50 Summer Colourful Fruit Salad to Try Now

50 Summer Colourful Fruit Salad to Try Now

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Updated on June 21, 2024

Hot days! Light dishes!

It doesn’t make sense to cook multi-steps cuisines when the temperature surges. However, nothing can get wrong with fruits. Healthy, refreshing, juicy, and sweet! Even sour, it also has special magic when paired with other stuff. Although many fruits are hearty and delicious enough to eat on their own, we need to make them more appealing for your family, kids, or even yourself, to do away with pizza night orders or other junk food.

We, on the other hand, have a hard time coming up with fruit salad ideas while we’re in the middle of making one. So please stop chopping anything, have a hand and combine any heaps of fresh things.

Preparing fruit salad is an art.

So, what are you doing if you’re not making fruit salad this summer and celebrating this seasonal produce?

Without further delay, here we’ve compiled some ideas for a fun summer dinner to get inspiration on what you have to rustle up for Sunday brunch, backyard potluck gathering or even for today if you’re ready with your favourite colourful items.

Pine Juice Salad

You can get wrong with pine juice when blending with other unique fruits. This salad has some crunching textures, but you’d never need anything else when you pour your pina colada. It’s a perfect anytime dish when you need something gluten- and dairy-free in the morning or at night. Our pine juice salad is a combination of grapes, strawberries and pineapples. The secret here is dressing. So don’t substitute it with anything else or skip it because you lack the time.

We use two kinds of grapes in this recipe, green and black. But feel free to skip what you haven’t.  

Sweet Italian Caprese Salad

While Italy has enormous tourist attractions, the food scene can be beatable. And no! We don’t add pasta to any fruit salad, which doesn’t work like that. Instead, we’ll talk about Caprese salad, the kind of salad which will not have an a-sale-on-cherries look. It will, on average of a quality-restaurant look. 

We mix peaches, cherries, and tomatoes with mozzarella and arugula. Oh, it’s easy with warm bacon or prosciutto slices. Then add a pinch of special spices. It’s weird, maybe. And that’s exactly what I said when a friend provided me with the recipe. Since then, I have had it on repeat lately. And so you!

You’ll find it’s the perfect way to use up some of your leftover vegetables and fruits all-in-one.

Ideal Colourful Salad

The balance of flavours and textures makes any summer fruit salad delicious. And our colourful salad is a keeper!  

Whether you’re planning a family picnic, night party, or holiday dinner, our ideal colourful salad is for that. We try to make it as bright as possible as you know, more colours mean a healthier recipe. We just collect ripe fruits and chop them perfectly, then drizzle the bowl with glorious honey dressing. In addition to its brilliant look, it’s super easy to make. Just eat it immediately to enjoy the taste and smile of freshness. (yes, trust me! Freshness has an irresistible smell!)

Awsome Fruit Salad

Is that its official name, “awesome fruit salad”?

Definitely not!

So why do you call it “AWESOME”?

Come on! Because it’s incredible!

To be honest, there are a few things to consider before preparing our excellent fruit salad. No panic, not a big thing. It’s a fruit salad at all. First, you need to work with only in-season ripe, juicy and pleasant fruits. Since fruits are the stars, they can make or break your salad. Select spoiled ones, or even stale products can ruin the whole thing. 

Here, we used pineapple, kiwis, mangos, strawberries and grapes. It’s summer in a bowl. Then we add our tangy honey dressing! I bet you didn’t know you can pour a teaspoon of lemon juice over your fruit dish! But there are many ways to top this classic thing with something stunner, like our homemade dressing.

Watermelon Salad

I love watermelons! And I think everyone will go with me on that. How couldn’t you love this light, refreshing, red, watery thing? It’s a good enough reason to love summer and travel to any place to buy some fresh slices of watermelons. 

Recently, I discovered many ways to make the best of this surprising fruit. It can give you more than just slices (which is enough, by the way!) But you can use it in any salads— just make sure you opt for a high-quality one when it’s at its peak. Also, ensure that it’s not too ripe. It could ruin your healthy combination when melons start to be mushy or lose their integrity. Actually, it would be much better if you chose a little sturdier one since it couldn’t be done without tipping our creamy dressing. Finally, get a break with this bowl to cool down after a long hot day. You absolutely deserve this. 

Mango and Berry Salad

Winter or summer?


Strawberries or bananas? 

Mango 🙂

But even if you are a strawberry or banana guy, you will be rewarded after a few seconds.

