50 Amazing Recipes for Your Food Blog to Increase Engagement (Brilliant Tips Before Starting)

50 Amazing Recipes for Your Food Blog to Increase Engagement (Brilliant Tips Before Starting)

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Updated on April 29, 2024

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How to create amazing recipes for your food blog

Running a business through social media platforms, especially on Instagram, Tiktok, and Instagram is much easier. People spend a great deal of time scrolling and searching for something that spans their attention. And once they find something super, they stop for a while to check it and give you some hearts and support.

We’re going to review amazing healthy recipes that are basically made for Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube, and of course, all of them have a fantastic taste coming with easy steps for your busy home cooks. These recipes are suitable for all cooking levels without specific skills to have a hand on right away. This post is for moms, professional food bloggers, or anyone who loves to cook and doesn’t know where they can start.

Don’t forget to bookmark this page for nourishing meal ideas because you’ll want to come back searching for inspiration.

But first, there are a bunch of things you need to know before launching your food blog to attract followers, engage them with your content, and maybe it’d be your first step to starting a food business. These tips will answer all your questions, including how to edit photos, grow your following and much more.

Let’s get right into it. 

Things You Need to Know Before Starting a Food Blog

  • Which Direction You’ll Take 

Some people prefer to offer healthy recipes for those who want to lose weight. Others find it’d be much fun if they prepare local cuisines from their hometown. Others prefer to post only colourful salad recipes.

My biggest tip for people just starting out their food blogging is to define the specific direction you want to go through.

Honestly, it doesn’t matter what this direction is as long as you’ll apply it to all your posts. Thankfully, we humans are different in lifestyles, preferences, and interests.

Any direction has its lovers, but the point is to get stuck with the whole picture of your blog topic.

If you prefer to go locally, you can post recipes for the most famous Egyptian dishes or the top Irish food to prepare for your cookouts or use your creativity. 

But it doesn’t make sense to post about kebab and falafel when you’re offering healthy recipes. You’ll lose your followers and attract the wrong audience.

Consistency is a key here. Your subscribers and followers are waiting for a particular type of content, don’t let them down and get them districted by bombarding them with information that has nothing to do with your niche.

So, choose the direction you want and stick with it.

That gets us to our second point, which is the most critical one.

  • Define Your Audience

You can speak to people you don’t know, and because we are all behind the screen, you don’t know whom you are talking to. 

Actually, no, you can know your audience if you spend time trying you conjure up their traits, lifestyles, experiences and culture. The more information you can gather about your audience, the more effective your postings will be in the long run.

You’re so wrong if you think you can target all people. It’ll kill your blog before even having a hand on it.

People vary, and you need to spot one segment and toil content that meets their needs and matches what they expect.

But how can you find valuable information about your audience?

Confession: you don’t need to investigate your target to picture them. All you need to do is search for them and spot what they’re asking for, their pain points, and how you can improve their lives with your recipe tips.

For example, find a book for food recipes and read reviews on Amazon, take notes of the 5-star comments and worst comments, and elicit what you can do for them.

If you find a comment like, “A good book but recipes are not easy for newbies!”, then your mission is to offer easy recipes for newbies, and so on. 

Also, you can search in Facebook groups, Quora, and other beautiful food blogs. As you go through the comments, be sure to jot down any helpful information that comes to light.

Another way to understand your audience is to ask your friends and family and post a poll on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter to help you build a foundation of what people are thinking and what topics and ideas you should post on your blog.

Finally, dwell on what difficulties you face when cooking and what information you can’t find easily online. 

A food blog can target a busy mom who wants something to prepare in just 5 minutes. Also, you might talk to a woman who wants healthy food for her babies, a man who wants to hone his cooking skills to be a better chief or a college student trying to save money by not eating out as often. The options are endless; you just need to direct your content to a niche.

While posting, talk about a solution you’ve found. People appreciate those who want to make their life easier and better, and they will give you all their support to keep going.

  • Don’t Follow Trends All the Time… Be the Trend 

We all know that creating posts including trendy content would help our blog grow and gain followers. But it doesn’t work all the time. You need to be creative and thoughtful in choosing which trend you can make use of and how you make it more relevant to your topic.

Social media channels are brimming with high-quality content and creative bloggers. However, the competition is harsh (Trust me, I am coming from there!) And if you don’t take advantage of all the valuable tools to craft such unique posts, no one will notice you, and your chances to grow will be demolished. However, there is a wide space to embrace everyone. Just understand your people and offer what they are looking for.

Be the trend and let people follow you. Take sufficient time to search for new ideas from other brilliant bloggers with a crazy number of followers, and try to add your touch to make it personal. Be prepared with your notes all the time and write down any ideas that pop up in your mind from nowhere.

Important: Don’t post healthy food just because it’s the trend. Do what you motivate and drive you to resume blogging. Understand your interests and what will give you room to be more creative and engaged with your followers.  

  • Post on a Consistent Base

You don’t need to post all week. You can post 3 times or even 2 times a week, whether you’re comfortable with it. The thing is to be consistent in the number of posts you publish weekly. Your followers should expect that when they find your next photo or post, they will not lose interest in your content because they know you’re still pursuing your food blog here, and you’ll show up on your specific schedule. 

Pro tip: if you’re willing not to post too much, you can just interact with your followers by publishing stories, questions, or polls. Also, it’s a good idea to leave a comment on other relevant accounts to let people see valuable insights around. (That brings us to the next point)

Most importantly, all social media platforms’ algorithms favour the accounts that post occasionally and will help you to get more exposure to your target audience. 

However, don’t beat yourself up if you can not find a brilliant idea to share with your subscribers or followers. High-quality content is much better than anything else.

And to ensure that you follow your schedule during your hectic working days, prepare your plan ahead of time, let’s say on weekends. Design a number of posts, videos, reels or whatever and make it ready for just publishing on your posting day.   

Important: if you’re planning to capture several videos once a time and you want to appear in these shots, don’t forget to change your outfit. We don’t want to let your followers uncover our secret.

  • Engage With Other Food Bloggers

Once you stumble across any other food bloggers, give them a follow, like their photos, write a nice comment, reply to their stories and strike up a conversion with them. And they’ll definitely come back to your page to do the same.

I’m a huge believer in the idea of turning virtual communication into real-world interaction to position yourself among other bloggers and build a positive attitude towards your blog.

Plus, it’ll help you get involved with the foodie community, and maybe you’d get invited to a food event to share your story, and that’s when you’ll know that you’re on the right track.

Quick tip: when you write a comment on other food bloggers, make it unique by adding value. Don’t just write something like “Nice!” “Amazing!” or red heart emotions. Instead, spell out a good piece of information relevant to the post subject, share a personal experience, or open a gentle debt to open a space for interaction. I know it seems a wee bit weird, but it’s a brilliant strategy— based on my experience, to get more exposure and increase your follower calculator.

