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10 Best-selling Tea in the English Market

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Updated on January 12, 2024

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Tea is perhaps the most famous drink in the world. Uk is one of the largest tea-drinking nations in the world. The British people’s love of tea has a long history. It goes back to mid- 1600s when the British East Indian Company dominated the tea imported to Britain. In addition, they were not allowed to export coffee during the war with France and Spain. Consequently, they became a tea-drinking nation.

best-selling Tea

They drink tea throughout the day. There is afternoon tea, known as low tea, while high tea is called meat tea and is enjoyed with the evening meal. Interestingly the vast majority of tea consumed in Britain comes in the form of a tea bag. However, there are many varieties in the forms and types of tea.

Different Varieties of Tea

All the products referred to as tea usually come from the Camellia Sinensis plant. Still, scientists work to develop varieties that can survive in any condition to maintain the process of producing tea. These wide varieties of tea result in different flavours and even colours. However, the famous varieties familiar to the public are black, green, and herbal tea.

Black tea

best-selling Tea

Most British people are familiar with black tea since it is the UK’s most commonly used tea product. Black tea is available in a wide range of flavours. It is manufactured worldwide and has a wide range of tastes depending on the region where it is grown and the flavour combinations used. Black tea is produced by
withering, rolling, oxidation and drying. They are greatly fermented. The leaves drop their natural green colouring and original flavour during the rolling process.

Green tea

best-selling Tea

It has been grown in Japan and China, preceding black tea, for thousands of years. Green teas are frequently referred to as non-fermented or unfermented teas as they are barely fermented. It can be made in various methods but is generally produced by heating, rolling and drying to stop oxidation and preserve freshness. It also helps to maintain the bright colour and natural taste.

Herbal tea 

best-selling Tea

Herbal tea does not usually have any tea leaves. Instead, they depend on fresh herbs like chamomile and mint, which help calm nerves and promote well-being. They might be better classed as a mixture rather than tea. They come in different colours and flavours.

How Many Forms of Tea Are There?

There are four different forms of tea known and consumed worldwide.

Tea bags

best-selling Tea

They are the most common form of tea worldwide. A tea bag is generally a tiny, porous bag used to steep tea. However, many believe that it is not the best form as there is not enough space for the leaves to roll, which affects the flavour.

Loose-leaf tea 

Rather than being sealed in individual bags, the tea leaves are loose in their container. They have a vibrant flavour. Tea leaves are the only component of loose-leaf tea, making a richer and more natural flavour. They are also cheaper than tea bags.

Powdered tea

best-selling Tea

It is a less familiar form and can be produced in different ways. The most famous powdered tea is a form of green tea referred to as matcha. It is popular for its incredible health benefits. Matcha is a tea leaves powder; it is then made into a soil-like, rich-flavoured tea. Stems and veins of the tea leaves are removed before processing.

Fermented tea

It is the tea that has undergone a fermenting process to change its flavour or stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria, like Yakult. It is exposed to oxygen and humidity during that process. It is well-known for its health benefits as it helps increase energy and aid digestion. It can be produced from black tea, but it is usually slightly sweetened and flavoured as it undergoes fermentation.

The Best-Selling Tea

Since we now know the different varieties of tea, let’s learn more about the best-selling tea in England.

Twinings English Breakfast Tea

best-selling Tea

Twinings started with Tom’s Coffee House as its first site. It started making these classic tea bags in 1930 to complete the traditional English breakfast. Breakfast tea is made from the finest tea gardens, such as the Indian Ceylon and Kenyan tea leaves. Because of its high-quality tea, Twinnings tea won the Great Taste Award in 2019. In addition, it is among the oldest tea brands in the world.

Breakfast tea goes with oily breakfast and sweet desserts. So, you can drink it with any meal at any time of the day. In addition, Ceylon adds a welcome bitterness and provides this tea with its final taste and form.