Okay, world! Listen up: mango deserves more attention. No, it deserves full attention. It should be found in any fruit or even-not-typical-fruit salad. And if you need some ideas on creating a mango thing, our recipe will tell you the best way to take advantage of it. There are not many things to buy for this beautiful salad. Just include basil, lemon, bananas, and strawberries (see 😉 on your shopping list.

We also love garnishing our plate with toasted nuts to diversify the texture. And no dressing is needed here. Just one mango will do!

Tropical Fruit Salad

This recipe is to impress everyone around the table or the TV (if you will enjoy this colourful combo while watching a movie). Call it tropical, buko, or even the Philippines! (actually, if you have the chance to come to the Philippines, you will see this salad selling everywhere) It doesn’t matter. But what matters is to bring the exact ingredients to make this concoction goodness. What it’s really good about it is that you can make it anytime. You don’t have to find the best produce. Here we used canned fruits, which don’t work all the time, but it’s a must in this recipe. Also, you need to check out our creamy dressing, one of the best fruit salad dressings ever. This traditional buko salad is loaded with flavours. Sweety, tangy, and savoy are in the same package. Interesting, right?

Berry Fruit Salad

Get the freshest assortment of delicious and crisp components and bring them directly to your table. It’s the best way to unwind while reading your favourite book or laughing with your beloved ones. Summertime always calls for this refreshing mixture of fruits. Use this season’s spread of berries and create an excellent dish of raw things without making so much effort. Then coat these beautiful slices of berries with honey. Plus, before serving, add light and buttery taste by pouring a handful of yoghurt, which is a perfect complement to all the fresh flavours in this recipe. And feel free to use any available berries or make a delight of different kinds. 

The only advice you should know before moving on to the following recipe is to pay attention when cutting berries. It can be crumbled easily, and the last thing you want is to have a messy fruit salad.

Mango & Jalapeño Salad


It seems that you will never get enough mango (me, neither). In summer, don’t pay for anything but mangos (kidding! Summer is the shopping season). You could feel not comfortable adding chilli peppers to something so sweet like mango. Then what do you do if you know that we’ll add onions! Just do as I say, and in the end, we will both be rewarded for our efforts. Mango will mellow beautifully with a peppery taste. It can be a side dish to lighten up your table. Or you can prepare it for cookouts when you’re in a hurry running out the door, or even an easy zero-carbs dinner. 

Marinade Fruit Salad

Marinade fruit salad will be a winner next time you’re on salad duty. It could be a vintage gem with some sparkling additions, but it will definitely wow your guests. Most importantly, this is not an average so sweety fruit salad as we add club soda to balance the flavour. 

Just give your friends a taste of pineapples, marinade, and strawberries. And don’t forget to top it with some red grapes. These tropics are perfect for warmer days, especially if served cool. I love to bring this refreshing fruit blend to them in jars to let them feel the whole experience of a tropical paradise, or if you’re planning to spend a beach day trip, then our marinade salad can’t be replaced. 

Plum Salad

Plum is one of the most underrated fruits you must consider using in the coming days. Plum is terrific in summer fruit salads with a flavour ranging from sweet to tart— you just have to try different types to pick the best for your liking. We add grated fresh ginger, blueberries, and grapes to our plum salad. Oh, the taste will blow your mind or at least leave you speechless. So just collect and combine all this stuff and bring it to the neighbourhood block party. It will be your favourite fruit bowl from now to forever. 

To get all of the fruits into each spoonful, chop the ingredients into bite-sized bits.

Marshmallows Salad

Persuade your kids to take their marshmallows to make this amazing dish (if you fail to do so, steal it. Alternatively, you could simply buy it at your food store:)

This creamy (you will know why!) combo also comprises grapes and coconut. It’s a delicious holiday salad drizzled with sour cream (that’s a reason)

Serve it over a large lettuce leave to make your dish more inspiring. Well, wait, sour cream and lettuce? In what sense is it a fruit salad? It’s because of what I’ll spell out now:)

Confession: I use cocktail fruits in this recipe to be able to make it anytime. However, using fresh produce will be very tasty and worth the experience.  

Kiwi Salad


Instead of buying a salad bowl that is most likely loaded with sugar and preservatives, it’s not cheap. It would help if you tried something fresh like this one. Kiwis can take anything to the next level. I love making it as a base to build my fruit salad. Then add things such as bananas, pears and pineapple. You can add some orange juice to maximize the taste and make fruits combine beautifully. 