Eventually, if you’re okay with participating in the challenges and trends that take the world entirely by storm, do it, like specific soundtracks or videos. It’s a great way to communicate with your people and add fun to your blog. However, be smart when creating this kind of content and don’t overuse it.

Pro tip: To keep your audience engaged with your content, create a series of posts discussing the same topic. For example, you might start a series on how to wow your visitors with your table to pique the attention of everyone interested and maybe gain more followers.

  • Don’t Gling On Only One Platform 

It goes to say that a platform is much better than another because of its nature and feature- or even how much you can gain after establishing a remarkable account. For example, an Instagram account with 15,000 engaged followers can make roughly $200 per sponsored post. Of course, this number varies based on many factors, but it’s how things are going on!

But which platform should you invest more to create a great online appearance and make your blog stand out from the crowd?

Each one deserves to give it your all; however, it depends on your purpose and who you want to target.

If your audience is typically older than 40, it doesn’t make much sense to promote your content on Tiktok. Then Youtube should be your first choice, then Facebook. And if you have enough time to post on Instagram, please do.

Generally, you can replace Youtube with any other website because it allows you to create longer videos about recipes that could be impossible elsewhere.

Willing to know how the experts use social media to grow their food brand and lead traffic to their blog?

Well, they use a win-win strategy embellishing with a profound understanding of the pros and cons of each platform. For example, they all know that Tiktok is an effective tool for building brand awareness, but Instagram should be part of your plan if you’re interested in connecting with sponsors and other foodies. If the traffic is essential for you, then don’t look further than Pinterest by posting gorgeous photos attached to your blog. 

That’s the way you should approach things!

Again, to promote your blog, you can start with 2 or 3 platforms and watch the performance, analyse the results, compare the best outcome you have, and decide what deserves more attention and what takes another direction you didn’t expect. 

Another vital thing is no matter which platform you’d use; you need to make it connected with hyperlinks to help google recognise you. If you have a Youtube channel, put the links to your blog, Instagram, Tiktok and anything related to your brand.

Also, if you’ve mentioned other recipes, include their links in the description or on your Instagram bio. Doing this guarantees that your followers or subscribers will navigate your blog or roam around from one video to another.  

In a nutshell: It’s not the perfect way to head first to the most popular and famous social media platforms. So instead, explore what is good for you.

  • Understand How Social Media Channels Work

When planning your strategy to start creating your food blog, it’s crucial to invest some time in understanding how the platform you use works.

What does this mean? We can break it down into two main points.

First, you must be aware of the most recent changes in the algorithms used to build the website.

Any social media channel has only one goal: keep using the app for any possible longer time by delivering the content you like, or you’ll find it resonates with your interests. You should keep this concept on your mind whenever you’re about to press “post”. So, your content should meet the audience’s expectations (relevant and exciting) to guarantee to gain more followers and span their attention.

However, there is still a challenge! These algorithms will get changed occasionally, like how to use hashtags, the best time to post, etc. And you need to keep updated with this news to ensure that you use it effectively. 

Second, understanding the social media channels also means using all the different functions and features like creating reels, stories, videos, and how to interact with your followers. This concept will help you gain exposure to people that are interested in things you post.

You can juggle a bunch of techniques to make the best of social media features, like adding the location to your post so anyone looking through the location could come across your excellent picture and then press the following button.

Also, signing up for a business account (in the case of Instagram) is critical to get access to the insights. This information will tell you about your post-performance, including people your post has reached, impressions, and how many visits every day.

Generally, these insights will give you overview feedback on how your posts perform and which kind of content gained the highest engagement rate. In addition, these statistics will help you a lot when you build a new weekly strategy because they will alter your mind about what to hold onto and what to let go of to gain more likes, views, reach and exposure.

Pro tips: Add relevant hashtags with the maximum number defined by the platform. 

  • Learn Very Basic Editing Skills

The only tip for photographing is to use natural light. Honestly, nothing can compare with it. And lighting can make or break any scene; without efficient pure lighting, it can never look good.

And it’s entirely enough to use your phone when capturing a photo or a video. Remember, you don’t need to use a high-end and last phone version. Your camera phone in natural life is more than enough to take some fantastic vivid photos that will catch your followers.

If your photos need some editing, you definitely don’t need Photoshop, Lightroom, or any advanced skills to saturate hues or use a filter. But, of course, you can do it to make and photograph these trendy dishes if you have the time and energy to do so after every photo (I bet you have it if you’re a mum). But it’s not necessary to up your follower count, which is the primary purpose of the whole thing.

Pro tip: Yes, you’ll need to apply the same filter on all photos to keep your blog constant and professional. 

Some editing applications on your phone will do the same job with less effort and without being overwhelmed with so many steps just to post a photo because we know when we have to do so many things, we end up doing nothing. 

We recommend using Snapseed and VSCO.

So, keep the process as simple as you can by using handy tools. To guarantee plenty of likes every time you post, focus on the solution you offer, not just the high-quality photos.    

Important: if you still have no idea about your blog name, you can take the approach of using your full name to build a personal brand. Otherwise, have the audacity to show up with the creative name you’d like. It’s totally up to you. 

  • Find Your Theme and Stick With it 

All these kinds of social media platforms are just a microblogging form because you’re within the limit of 2,2000 characters for captions (on Instagram, for example, and Tiktok is 300 characters including hashtags) compared with no limit on traditional blogging ways on different platforms. So, it’s about the idea, the design, and the visualisation elements more than just captions. 

That’s why creating your food blog on social media goes as far as to say that finding one topic will make your blog good enough.

No… the theme is also the key, which includes photography, the colours, and the background you’ll use. It’s a perfect way to differentiate yourself from other food bloggers. It would be the first step to building a personal brand in which you will reflect your character, values, and style. These themes could be dark, vivid, white or flat lay pictures. 

It’s just a way to keep your photo and blog showing up with a consistent looking. And it’s very awesome when people see your photos anywhere and automatically recognise them as yours. Implementing this strategy will reflect your creativity and personality. Just keep your theme in mind when capturing your picture to make your account like one artistic picture.

There is no right or wrong when choosing the theme for your blog; just take your time to play around with different filters and editing styles till you find something appealing to you.

Pro tip: Check out different food bloggers or Pinterest and get inspired by their themes and if you find something you like, use it by adding your own touch— not just copying. 

And don’t worry if you’re thinking about changing up later. It’s okay to do so if you find other themes more trendy and better reflect your idea and identity. The idea here is not to make your blog messy with many different themes. Instead, hold on for a while to determine which is better for you.

Also, when determining which mood you want to portray in your photos, check out what you have first and think a little about how to use it in your personal shots. For example, if you have a white table, It would make an excellent backdrop for your forthcoming photographic sessions. So, do some research on how to get the most of a white background in your photos.

