomenal tennis player Venus Williams couldn’t find a workout recovery drink she liked enough to make it a regular ritual, so she created Happy Viking, and that’s how she blessed us with this shake.

A plant-based protein with a delicious chocolaty flavour. Happy Viking provides your body with a clean protein blend of pea and brown rice, as well as nutrients like potassium and iron. So, whether you want a nice drink with chocolate or a dairy-free protein shake, Happy Viking is your go-to.

Oath Vegan Protein Shake

If you like oat milk, you’ll love this shake because Oath Vegan Protein Shake uses it in their vegan protein shakes. This shake comes in unusual flavours like Matcha Chai, Golden Turmeric, Indian Rose, and Double Chocolate, so if you’re looking forward to trying something new, you’re in for a treat.

Something to keep in mind is that the shake contains almond and pumpkin seed protein, as well as MCT oil in the Turmeric variety. The vegan shake has 210-260 calories per serving and is more intense than other shakes, so you will definitely get a full cup of nutrients!

OWYN Vegan Protein Shake

A dairy-free protein shake with out-of-the-box flavours such as Cold Brew Coffee, Cookies N Cream, Turmeric Golden, and, of course, vanilla. 

The top eight allergens, stevia, and sugar alcohols are all absent from OWYN Vegan Protein Shake. The best thing about it is that it only contains 180 calories and 5 grammes of fibre.

Ripple Vegan Protein Shakes

When chilled, the Salted Caramel variety is creamy and almost milkshake-like in texture, and it’s a great substitute for a sweet snack or dessert on any day. Ripple Vegan Protein Shakes are addictive once you try them. 

We can’t forget about the vanilla, coffee, and chocolate flavours. The ripple pea formula is clean and protein-packed, but the downside is the high sodium content in these shakes.

Universal Nutrition Egg Pro Protein Powder

It only comes in two flavours, but the number of benefits it provides compensates for this. Because it is made from egg whites, Universal Nutrition Egg Pro Protein Powder is one of the best protein powders for lactose intolerance

Eggs are considered the gold standard of naturally occurring protein sources, with extremely high bioavailability and digestibility, making this a great way to get some high-quality protein. 

How to Make a Healthy, Delicious Dairy-Free Protein Powders

When it comes to making protein powder, you have many options, from drinking it in a shake to baking it into some tasty muffins. Here are a few suggestions to get you started. 

  • Let’s start with the easiest and simplest method: make a protein shake with plant-based milk, such as almond milk, cashew milk, soy milk, or oat milk, and drink it after a workout or in the morning.
  • To up your game, combine the powder with your favourite fruits and vegetables for a healthy yet tasty smoothie or shake.
  • Another nice idea you can consider is if you like to have oatmeal in the morning, you can mix it in for extra nutrition. 
  • Finally, if you enjoy baking healthy treats, step it up a notch. To easily increase the protein amount in your baked goods, add a scoop of protein powder. 

The Final Say

Dairy-free protein shakes are a good option if you are short on time and want a healthy drink that will keep you full without making your stomach upset. If you want something Dairy-free after the gym, we have mentioned so many options that it is best to try them all, and you be the verdict of which one you would recommend to your friends and be your go-to.  

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