But, if you want to store it in the fridge to cool for a couple of hours, don’t add the juice unless you serve it immediately. Just keep your eyes on fruit cuts and make sure to slice them into relatively uniform pieces to have a beautiful look and taste of the salad.

Cucumber Melon Salad


So, why is cucumber in fruit salad? Cucumber has fewer calories with plenty of minerals and vitamins. Most importantly, it’s rich in fibres which will help you feel full. Cool cucumber with melon slices will make a typical summer dish cool off when you’re out for picnics or work. We also add a handful of orange and fresh mint to this recipe. And don’t forget to make our dressing— a blend of lemon juice and thyme, then put it on everything. You might add a splash of orange zest for a little extra punch. And now you’ve killed it. Serve this world’s most perfect fruit combo immediately, or store it in an airtight container for a night backyard gathering. 

Thai Banana Salad 

It’s more like a delightful soup than anything else. But it’s an actually good refreshing thing to make any time of the year since it doesn’t depend on seasonal fruits. Bananas are always available; you don’t need to have the most delicious ones. Our amazing creamy sauce will make everything just fine. Bonus point: this salad will be zero cholesterol as you should use coconut milk to have the desired taste. 

So, it seems to be a soup-like concoction. Watery in texture, like a bowl of soup. Why do you even include this here and refer to it as a fruit salad?

Not just because it contains banana, this Thai salad is light and nutrient—it just needs 3 minutes to be ready. Do you know any soup that can be made within 3 minutes? (if so, please let us know in the comments)

Grapefruit Salad

For all grapefruit haters (including me– or I was till I knew this surprising salad), just try this when you find terrific grapefruit on sale. (why on sale? It doesn’t make sense to spend a lot of money on something you already hate! Just make sure you have brought the best one) Indeed, I want to enhance the reputation of grapefruit because it’s worth it.

Grapefruit is super healthy and is rich in antioxidants. But it’s not the only reason to make this salad. A world is brimming with antioxidant stuff. But this bowl is loaded with complex flavours that are not just sugar. 

We add slices of avocado, then drizzle a creamy dressing. Combine to coat. It’s absolutely delicious and easy to make, and your family will change their mind about grapefruit 🙂 And yes, the job is done now. 

Black & Red Fruit Salad

When the weather heats up, nothing can perfect more than preparing our black and red fruit salad. It’s one of the best ways to celebrate seasonal produce; this time, there is no room for cheating with canned ingredients. It’s healthy and delicious.

The black refers to berries and red to strawberries, and that’s it. We also use some citrus– slices of orange to make it more colourful and packed with flavours. And don’t forget honeydew, it’s a must here. Just use the right technique when chopping and deseeding (a melon baller is a perfect tool for this purpose).

Just make sure to have enough time to let it cool off in the refrigerator. Also, you will help ingredients to intermingle to enhance the flavour. It just will make the eater enjoy every piece of fruit out.

Strawberries Pudding Salad

Now, it’s time for fruit pudding salad. It’s a favourite fan dinner with minimum effort. Here we used chia seed instead of oat because of its richness with every precious beneficial component, and we need to follow a free-carb diet. Plus, chia seeds are a good source of fibres. But you can make it whatever you want— we just try to mix new things up, and the result was more satisfying. Then top your glass with berries and strawberries. 

Indeed, it tastes like a desert, but it contains the lowest level of sugar and fats. We also use free-dairy dressing— only coconut or almond milk with honey. Make it as a light breakfast or dinner. Or even as an entrée on special occasions. 

Blood Orange Salad

Not everyone can find blood oranges easily. But if you’re lucky enough to see it, bring it to your salad bowl directly to make this tangy with a splash of sweet honey and refreshing herbs. In addition, small half-moons of red onions and pomegranate seeds would make your bowl much better. 

But why is blood not just standard orange?

Besides its beautiful look, it has a more tart and flowery flavour. So it will add character to your salad. But warning: you may be asked to bring this one over and over!

Whip it up ahead of time and sit it in the refrigerator to rest for at least one hour before serving. Make it for picnic days, cookouts, or just chill out on your couch while watching your favourite series on a hard work day.

Dragon Salad


This salad is for daredevils only. We have built our bowl with dragon fruit as a base.