PG Tips Original

PG Tips is one of the best-selling teas in the UK. In case you are a tea fanatic, you will definitely like its flavourful brew. It is just ideal for those who like a strong but not bitter cup of black tea in the morning. Besides being harvested from the best tips of tea plants in Ceylon and Kenya, it is produced entirely from Rainforest Alliance-certified estates.

The pyramidal design of the tea bags gives the tea more room to brew, strengthening the flavour. In addition, it is famous for its health benefits as it aids digestion.

Whittard Loose Leaf Earl Grey

Are you a tea lover? Then, the Whittard Loose Leaf Earl Grey tea is the perfect choice for you. It addresses high-class people with its top-notch tea products. Besides combining two black tea leaves, it also blends gorgeous blue cornflowers and bergamot flavours. Bergamot and black tea make a wonderful mix earning the best reviews.

To enjoy your cup of tea to the maximum, you can get yourself a Whittard’s elegant mug. To make your favourite cup of tea, you need freshly boiled water; put the tea in the pot, let the tea sit for between three to five minutes, add the milk and finally, pour the tea into the cup. You can drink it without sugar as well.

Teapigs Mao Feng Green Tea Bags

The biodegradable tea bags from Teapigs are the ideal choice to start your day with. It is mainly sourced in China. It has all the green tea benefits without the bitter taste; that’s why you will like the taste even if you are not a fan of green tea. It quenches the thirst, helps hair grow and delights the stomach.

It is 100% made of Mao Feng green leaves. The process of tea production includes withering, drying and light rolling. The process includes a Chinese technique of oxidising the leaves, which affects the flavour and colour. If you try it, you will fall head over heels in love with it.

This tea has a delicate, natural flavour reminiscent of peaches and apricots. The tea’s full-bodied flavour is obtained through Teapigs signature larger tea bags, which permit the use of larger, better-quality leaves and spices. You can simply put the bag into the cup and pour the boiled water. You can see the instant colour change. It is one of the best-selling teas in the British market.

Amala Chai Masala Chai Kit

Amala Chai is sourced from sustained farms in India, while the spices come from an organic farm in Kerala. Chi is an Indian word that means tea. It is one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C, making it of great health benefit. You can enjoy your favourite cup by adding cinnamon, cardamom, tea powder, boiled water, and milk.

Marukyu Koyamaen Chigi no Shiro

Japanese teas have become popular worldwide due to their unique flavour and reasonable price. Marukyu Koyamaen company produces this matcha powder. After being harvested, these tea leaves are steamed to bring out their natural vegetable flavours. The steaming process creates their vibrant green colour. The tea takes on a sweeter and smoother flavour with a foamy texture which many tea drinkers enjoy.

A.Vogel Goldenrod and Knotgrass

This herbal presentation from A. Vogel might not technically have any tea leaves. It is made from organically grown and wildcrafted herbs, including Goldenrod, Birch Leaves, Horsetail, Knotgrass and Wild pansy. Yet, it is still perceived as a tea product and tastes like green tea but without caffeine. It is a unique blend, as there is no other herbal tea having knotgrass available in the UK. It is good for health, too, as it has antioxidants and vitamin C.

Marui Shokuhin Cherry Blossom Tea

Cherry blossom tea is a Japanese drink commonly drunk at wedding celebrations. Making this tea depends mainly on fermenting and drying cherry blossoms. It ideally goes with Japanese sweets. You can simply take one or two pickled cherry blossoms, put them in a cup, add hot water and give it a minute. Then, you can transfer the blossoms to another cup and finally fill the cup with hot water.

Remedy Kombucha

Is Kombucha really healthy? It is a drink commonly produced by brewing sweet tea with wild yeast and friendly bacteria to improve overall gut health and well-being. Its benefits mainly come from its main components: organic acids, live cultures and antioxidants. While the live cultures provide vitamins and minerals, the organic acids help regulate your appetite. However, these healthy drinks have no sugar. You can try various flavours, including Raspberry Lemonade and Cherry Plum.

What about enjoying your cup of tea while having tasty cakes and buns? Which tea will you go for?

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