  • Use Catchy Captions

You have probably made the hard part and thought you’ve set all needed. But it’s not true. An essential part of your process is still left untouched, which is a CAPTION!

Most business owners, especially those who have just got started a startup or a small-scope business, can easily ignore the importance of captions. “What is the big deal of writings two lines on Instagram or Youtube or whatever?”

But it’s impossible to overlook how the captions can increase engagement and reach. Your content is all about the visuals; there is no question. But not everything can be done with it, or at least it can be done beautifully. So writing catchy captions has endless benefits that will boost your blog considerably. 

For instance, it will keep your followers from scrolling and stopping for a while to know more about your post. You can start a conversation with them by a call to action statement. Most importantly, if you’ve published a video, not everyone has enough patience to watch it entirely, especially regarding recipes.

Some people can find writing good captions is really hard. But it shouldn’t matter when you understand the concept you can follow. The best way is to start with a call to action like a question or a gentle order, for example, “Have you prepared dinner or not yet?” then you can start explaining your recipe or any supper ideas you’ve for your followers.

As a matter of fact, creativity plays a major role right here. So, take your time to craft something unique, simple, precise, and inspiring. Read a lot to expand your synonyms background and check out many accounts to catch a glimpse of how to handle your posts.

Plus, watch the desired length of the caption based on each social media platform. For example, Instagram and Tiktok don’t like long descriptions; however, it’s preferable on Youtube and Facebook.

At this point, it’s good to know that being neutral will ruin the whole thing. Add a spin on your character and use sensory words. Don’t say: “A tasty cake”. Instead, say: “This cake has a luscious texture and an indescribable aroma that will soothe your nerves!” See?

Make your audience feel, taste, and 

Finally, I’ll go as far as to say that adding value to your post is a primary driver to gaining more traffic and reach. Trust me; you can do it even if you’re not a good writer. Sometimes, not being the ultimate professional can make you a better influencer or even a teacher because people will feel that you’re just like them and will be happy to share your own stories with you.    

  • Write Ingredients and Steps Even You’ve Mentioned in the Video 

People are different in their way of comprehending information, and you need to cover all their differences and don’t fell anyone behind. Don’t forget that millions of bloggers are waiting for this moment to grape the attention of your audience.

That said, whether you show the ingredients and steps in your video or not, you should write them explicitly in the caption. It will make it easier for your followers to tackle your recipe and come back anytime to know the instructions without watching the video every time.

Show your ingredients in a list-post format and use funny emotions to make it more creative. Also, use simple and clear steps without using not standard equipment. (if that is necessary, make sure to suggest a place to find this thing)

It’s also a good idea to use what you have on hand and recommend alternatives if possible. That’s how you can add real value to your audience. 

Important: Your ultimate goal is not to be a famous blogger or a creative food creator (even if they are real reasons behind blogging). Alternatively, you need to see your followers’ pain points and address a solution that will improve their lives.

  • Be Specific and Clear

If you choose to publish on more than one social media platform, be specific about your big idea and goal from being on each one. Then, build a strategy that fits the features of each one.

And answer these questions:

  • Why am I here?
  • What’s the action I want followers to take after seeing this?
  • Who do I target on this website?
  • What will make me fulfilled after publishing my content?
  • What motivates me most?

These simple questions should bear in mind every time you press post on your account. Both new and well-established brands have realised the importance of being specific and clear on their goals. And the results often pay off.

If you don’t have time to manage 3 accounts on different social media channels, focus on just one. High-quality work is always better than mediocre with unsatisfied results.   

  • Share Your Own Stories

People like stories, there is no doubt about that. And when it comes to personal stores, people become more sentimental. They need to figure out who you are, and they need to know that you’re a human and normal person just like them.

Get them inspired by specific details when you prepare a recipe, how everyone liked what you’ve cooked, and when they can make this recipe. Share a family gathering photo and ask people to do so.

Indeed, Instagram, Youtube, or any other platform has become a business hub to let people know you, but in the first place, they are social networks. People appreciate those who communicate with them socially and intimately. 

So, be yourself and show your personality. Put an effort when writing a caption or sharing a new recipe to help your followers see a little bit of what you’re like. Talk more to your followers to encourage them to get connected with you. Your personality is your identity, which makes your blog special.

Remember: you don’t need to be an expert. Social media folks can get satisfied with the minimum level of expertise if only you’re honest and valuable with them.

  • Just Start

Please don’t put it off until you are able to create the most fascinating content ever. Or you’re waiting for the perfect moment. Let’s face it: there is no perfect moment. It’s an illusion to push you away from putting your goals into action. Once you have understood the previous tips, there is no reason to wait.

Take the first photo, add captions including your recipe, use the right hashtags, and let the world see your gift.

There is no need to be an expert in anything. You just share your experience from your perspective. So, naturally, you might make mistakes, lose followers, and sometimes no one will give you the attention you deserve. All of that is part of the process. 

Fun Fact: I am writing a post about recipes and advice on creating food content on social media channels, but it doesn’t mean I am super in making such a thing. People love authentic stories, which sometimes include mistakes and frustration— where perfection is neither natural nor desirable because you’re human! So, don’t be shy to share your own.

  • It’s Not So Easy as it Sounds 

Sorry, not sorry! But it’s the truth.

Blogging is a fun game, and the excitement will double when writing and picturing something cool like food. You’ll attend festivals of autumn and spring fruits, prepare feasts, and try out exotic sandwiches or seafood to write about in your blog, inspiring others with your favourite gastronomic adventures. Or maybe travel across Europe to pick the best cuisines around the world. 

But how many blog posts, pins, and vlogs have you seen that tell you how EASY-PEASY it is to have a blog?

The arrival of the blogging idea begins with YAHOO!

I will be super famous, and all people will talk about me because my recipes will be unique and mouthwatering. I will gain thousands of followers in just a few days. And it’s only a matter of time till I have my brand and business.

Then the results came so far from your expectations. 

You might be frustrated and disappointed, and your energy may come under zero! “It’s not such a good idea; let’s shift to something more valuable than that.” All these thoughts will run through your mind if only you don’t get well-prepared for what you’ll go through.

First, who told you that blogging is easy? 

Absolutely, it’s not, and it’s not the easiest way to generate income. 

If you want an easy way of living, blogging is not one of them.

Well, why did we tell you that now, after all these long steps?

Because it’s well-rewarding, but after a while and extended hours from crafting worthy content, trying out many ways to do things, snapping lovely photos, and spending a tremendous amount of time to figure out what your audience like most (that’s what no one will tell you!) 

It will require all your focus. And if — only if— you have all of these, you can be a successful blogger. But never, ever think blogging is easy! Your passion is not enough; in this case, your deduction is much more critical.  