In case you don’t know, dragon fruit, pitahaya, or strawberries pear. It’s one of the local and inherent fruits for Americans ingrained in many events along with history. The first time I knew about it was when I talked to my Mexican friend. Since then, it has become one of my favourites. I’ve found that mixing it into my salad is the most excellent way to stay cool on hot days.

It has vibrant red skin with sweet flesh and a unique look; the look could be horrific; that’s why it’s called a dragon. But in every mouthful, you’ll be drenched in flavour. Also, it’s rich in many nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants. And the best time to enjoy this exotic fruit is during summer, from June to September. 

Mexican Fruit Salad


As we talked about dragon fruit, we can’t overlook this luscious salad, including heaps of glorious fruits and herbs. Honestly, this cuisine is a far reason to visit the wonderland of Mexico. And if you have no plans to come to the Latin American country any soon, we have browsed the internet to get the best Mexican fruit salad ever. It’s a mixture of romaine lettuce, green apples, and fresh pineapples. Then polish our bowl with wine vinegar. Yummy! And let’s not sell nutrition short. It’s the best way to celebrate any occasion, such as the new year in your style or even St. Patrick’s Day. Make it a main course or a side dish on causal summer vacations. I also love it on celebratory winter and fall meals besides Turkey!

Watermelon & Tomatoes Salad


This time we will combine watermelon with tomatoes for too much red salad. But here is the thing: even if you hate cutting watermelons, don’t buy pre-made melons slices. Of course, it’s much easier than bringing a whole watermelon and immersing yourself in these seeds and hard rind to get the most of the watery red flesh. But come on! What’s the fun in buying ready things from a grocery store.

Life is about making memories with your kids while inserting the knife tipping into the watermelon (Oh, an exaggeration! I see)

Anyway, you need watermelons, cherry tomatoes, and vinegar. Sour and sweety! Fantastic and easy!

This combination will liven up any traditional meals. Make it for picnics or summer night parties. 

Nostalgic Fruit Salad

As we want to drug up the juiciest concoctions to make this selection of colourful fruit salad amazing enough to entice you to try, we had to include this nostalgic fruit salad. My friend loves to call it mama salad because it’d bring you back to days we all miss. Even if your mam never made it before for you, it’ll remind you of our old simple life. This herby, sweety and tangy salad can be served as a side, starter, or dessert.

Surprisingly, this healthy, delicious, and CHEAP dish is free of fat and vegan. 

Seems it’s perfect at all levels!

Who wants to know more about this one?

All you need here is orange, pineapples and coconut flakes. 

Cherry and Burger Salad

It’s a wholesome dish packed with protein, vitamins and other minerals. If you prepare it for breakfast, there is no need to add any other side dishes. For dinner, it would be a hit.

Admittedly, a burger might not be something your family and friends would swoon over. But we’ll tell you the secret to taking it to the next level. Burger badly needs a pinch of acidity to make it more flavoured. That’s why you have to prepare its special vinaigrette by combining olive oil with lemon juice and zest. 

Leaving it for an hour in the fridge will also make everything marry, creating the best burger salad ever. But why is it considered a fruit salad? 

Tip grapes and cherries in this dish will make the balance you’re searching for.

Minted Melon Salad


It’s our minted fruit salad CLOCK!

The mere mention of this salad conjures up the picture of fresh green leaves thrown into a bowl filled with melon. But our recipe is more than just these staple components. 

This one can be served for brunch, launch or even breakfast (if you don’t wake up grouchy dashing out of the house late in the morning and to avoid being punished by salary deduction) Or when you run out of energy at work, you may use this bowl as a desert or snaky launch.

It’s loaded with strawberries and melon compote with a hint of fresh mint. And you can garnish it with toasted nuts like almonds or walnuts if desired. It’s an absolute culinary delight.

Coconut Salad

This colourful salad covers all colour spectrum signals giving it an outstanding appearance. Our coconut salad is a throwback recipe with intense flavours ranging from fruits and herbs to a wide variety of disease-fighting antioxidants from pineapples and coconut flakes.

When it comes to fruit salads, most of us either don’t think about it or just grudgingly include coconut. But it deserves a second look now. 

It is absolutely a must-try

It would be even much better if you added a pinch of canyon and sugar. 

And if you find papaya, slice it into this bowl. It has the same taste as cantaloupe with a mango look and buttery texture to make the whole thing bright and light. And it can be stored for 2 days in the fridge without turning so soggy. 

Frozen Fruit Salad


Despite its being frozen, this will warm your heart to no end. We recommend you try it when you feel nostalgic for your summer vacation days and family gatherings. 

The foundation of this salad is a canned cocktail as we need to use as much fruity as possible, and it’d cost a bunch of money. But if you’re okay with that, feel free to buy fresh maraschino cherries, peaches, apricots, and pineapples. Also, there is room for improvisation. Just stick with the cream ingredients to make the best of every component. It’s an old-fashioned salad— at the same time, very easy to prepare and fit for everyone without tremendous effort and cost.

Cream, mayo, and creamy cheese make the salad even more decadent. 

Low-Suger Ambroisa Fruit Salad

This salad is for non-sugar lovers or for those who love savoury fruits. It’s a suitable replacement for traditional ambrosia fruit salad. Also, it’s a great way to bring new flavours and colours to your diet without gaining weight. Replace the canned fruits with only fresh ones and then treat them with creamy dressing loaded with low-fat younger and almond milk. Then devour whatever you want. It’s healthy with fewer calories than you might expect. And not because there are no sweet fruits, this will be boring. Actually, the opposite is true. 

To produce a salad with a variety of textures, including crunchy, creamy, and juicy, we like to toss in a few chopped nuts. It’s a perfect go-to recipe when you want a simple, easy and beautiful dish for your entertaining table. 

Colourful Caprese Salad

After all, some of us remember boring cheese salad with shucks of any available fruits of our youth. And then they call it Caprese! How come! Making a Caprese salad is a process of buying specific fruits and herbs. Then, cut them perfectly and combine them with balsamic vinegar. I bet you never think of vinegar when making your so-called Caprese. For example, you need to place herbs and garlic in the food processor and then pulse to combine. Plus, you have to bring ripe strawberries but not sturdy and cut off the green top, then flat down to slice it into halves, then into quarters and across again. And the last thing is to fill a giant bowl with just one kind of fruit. So, we’ll add basil and mozzarella. That’s what fruity Caprese salad should be like.

Grilled Fruit Salad

Stop scrolling! It deserves a little stop, and yes, fruit can be grilled! Actually, many citruses that are available everywhere can be prepared in this incredible way to give the flavours a boost and amaze your family or friends. Just wait until the summer fruits become ripe enough to roast for a few minutes. We use peach in this recipe. But always welcome to try other seasonal produce like mango or nectarine.

Then we tailor a glorious dressing salad mixing burrata with vinegar and grinds of fresh black pepper. And remember before serving to garnish with any glazed nuts you have in your pantry, and pour vinegar (but just before serving. Otherwise, your grilled fruits will get soggy) And don’t forget to tip some fresh mint and thyme.

Poppy Seeds Salad

This bowl is to silence any haters! It’s a colourful combo of summer seasonal fruits with toasted coconuts if desired and a good-for-you fruit salad! Also, it’s easy to prepare and refreshing for holiday cookouts or try it for a solid snack. But for me, it’s incredible for a super side dish.

Additionally, we’d love to highlight the best of crunch produce by adding pineapples and kiwis to customize your dish for the best springtime favourite. What makes this easy fresh fruit salad glorious is to spread a handful of delightful poppy seeds which are bursting with irresistible flavours— just be cautious about the amount you’d add (1 teaspoon is more than enough)

Eventually, make your time to prepare our special dressing. Or you can skip it if you want to serve it as a dessert. 

Apple Pie Salad

Thank god! We’ve got a knack that inspired us to make this wonderful and bright dish. Apple pie is classic comfort food, and who doesn’t enjoy it? Actually, me 🙂 But after whipping up this incredible mixture, I fell in love every day twice. It’s not a pastry or including any baked goods, but it will give you the same taste with different textures. It’s one of the most delicious salad recipes for summer offering you a way to enjoy all season’s flavours in each bite. It comprises apples and blueberries melting with ginger and cinnamon. Then coat the bowl with yoghurt sauce.

This amazing dish is the best way to range your taste between sweet and tart, requiring a little prep. But, seriously, our apple pie salad is loaded with nutrition and flavoured and brimming with colourful gems.

Apple & Pecans Salad

When preparing an apple salad, avoid filling it with a crunchy texture. Everyone will hate it for sure! It’s enough to have one sturdy fruit with heaps of other juicy things— in just this case, everyone will crave to take more.

This apple salad is easy and quick to assemble, stuffed with jewel-like colours and intense flavours. Crunchy and creamy with mouthwatering tastes such as pecans. 