In general, set reasonable expectations, talk to other food bloggers, learn from their mistakes, participate in events where all the food industries are involved, and be patient. Finally, don’t say a word to them when people roll their eyes telling you, “Blogging is easy!”. Just let them try and see how hard it is! 

Before we go to the best recipes, you should post them on your food blog, you just need to know that ads are an effective paid method to gain more followers and likes, but it’s not the perfect one if you just get started on your food blog. Just focus on awesome, catchy, informative content and other steps we mentioned. After that, explore how you get followers up.   

50 Amazing Recipes for Your Food Blog

Seems you’re serious about your food blog! Good for you. It’s a perfect time to share your knowledge and passion with the world. 

The next step is to set a list of recipes for your food blog and determine when you can prepare, photograph and edit.

If you’re the sort of person who spends most of your time preparing, shopping for the best ingredients, and sourcing, you should start by writing down all your monthly recipes not to feel overwhelmed while putting your plan into action. 

So, we have compiled a number of colourful recipes that are easy to make and, most importantly, will help your food blog to get noticed! 

  • Make Your Big MAC: Double Cheese Burger

Everyone dreams about taking a bite from this juicy burger. But ordering MAC is not a very great idea. It’s unhealthy and costs a bunch of pounds, especially if your kids are crazy about a happy meal, like all the worldwide kids.

Actually, no one can blame them! But what about preparing your own MAC in your kitchen with really handy steps. And don’t worry so much about the fantastic MAC sauce; we will tell you some hecks to make it in no time.

Okay, you will please your kids and family or wether! So who will be responsible for satisfying your followers? 

Of course, this burger as well. No matter who your audience is, it will catch their attention, freezing them instantly to check out your recipe or maybe reward you with following. (Otherwise, unless you’re trying to reach health-conscious people! Posting a burger photo on your blog doesn’t make sense, but it will also derail all of your hard work!)

Quick tip: Writing is a brilliant way to show up your power and share some tips to better prepare for the recipe. So, it’d be a good idea if you create your blog or website to introduce yourself to Google. But, of course, it wouldn’t be done without a customised domain if you wanted to set up a personal brand. 

  • Nothing Can Be Easier Than Grilled Corn Dog

A proper meat-fest (okay, not truly meat, to be honest!), this corn is just so good! Though everyone knows how to cook a corn dog, many don’t remember when looking for a quick dinner, snacks, lunch, or anytime you want to pick something with you on a long working day.

So, when you share it on your blog, you will get reaches and shares from anyone searching for something, just like the taste of the carnival. Also, almost no ingredients are required to prepare this super easy dish. You just need less than 10 minutes to whip up and invite everyone to take a corn steak on a weeknight.

These reasons make the grilled corn dog great for cookouts or state fairs, and definitely your photo session on publishing on your food blog. So many ideas are on the table to make great content with this comfort food. So post on your blog and write something like, “let’s celebrate food together!” and watch how this incredible picnic recipe is beloved by thousands of people.  

Quick tip: Find something that sparks you when creating your food content. It’s not just about sharing BBQ while celebrating different occasions. You need to define your category and niche where you get ready to prepare other recipes without having trouble coming up with new ideas. Meanwhile, don’t go so more profound that you get so bored shooting. For example, it doesn’t make sense to just blog about ice cream, and then you’ll run out of ideas, except you’ll open an ice cream shop. That’s definitely not the way you should go for. Instead, be a desert food blogger.

  • Indian Saag

If you’re going Indian, get ready with this decadent dish. Of course, you know much more about Indian cuisines if you travel to India. But what if you have no plans to go there! It would be a pity to miss out on all this warm, spicy and pleasant food.

That’s why we suggest this recipe to shine on your blog and surprise your follower with this extraordinary traditional plate.

The only thing you should consider when reviewing the steps and ingredients of Saag is to use components they can easily find. Of course, it’s a wholesome recipe since it has a base of chickpeas and spinach coated with a handful of refreshing herbs and spices. 

Moreover, cooking Saag means introducing a friendly budget, vegan, and free-gluten meal to your followers, making your content shareable, unique and catchy for different tastes. So rustle up this curry dish on weekend nights but prepare it ahead of time to be able to capture a fantastic photo before the sunset. (because the natural light is much better. You still remember, don’t you!)  

Quick tip: If you want to share like this dish, you don’t need to dedicate all of your blog topics to these finds of traditional food. You can, for example, choose one day for exotic local gourmet from all over the world. That’s how you should think when planning out your calendar. 

  • Special Burger For Vegan Followers

Burger and vegan in one sentence! How it can be even possible!

Yes, it’s possible— or you might tell it’s 50% likely 🙂

Well, we cheated by adding 5% fat minced beef mixed with another vegetable just to have the credit to call it BURGER!

However, it’s incredible for your food content if you’re a fitness blogger and wants to share something different from just green or fruit salad and these kinds of somewhat boring stuff (excuse me! Yes, they are pretty dull even if you can not spell this out or even if you have to eat them! It will never change the truth! They are boring)

So, why do we call this burger vegan? Because you will create our meatballs with shreds of carrots and courgettes to use less meat and more veggies.   

Try this fantastic combination on your morning routine if you have time to do with these nests of puffy bread loaded with pickles, tomatoes, and onion rings.

If you choose to bring it to the table for a weeknight, you can add whipped egg whites with a yolk in the centre to entice your kids to have a hand on your vegetable burger, or for a much better session, but we will not tell that to your family 😉

Important: Don’t tell your kids your secret about the vegan burger. It’s a typically detachable burger, and I bet anyone will notice the difference. And to totally hide the footprints of vegetables, peel the outer green layer of courgettes before slicing them into strips. 

  • Creative Egg Toast

To keep your family and follower surprised and amazed, prepare this sunshine dish, and you will get many lovely comments from both. Of course, we all love eggs, but sometimes boiled or scrambled become far from perfection or a beautiful dish to gain more followers.

But by making something like this unique egg, you’ll have a better chance to attract your target, who can be busy moms, single parents, or a teenager who wants to whip up a creative egg toast.

Roast the toast in the oven if desired to have plenty of textures, or you can keep it tender. It’s totally up to you. 

This meal will take around 20 minutes to prepare and should be eaten fresh. So, if you want to make it your morning treat, wake up as early as possible to have enough time to pulse the egg by the mixer and roast the toast; of course, create a reel or take a photo before serving it.  

Important: If you choose to start with an actual blog or website, it’d be better to hire someone to create the layout, theme, design, logo, categories and so on. It’s absolutely fine if you prefer to design it on your own to save cash in the very early phase of blogging. Choosing from the ready template will take half the time required to start from scratch.

  • Healthy Sweety Beets Salad

To have a food blog is a fun idea to establish a personal brand for you, but the bloggers’ skill level, high-profile accounts with creative ideas and unbeatable pics, and free time exceed most normal moms. But it’s not the case time; take our sweety beets salad as an example.