It’s also important to apply the rule of THREE, which means your salad needs to be diverse as much as possible, or at least with different three components (One is boring, second is not good enough, three is excellent, more than that is SUPER!)

This recipe depends on various nuts more than anything else as we think about variety in terms of colours, flavours, and size. And the result is booming! 

Peach Caprese Salad

If you want to show that you have put some effort into preparing your fruit bowl, make this one for your guests next time. Peach will make your dish more vibrant with a less formal look of Caprese salad. Also, we can not dispute that it has a traditional touch, making this salad a favourite for all generations.

Spread a hint of mozzarella as a topping or make it vegan without any extra add-ins. Just preach, and balsamic vinegar will work beautifully with each other varying the degree of sweet and sour tastes. 

Be ready with a large batch of peach Caprese salad for Sunday nights, backyard barbecues, light brunches, or ladies’ luncheons. Leave it in the fridge for one hour to help the peach absorb the dressing finely.

Pickled Peach Salad

Using of pickled peach can be tremendous. Add it to anything, and you’ll get a new thing. You can eat it plain, or you can make an inviting combination with sweetness, chillies, creamy dessert, and fresh herbs. 

This recipe conjures a bunch of random veggies with zesty topping for a slaw salad. But adding prickled peach transformed the whole scene. It becomes a fruit salad. It’s a mixture of cabbage, carrot, and radish, then add bite-sized pieces of canned peach. If you want to make a whole, healthy thing, you can make your pickled batches ahead of time. You just need to serve this salad on the same preparation day to keep it as fresh as you desire. And the dressing here will take your bowl to the next level (just pour the right components and process using a spatula or a blender until smooth).

Chilli Strawberry Salad

A healthy and light combination with summertime flair, this salad can be replaced when the temperature gets higher. This delightful salad treats chunks of strawberries and berries to a dressing of honey and vinegar sparkling savoury flavours. Then shine your dish with a pinch of grated spearmint. It will take less than 5 minutes to bring it to the table. I love hugging my bowl while enjoying sunbathing at a beautiful beach, but it’s also impressive for Sunday brunches. And, of course, it’s a healthful take-along for all your summer events and picnics. Just make sure to use the exact ingredients such as sour fruits like plums or figs. Bonus points if you try them all. 

Important: Keep in mind that if the berries are tiny, don’t chop them not to fall apart, which will ruin your bowl, making it a look-like-leftover dish.

Tropical Orange Salad

By taking a culinary journey to any country, you will learn more about its history. But if you delve into fruits and juices in any country, you will learn more about this country’s weather and diverse plantation. This kind of salad can be found in countries with tropical climates since it’s colourful, offering a refreshing taste. Our delicious orange salad is a guaranteed party favourite. Now, mix orange, marinade, and grapefruit with shredded jicama, which has a potato texture with fewer carbs. To be honest, don’t expect to devour sweet fruit salad—this dish is for sugar haters. But it’s simple and exotic at the same time. You may add mango pieces if you want to sweeten it up for potlucks.

Cantaloupe & Honeydew Salad

As we promise, we’ve got a recipe for everyone. This complex salad medley fits well for parties when everyone wants to show up with experience and talent to make a memorable weekend meal, or at least when you have cantaloup, and no one wants to have a hand on it. It includes delights of honeydew and cantaloupe drizzled with simple syrup for a light dessert. The only challenge is to pick a good cantaloupe— sturdy, sweet, and watery; yes, all should be in one package to enjoy our special go-to dish.

And just before serving, top your bowl of mixed fruits with pumpkin seeds. 

Peeling and chopping also cantaloup need a little bit of patience. And the easiest way is to trim off the top and bottom, then lay it flat side down and slice down in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds, and the ripe cantaloupe will make this mission so easy. Then cut each half into thin wedges— the tinner you make the easier will be when slicing off the skin with a paring knife. 

Now slice into small pieces and tip into your salad. Enjoy!

Strawberries Pretzel Salad (Desert)

What makes people don’t like preparing these kinds of salads is that fruits hardly retain their texture. They fall apart easily when tossing or even transferring to small serving bowls. If you think fruit salads can not be stored well in the fridge, this recipe is just for you. No matter what you call salad or dessert, strawberries pretzel salad is the perfect way to upgrade the flavour and appearance of your next salad.

At first sight, you might think this fruit-layered salad requires a tremendous amount of effort and expense. Actually, the opposite is true. It’s easy with cheap ingredients, but the taste will never disappoint you. First, it combines pretzel mixing with melted butter with a good deal of strawberries. Then make it creamier and a smoothie with heaps of cheese. 

It’s a hit for birthday parties instead of bringing boring cakes. But, now and then, you want this dish in hand all season long.

Watermelon Feta Salad

Nothing likes watermelon on warm days, especially when mellowing with crumbled pieces of feta. It’s a fetching presentation loaded with sweetness and light. Serve in a dessert dish or set the whole bowl on your table and let everyone takes whatever they want. To add extra fun, add a cup of chopped blueberries. You’d love to add fresh mint leaves to ace this recipe beautiful with the salty taste of the cheese. Plus, it’s important to know that the most appealing fruit salad is the bowl that combines large- and small-sized pieces. Or you can apply for half-moons of ingredients, but it’s not good for your kids. Otherwise, your dish will look boring more than anything else.

Important: If the watermelon is not sweet enough to balance the savoury taste of blueberries and feta, don’t make this recipe. I suggest switching it to a smoothie watermelon juice rather than consuming your time and effort to bring this salad to life, and then no one will like it.

Watermelon Orzo Salad

A few things you should know about watermelon: everything is compatible with it. And that’s exactly what Mama told me before when you have a watermelon, make all possible salads. It rings so true to me. So, don’t be surprised with tons of watermelon recipes on this topic. It offers something extraordinary, bursting with freshness and brightness. This salad is not a typical fruit salad made with orzo, watermelon and a handful of herbs — it might be more similar to light pasta salads with luscious and non-traditional flavours.

Serve it as a light dinner after spreading feta cheese. 

It’s not summer, and you still want to give it a try!

Fret not. You can replace watermelon with sweetened canned peaches for enjoying all year-round. But remember, fresh and healthful ingredients are always much better. 

Important: Orzo should not be overcooked. It just has to be boiled until it is tender enough to bite into.

Nectarines Couscous Salad

Summer is the time for picnics, fun, barbeques and nectarines salad. But don’t ever think about cutting nectarines or peaches into wedges and bring them directly to the table. It’s not a fruit salad. It’s just chopped nectarines.

So, what do you do if you have only nectarines and don’t like to eat them plain?

We’ve come up with this delicious dish to make your potluck supper more interesting.

All you need is to cook couscous for at least 10 minutes or just follow package instructions and toss in seasoned nectarines and diced feta. Sesame seeds will be a tremendous addition to bump up the flavour. Then brighten your bowl by spreading fresh finely-chopped parsley drizzled with lemon juice. It’ll punctuate the salad bowl with spots of irresistible savoury flavours.

Pear With Creamy Lemon Dressing Salad

Juicy blueberries and delicious bananas accent your salad bowl with sweetness and a hint of acidity by pouring our special dressing. And this salad can not offer you an entirely pleasant experience without adding pieces of crunchy pears. 

Remember: putting out a giant salad bowl with variants will make it excellent and healthier. 

Solid fruits, such as pears, are often avoided in fruit salads due to the perceived likelihood of an unpleasantly dense mixture. And the last thing you want to do is store this salad in the refrigerator because it will never survive until midnight. Furthermore, the bananas quickly become tender with unwanted brown colour. That’s why we create this creamy dressing salad to smooth pear and don’t chop bananas unless the bowl is served immediately.

Raspberry Salad 


While a just-cut-up-one-kind-fruit salad is boring, it can work by adding perfect raspberries, in which case, I am listening! But you know what? After I built this salad from only raspberries, I switched the whole idea and tipped some bananas and apricots. That’s how our salad sprinkles and captivates everyone who has a hand on it.

For the glorious dressing salad, blend honey with lemon and pour before serving.

Also, you should know that some fruits are delicious enough to be stored in the refrigerator to use year-round. Others should be eaten in their season. Thankfully, raspberries and apricots belong to the first group. And bananas should be served immediately, but they can be found any time of the year. Just pick only the yellow ones.   

Spread chunks of dark chocolate if desired to maximize the unbelievable flavours.  

Shrimp Fruit Salad


Can I add shrimp to my fruit salad?


Okay, it’s a matter of debate. Most people can’t picture shrimp in anything but a seafood meal (including me!) But we want to take another direction when involving shrimp in our diet if you want to make the best of these amazing pinky marine creatures (it’s worth at least one try!)