The bright colour of this veggie will be a lovely addition to your Instagram gallery. You just need to take the amazing shot, make some edits to balance the different hues and press post. This recipe is for all kinds of food bloggers. A healthy-style blog just fits in, or if you’re a vegan blogger, nothing can be wrong with beets salad. Even if you don’t care so much about calories and the delicious recipes are much more essential for you, suggest this salad as a side dish.

Make it anytime you want; it can be stored in the refrigerator for a couple of days. However, to capture the best shot, take the beets picture once you’ve done it. Also, it will take less than 5 minutes to combine all things together to be ready for photography or service.   

If you have an air fryer, use it to roast the beets. It will be a surprising twist on a classic. 

Important: For awesome photos, bring a reflector to reflect all light on your shot scene, forcing all shadows to run away. And if you want to start out your blog more professional, it’d be better if you invest in a DSLR camera to get more crisp and sharp photos. But be cool with your phone, especially if you’re willing to go out to cover some food events and review some restaurants. 

  • Spanish Bacon Salad

Spain is a popular tourist destination for many reasons. People go there to see its art museums, epic structures, and breathtaking beaches, and I see this delicious cuisine should be among their reasons.

Indeed, suppose you’re lucky to find the exact ingredients of Spanish salad. In that case, we guarantee that everyone at the table will love this ultimate combo loaded with refreshing flavours and textures. And, of course, your online people will save tons of time to come back to prepare it when they’re ready. So it’s a keeper, perfect for lunch, late dinner, or even for your next backyard gatherings. 

There are many ways to serve it and share your nourishing and comforting recipe online. I prefer to eat it plain; it’s delicious enough that there is no need to bring anything behind. Also, any desired soup can be served to have an inspiring feast. 

The Spanish bacon salad is a healthy bowl of tomatoes and cabbages topped with shredded mozzarella. But we’d love to add bacon to make it more appealing for social media trends. But if you will go for this dish, leave a note that bacon is optional for those who couldn’t be comfortable with it. 

In this recipe, you coat the salad with creamy and tangy dressing to take the whole thing to the next level. 

Important: If you’re starting out as a food blogger, it’s essential to know some basics about food styling. If you want to personalise your page and create a stunning palette, it’s a way you should take. Also, shop for some trendy bowls and dishes to use on your shots. They can make the magic by turning the most boring scenes into an amazing look with some food styling crops like some decorative glasses and a knife.  

  • Outstanding Potato Salad

Still looking for recipes for your blog? Don’t prepare these old-fashion kinds of mashy potato salads. Instead, make this one. It’s one of our favourites. Easy to make. Rich in nutrients. Looking so good in photos! We make it more flavorful by adding piles of creamy dressing, which make it so much better than classic and traditional potatoes salads loaded with mayo.  

It’s as delicious as any dish you’d order at a fancy restaurant and with cheap ingredients. Your followers will love you more once you take this recipe to your social media pages because it has something for everyone. This potato salad is delicious enough for foodies, healthy sufficient for gym junkies, and brilliant enough for Instagram addicts. Of course, it’s pretty possible to find something that will magnate different people with different preferences. But this salad will do.

It will take around 30 minutes to prepare, so we suggest bringing it to life on weekends to have time to rustle it up and then decorate your location to capture completely Instagram-worthy photos.

You can categorise it under baby food, picnic meals, or side dishes for BBQ parties because it’s not just tasty— it’s indulgent, combining beautifully with so many other cuisines.  

Quick tip: before taking a shot, add more details to your scenes like an accent towel, lovely antiques, crazy forks, and other unique kitchen utensils. However, investing in props can be rewarding, which adds layers of interest to your page but don’t overuse it or even spend money on something you can afford in favour of your blog. Be wise and grow slowly, and don’t be shy to look mediocre at first. Then, you will gain enough knowledge to brighten up your photos with fewer expenses. 

  • Surprising Tangy Vinaigrette 

On the days you don’t have enough power to cook or do so many steps, or even if you have nothing in your pantry, this recipe is perfect for updating your content without so many things to do or buy. Definitely, your fans will love it, and it can gain so much popularity along the way.

The only challenge you could face is how to take a good photo without looking bland. It’s possible if you depend on other props to support the full shot. After that, nothing can stop you because it would be an incredible treat to put it on everything. 

After combing all ingredients together, you will find out exactly how an excellent dressing makes your salads so good. It involves simple and fresh ingredients without purchasing these readymade sauces that never have the same taste level.

To make this pleasant dressing, mix olive oil, freshly squeezed lemon and white vinegar. Shake gently and leave to rest for a while.

If you want to add some creativity to your page, capture a video in slow-motion while you’re shaking the sealed jar and ask your followers to do so and dm you for similar photos. 

Pro tip: Take advantage of free tools to hone your editing skills. For incredible Pinterest graphics that will make your content more sharable, use Canva. It will help you a lot to design many different photos within 2 minutes, like swipe-up stories for Instagram and create reels to publish on Tiktok or Facebook or Instagram or even on YouTube stories. If you need more features, upgrade your account to enjoy damn beautiful content.   

  • Basil- Lemon Juice  

It’s hard to attract your audience’s attention when posting about something familiar, not creative, or all people know about it. At the same time, it shouldn’t be hard to follow or put into action. So, why would they follow you! Social media marketing is all about making a difference in people’s life. Even when preparing something so simple as lemon juice, be unexpected! Adding mint to lemon juice is overrated, but replacing it with basil is extraordinary. 

That’s how you can be an influencer where thousands of people will be eager to listen to you. Because they want to try this new thing or even they could reduce the whole idea and will leave a comment expressing their opinions which will be suitable for your engagement in the end.

Also, you need to think of the time of posting each recipe. And I don’t refer to specific hours of the day when people are online and more active (of course, it’s important too), but the weather condition.

For example, our frozen basil lemon juice with a foggy glass in a sunny shot should be posted on hot days when people tend to find some fresh homemade beverages to prepare. But with this approach, you will guarantee more reach, engagement, shares and exposure.

Quick tip: Storytelling is the most effective way to have a successful blog. When writing about a recipe, not just review ingredients and instructions- Build a story around this dish, like what happened when you served it to your family, who taught you this recipe, what is the best time to prepare and so on. 

  • Scottish Shortbread 

When you want to reward your audience, learn how to prepare this delicious dessert, Scottish shortbread, even if your food blog is not about these sweety staff, so just when you thought your weekend would be boring, you switch it up by combining heaps of beautiful things together to decorate your page with this Scottish pride. 

The whole preparation process will take only 20 minutes, but you’d have to leave it for at least 2h to let the shortbread rest to soak up all the fantastic chocolate filling. So, make it the first thing after waking to be able to have a superb shot, or you can prepare it tonight and leave it in the refrigerator.