However, not all fruits intermingle perfectly with shrimp. Here, we use only grapefruit with bunches of fresh herbs. A little fruity. A little sweet. A little tangy. It’s one of my favourite grapefruit salads. What’s great about it is that it’s not just a family-friendly side dish. It’s the main course for weekend nights. 

You just need to follow some tips—not major things; this is fruit salad we’re talking about here, such as grill shrimp for only 3 minutes to avoid having chewy but tough things in your desired colourful salad. 

All-Fruit Salad

Want to be addicted to fruit salad to follow a low-calorie diet? Go to your kitchen and prepare this one before your kid’s return. All families need to keep their kids away from harmful candies. Our all-fruit salad is the best bowl for you to try this summer, packed with vibrancy and freshness. Chop mangos, grapes, peaches and strawberries and toss gently in your serving bowl. Cherries, if available, shine partially bright. Always surprise your family and friends with something unexpected in the salad bowl, like toasted pecans or walnuts. You need to show up your personality through your dishes. 

If you read this piece in winter, don’t worry. There is a possibility to brighten up a cold day with sunny citrus salad by bringing kiwis, pineapples, and blueberries.

Remember: you can grill fruits before transferring them to the serving dish to impart a pleasant taste. And just pick the fruits that can hold their shape, like peaches or pineapples. 

Strawberries & Cherries Salad

We already talked about how cherry tomatoes can be a fabulous addition to your salad dish— so why we don’t use them again here? Make this breakfast strawberry and tomato salad for your Sunday brunch to kick your holiday with a good start. What stuck with us when preparing this colourful bowl is that just like an instagrammable cuisine with rich flavours. Also, don’t forget to halve the cherries even if they are tiny. You need to make it melt with other components.

This vibrant mixture is a kid-pleasing and a great way to entice your family to rely on healthy eating. And this concoction can not be done without decent herbs, just like oregano and basil, adding an inviting taste that will encourage everyone to savour until feeling full. 

And if you want to splurge on your salad, top the whole thing with kiwi berries or any desired nuts. 

Minty Salad Fruit 

Why should you use fresh mint on your fruit salad? The simple answer is that its incredible flavour mixes well with summer fruit, especially strawberries and pineapples. So can dried mint take the place of the fresh leaves? Big NO. Why? Because mint is thoroughly dried and lost all of its flavours, it will need to sit in a dressing for a while before it can taste fresh again. So, unfortunately, it would never regain the original intense flavour. 

A simple honey syrup flavoured with your desired herbs will add magic to this dish.  

But here is the thing to muscle the muddle of different fruits, a little sugar can concentrate your fruits’ flavours. Yes, ripe fruits are worth appreciating without any addition. But what if they’re not juicy enough? How to break the bland loop— Then, a dressing of sorts will improve its texture.

Green Fruit Salad

While some may challenge why this healthy salad is called fruit salad (it makes more sense to be a green veggies salad), it’s unquestionably delicious, with juicy kiwis and grapes and a green spinach base and a heap of pistachios. Serve it with a beef steak every time you gather your family on special occasions (what’s a party without fruit salad!) When I’m running low on supper ideas for hungry bellies, I prefer to whip up a batch of this dish.

And to intensify their excitement, be ready with a pinch of freshly grated ginger, which will help introduce new flavours.

Don’t have any parties. Again, rustle up this healthy salad. There is nothing better than escaping from the heat by bitting into these mild green leaves brimming with flavours drizzled with tangy dressing (oliva oil vignetted with lemon juice and zest), or you can just keep it plain. 

Fruit Salad Topped with Pudding

This dish is impressive enough to be an excellent end to this long list of the best colourful fruit salads. While traditional fruit salads look like you couldn’t be bothered, this combination means that you have put in some effort.

The vanilla pudding will turn your dish into something you’d be proud of, not to mention the taste will be loaded with delights.

We here rely on only fresh fruits, but if you don’t find ripe in-season produce, canned cocktails can be a suitable replacement. The result will be crispy fruits on the outside washed with vanilla pudding and seasoned to perfection with sour cream. 

It’s refreshing on hot nights or at the end of a long day. Make it a stunning dessert for your memorable events or even as a side dish for supper. 

It seems you’re ready to say goodbye to boring salads.

We hope you enjoy our amazing fruit salads as we do. So get inspired by one of them, and feel free to put your own spin on your bowl but don’t forget to take a photo of your bright one and post it below. We eagerly await your response.

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