These exotic cookies loaded with goodness and toppings with creamy caramel are perfect for moms who want their children to involve in cooking without losing their minds because the mess will be limited with little steps and ingredients.

If you have a special gathering with your old friends, bring it with you and don’t forget to share this moment with your fans to add a personal touch to your account. That’s how you can build a relationship with your people, which will be beneficial when turning it from just blogging to a business.

Quick tip: Don’t start a food blog if you’re willing to put in the work. Blogging is not just creating magnificent spicy Chinese-style noodles coated with sauce or toast piled onto soft bacon. It’s so much like so much work from shooting, editing, copywriting, website designing, and chef. That’s what people mean when they say they are food bloggers. 

  • Lamb Taco 

Do you know that Mexico receives millions of travellers yearly just because of its rich cuisines? Yes, of course, if you decide to travel there, there are many things you should put on your list. Of course, you want to tour ancient temples and museums, take photos next to its famous and significant landmarks, and dive on its incredible beaches, but the first hand you will be crave to taste something like lamb taco.

This recipe can be done in many ways, but we prefer the slow cooker to guarantee the result you are searching for and, of course, receive thousands from your followers telling you that they have tried your recipe and it was the best ever.

Most of the work can be finished in just 6 minutes. The only thing you need to know before combining everything together is the cooking of lamb could last for more than 6h. So, if you’re making a taco feast, you need to consider the time. 

But the taste will blow your mind since this Latin stuffed tortilla is loaded with different flavours and textures with all its tips and tricks from my Mexican friend’s kitchen. And they will look WOW, a typical instagrammable dish.

Quick tip: To grab your target by the collar, add all information they would ask, like the best lamb for this recipe and how to cook and answer their questions in the comments to increase the spectrum around your account. And if you want to include any other details, write a blog post and leave the link in the same post, on the bio, and your story. Gaining traffic to your website is as important as increasing your follower count.  

  • Exotic Burrito

As we are talking about Mexico, of course, we have to pause for a minute to mention the pleasure behind sailing the Colorado River! Not just kidding! of course, we need to prepare something delicious and super fragrant like a burrito. Making this at home and posting it on your social media accounts will attract thousands of huge fans around there for a good reason. It’s effortless to make and comes together in no time!

Our burrito can be done in the air fryer in just minutes. You just need to purchase good tortillas, crispy and fresh, and then fill them with your favourite toppings. Fillings can be beef, chicken, or any veggies if you need to prepare a vegetarian dish for your family or followers.

It’s sure to become your desired recipe for summer fun nights or surprise your Mexican neighbourhood or friends on national occasions. 

Also, it’s a way to help your followers break the routine by preparing some traditional dishes to learn more about other cultures.

And for a pleasant time, shop some Mexican stuff like a sombrero, take a crazy family photo, introduce your family to your followers, and always use the right hashtags to magnate the right persons. That’s how bloggers become real influencers.

Quick tip: If you want to have sharable blog posts, you need to focus more on headlines. It’s not enough to make a family favourite meal and expect that your post will get visited a lot. The headline is a keeper, and no one will even notice your easy and healthy homemade recipes without using the right words when crafting the headline. At the same time, make it simple, and clear and promise the reader a clear benefit from checking out your piece.  

  • Delicious Curry

This curry mix may sound inviting and strange for some, but it’s worth a try! Serve it over rice or in pita pockets with tahini sauce to balance the intense flavours and call this lazy curry dish dinner. It’s an easy and delicious addition to any feast in summer. Also, it’s a great way to use any leftover veggies and herbs, let your blog shine with a magical recipe and feed your hungry family or guests simultaneously.

Our chickpea curry comes perfectly at the end of the week when you’re run out of ideas, the fridge is almost empty, and you have zero tendencies to go to the grocery to shop for some stuff for your dinner. However, if you want to enjoy your time right during off days, eat chickpea curry on flatbread for a whimsical start to your vacation. 

The secret is in the simple chickpea spicy mixture, which makes all the difference. Consequently, even if you don’t have many products in your kitchen, just try to purchase the same herbs, including coriander, chilli powder, garam masala, ginger, and cumin. 

Quick tip: However you should share what your audience love; you also need to be authentic with what you’re talking about. Don’t immerse yourself in recipes you don’t like just to gain followers. Your job will be much hard, and you will lose your spark immediately because you don’t feel what you produce. Instead, find your passion through what you do to keep going without giving up.

  • Flavoured Corn on the Cob

When the warm weather arrives, all we have to do is whip up the simplest meal imaginable. There is no need for hours in the presence of oven heat. It’s an easy and delicious side dish, or you can prepare it to pick it up with you on a long day filled with meetings and hectic tasks. In addition, it’s a super healthy snack. So, if you’re a busy woman whose days are packed enough that there is no possibility to spend time in your kitchen, you should get this advice from other mom food bloggers, “Recipe ideas that will make your life simpler should always be held on to!”

That’s why we see this corn recipe is all you need.

Plus, you can arrange it in different ways to capture amazing photos or videos to create reels that could get a buzz. 

We get unsalted butter to make our corn polish up with golden sauce and gain an extra delicious flavour. But if you want to offer only healthy food for your fans, skip the butter step. Anyway, we believe eating well by following a balanced regime is a way to have a good mood and shape. So, there is no shame about adding a tiny amount of fats from time to time to have a favourable bite that will make your meal taste like a million bucks if you order it from an upscale eatery. 

Quick tip: Blog growth takes time, assuming you’ll follow a strict schedule, no matter which platform you’ll use. Otherwise, don’t get started in building your blog. Patience is a must here, and your mindset should level up to embrace this concept.

  • Easy Pancakes

Flat pancakes make for sad days when you are tired and want to captivate your kids with something unexpected. But most of the time, it doesn’t work.

So, skip these traditional layers with this Japanese-style version. It’s a hit! 

That’s said, when life gives you time and honey, make pancakes. It’s cosy that comfort you with every bite, and we promise it will have you coming back for more to gain more connections once you post at the exact time, which is in the morning. Pancakes have become widely known throughout the world because they are real blessings.  

It’s fun because we choose the optimal way to make it with inexpensive ingredients.

There are different fruits or sweet sauces to enhance your pancake’s taste and look, but keeping it simple has advantages too.

First, you’d save time and effort by posting the same recipe many times with different toppings and photos; once plain puffy cake glazing with honey, another time topping with blueberries, and the last with chocolate. You can even double this recipe in more than 10 ways using different garnishing nuts, fruits, and sauce. The only thing you need to consider is to avoid posting them in the same week or even month. One pancake every 2 months is much better. Or you can take advantage of special occasions to encourage your followers to prepare your special pancake. 

Second, everyone in the world loves pancakes, no matter where your followers are from. 

Quick tip: Don’t start your food blog If you’re not willing to learn and invest in yourself. Some people think that they will find all steps online, and it’s to some extent. But it’d be beneficial to get advice from experts and follow their ways to grow your food blog. They will have thousands of secrets and tools that can be surprisingly helpful for you. Consequently, registering for a food blogging course is always a lovely idea. 

  • Healthy Green Courgette

Many many food bloggers are around, and we’re not dissing anyone doing that, but you should be picky when it comes to recipes you share on your social media channels or a website.

We wish we had some magic secrets to share, but, unfortunately, you have hard work to amuse your followers. 

The truth is people’s tastes can not be expected but, on the other hand, people love trying new things. When we come across something that we may not be familiar with, we stop for a while to discover what it’s all about, especially regarding food. Your job is to arouse your folks’ curiosity with these recipes, grilled courgette.

This kind of recipe can go a long way for photographing, cookouts, and easy dinners. 

You can cook this dish with many different methods but using an air fryer is a shortcut to satisfying impact— crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. The fryer will make it in less than 15 minutes with the optimal texture, and then you can smother the courgette slices in a sweet and tangy homemade sauce mixing oil with lemon. (I need to make a confession just right here, I have tried many things in the air fryer when I want to lose weight naturally, and nothing gets wrong with it!) 

It can serve as a side dish or a whole dinner for a free-gluten diet.   

Quick tip: Filling your blog with stunning photos and perfect shots is the way to go. Of course, your followers are waiting for step-by-step tutorials, and video shows to show them how exactly they can make your delicious recipes. But showing your vulnerable side is a brilliant strategy to help people know more about your struggles and personality. It could be tricky because overusing this approach might be alienated. So, keep an eye on your voice. 

  • Shrimp Kabobs

Try something different this night and purchase ½ bounce of shrimp. Filled with vitamins and minerals, shrimps should have a position on your blog occasionally until you find no one hits like to your post, and I bet it could even happen! Of course, shrimp kabobs are perfectly roasted in your air fryer, but we prefer to grill the shrimp skewers to treat our noise with this pleasant aroma, or you could tell it’s a feast for all your sense. Also, grilling will make these juicy creatures custardy on the inside and golden on the outside. 

Also, if you want to get a crispy texture, bash shrimp with our inspiring marinade saturated with soy sauce, ginger and vinegar; shrimp can be sliced lengthwise if they’re thick enough to help them soak up the fragment and taste of your homemade dressing. 

Shrimp kabobs are easy to make, which means you can still embrace the delights of posting on your social pages without wasting time you don’t have.

These grilled kabobs are beautiful for BBQ. If you need to give your followers new creative ideas rather than just beef, they are like kebabs, so they would enchant anyone who sees your reel or photo, and they will save your post.

Most importantly, they are perfectly tender-crisp with no fats (hardly any oil), making them ideal for your fitness blog.  

Quick tip: Cooking is filled with joys. But avoid dealing with your food blog with this outlook. You have to focus on your ultimate goal before leaving any posts around. Highlight how easy the recipe is; at the same time, they are just plain delicious. Even if your recipe includes so many steps, make it more readable for your readers, explain alternatives to ease the process or even offer intelligent techniques to break it down— just like preparing some ingredients ahead of time. They will flee if you bombard them with so many tips! 

  • Plum Scones 

I am excited to share with you some of our family favourites. Just a delightful breakfast entree with sunny chunks of plums will make your day even better, and your followers will thank you for this later. You also would love to have a bite with a cup of tea or coffee in the morning or during the sunset sitting on your quint terrace on summer nights. 

This homemade recipe is terrific when you have an abundance of local fruits on your fridge, and you don’t want to eat them plain because they are wilting or solid enough. That means you can make your scones with any kind of summer produce. Or you might polish it up with piles of sauce. Then, just put them together in some types of art.

Plus, it’s ideal if you want to pamper yourself during the breaks. And there are endless ideas to capture breathtaking photos or a one-minute reel. For example, recode a shot while pouring your tea over a classic cup and your desirable scones take their leading position behind your hot drink. Also, you can think up other creative backgrounds from your window. Just leave your imagination to conjure up striking pics.   

There is nothing healthy in these special biscuits, but remember that providing your body with the nourishment it needs is essential to feel and function.

Quick tip: To open the share faucet of your content, have the freedom of enjoying and hopping on your favourite food if and only if they have followed the same theme you need to highlight. Otherwise, you should feel guilty because your blog will bring the sense of a roller coaster ride to your followers.

  • Absolute Lemonade

You can promote yourself as a juice maker and only post all possible recipes to delight your pages and blog refreshing beverages. Or you can publish a perfect way to brighten up your table with this tropical milkshake lemon. That means there is always a way to integrate a new topic with your blog theme. You just need to be savvy when introducing different patterns and find the best time and most relevant recipe for the whole picture of your blog. 

For example, prepare our milkshake lemonade on hot days, even if you’re a dessert specialist. On the other hand, it sounds crazy if a pastry chef talks about the best vinaigrette recipe or ginger-soy chicken. If you are a talented cooker, you are most likely to prepare irrelevant cuisines, but targeting all tastes is impossible. 

This creamy lemonade is full of freshness, coming with only four ingredients. Just make sure to give them a good pulse to avoid having crunchy veggies from lemon zest.

Also, when planning out your content to talk about this absolute lemonade, show different ways to make your recipe meet possible exceptions, such as coconut or almond milk instead of whole milk. Applying multiple optional ingredients will guarantee that your content will gain shares in all the leading social networks you’d use because the people already find it serving their needs.   

Quick tip: Try to figure out the recipes people have clicked on most on Google and social media in recent months. This data will give you insights into trends and what span followers’ attention more.

  • Lair Hot Dogs

Once you start blogging, you might receive questions about the subject of alternatives to processed meat fairly often because their kids love these unhealthy saturated types. So at this point, you should end up with an even improvisation.

Our lair hot dog is a stunner. We get it inspired by Love and Lemons blog. First, it seems somewhat weird to build your hot dog buns with grilled carrots, but after a little bit, we became obsessed with it, actually. And you might get the same experience if you only follow our instructions. 

So, why do we call it to lair hot dogs? Because they do 🙂

They have the same appearance as hot dogs but are just marked carrots. But what about the taste? Using our described marinade will give you the same durable hot dog taste. The trick for making the crispiest vegan hot dog is to peel the carrots so well to get rid of the tough skin without losing its firm consistency. We’d love to serve it with chicken wings and tahini dip to make it more inviting.  

I bet you’ll deceive your family and followers because no one will uncover your secret without reading the captions.  

Quick tip: According to the Buzzsumo Content Trends Report 2018, only 50% of online content get a mere 4 shares or maybe fewer across all social media platform based on a sample including 100 million posts on different topics. That means you should sit down to compile your best tips for food and recipes to survive in this noisy world.  

  • Spicy Fish Snack

The whole family are going to devour these spicy fried fish while watching their favourite movie. But, of course, everyone will compete to eat more with none of the grease splatters from the fish, And the good news is that Thai-style fish is easy to make right at home, and you will get the same intense flavours.

Serve it with french fries, set your location behind any natural light, and let your followers see how it’s so simple to prepare any time; everyone will love making them too.

And before serving it or taking photos of this wow plate, be ready with barbecue sauce, dip the fish in, and record the moment while enjoying these little pockets of goodness, “Mmm… yummy!” Of course, it’s always better to make a large batch of the sauce to use it with other cuisines adding a desirable delicacy. Just bring a large package of Cheetos and immerse its crunchy puffs in our sauce, and that’s it.

Also, you can post barbecue sauce alone on another day and take a rest to prepare a new thing.

Post it to celebrate weeknights and encourage your followers to try it. It’s perfect for potlucks on picnic days. I also love making this dish as a lunch option if I have a long day.

The only challenge here is to season the fish with our favourite spice blend to leave it for the latest 2 hours to let it absorb all flavours before frying. 

Any fish is ideal for this recipe, but please make sure that it’s fresh enough to get the best taste.  

Quick tip: Always suggest different methods of making and cooking to your followers. For example, an air fryer takes less time to cook than any other traditional way. And the same time doesn’t look like you’re a salesperson who cares a lot about receiving their small commission, even if it’s true. Being authentic is most important than anything else.

  • Delicate Chicken Wings

Busy times require creativity to make the best of what you have and feel satisfied with what you’re offering to your family, work, and of course, your blog.

You need to appreciate easy snacks that can be done in a minute with a hint of sweetness. That’s why we can’t stop writing about lean and moist chicken wings. They make a nice change on any weekend night. Also, they can be a perfect appetiser when inviting your family or neighbourhoods to special occasions. 

Our delicate chicken wings are as easy as pie, and you can make the whole recipe in one sitting.   

The good part is that this meal is cheap; all you need is a kg of wings and some other herbs available in your pantry. So make it to feed hungry tummies when you run out of energy in the midweek.

And remember the barbeque sauce you prepared in the previous fish snack; you can use it again. (See, that’s how you can run a successful blog without killing so much time!)

Moreover, when you stack ’em up chicken brushed with our mouth-watering sauce, they make the amazing brunch photo. And you can suggest serving it with rice or mashed potatoes for a full dinner. 

Quick tip: Before posting any photo on your blog, please remember what your followers expect from you: easy and exotic recipes, life is complicated enough, and food shouldn’t be, from where they can find special herbs or ingredients, how much time it takes to cook and serve, how they can serve your recipe, and why you love this recipe. Give your readers compassion, and they will give you the support you’re looking for. 

  • Empanadas

Empanadas are a copycat version of the one from Egyptian Goulash or Phyllo meat. You can debate about this fact based on your origin. People would say it’s Greek, others think it’s Mexican, and maybe you can find a group that refers to it as a Levatia recipe.

That’s what you should avoid when blogging on social media doesn’t make the statement about the originality of recipes unless you are 100% sure about it (no one can say pasta is an American invention!)

Instead, you can share a history of the cuisine with your followers and ask them to share their opinions. That’s how you can maximise engagement on your page. 

Back to Empanadas, from ground beef and a sheet of crust dough or soft package filo, this recipe will be your favourite after you follow our secret to rustle it up. 

If you have an air fryer, it’d be better to get rid of the frying step, making it loaded with fats. And undoubtedly, you, your family, and your fans will love it.

Consequently, even if your blog is based on only healthy recipes, your followers go wild when you share this thing with them. It would help if you changed their mind about how healthy food should look and highlighted the importance of incorporating more wholesome food into their daily routine. Having balanced-delicious recipes for eating everything without guilt is key to cooking and blogging more enjoyable and fulfilling your folks’ needs.

Quick tip: Your blog would be a trustful platform to express your thoughts, so make it a helpful guide. It’s not just about posting dramatic photos; you also should honour and recognise a new lifestyle which is as important as being fit.

  • Veggies Mix

You might get bored from your first day when you decide to go green and put your beef meals down. But it wouldn’t happen if you use up our vinaigrette to marinade the vegetable before grilling, which will shift the whole thing yielding a brighter flavour and fewer calories. 

While a 1-to-2-acid-to-oil ratio is perfect for making a tangy dressing, we prefer to make some changes to this formulation to reduce its savoury taste (1-to-1 ½ would be more than enough.)

However, the most common mistake food bloggers usually make is to put all their focus on the look to make their photos shine. Yes, it’s absolutely right, but people also need to make delicious food. And when you find out a better way to make any recipe by adding a particular herb or a hidden technique, be generous and tell your followers your secret to encourage them to get engaged with what you’re offering.

Also, when to do so, make it explicit to let them know that it’s a precious piece of information, but you unveil it for their sake. 

Our veggies mix will make you love this combination for good. It’s a mix of cauliflower, carrots, mushrooms, onions, and some refreshing herbs to season. Pair it with an ice-cold beer on weeknights or in BBQ backyards to maximise fun— there’s nothing better!

Quick tip: Don’t get stuck with your screen tracking the number of shares. The internet is loaded with content, posts, and blog posts about any and everything. And if your long-waiting post gets only five shares, throw a party because you have made such a success by exceeding Buzzsumo’s average. 

  • Pork Burger 

You will be more likely to develop a successful food blog if you follow the guidelines of other amazing bloggers. You can find millions of ideas that would pop into your head unexpectedly, but this success might not grow over time.

After two months of launching your domain and social media packages, you’d notice your energy turned down because of the low engagement numbers and the routine behind every post from shopping, cooking, recording, photographing, writing, editing, publishing, and so and so.

That’s when you should inject your power with new ideas to prepare even ordinary burgers.

Listen up: everyone has their own spin that can make massive changes more than they might imagine. That’s why we always love our mom’s recipes, even if they are not the best, but because she has her own style. 

When my friend told me that she had cooked a pork burger at her home, it was weird initially because a burger is not rocket science. It’s chicken or beef, and we all choose the last option. But PORK! After a few attempts to make it more inviting, a pork burger becomes an acquired taste. 

Then this easy juicy, packed with tonnes of flavours, burger became my favourite recipe for pork. And now you can make it with simple ingredients. This puffy sandwich is succulent, and no need to add any complicated sauce. And about toppings? Be creative with whatever you like. 

Quick tip: Can I repeat my recipes? The short answer is absolute no. You can not rewrite or post about the same formula repeatedly. We understand how blogging is harsh, especially if it’s not your full-time job. But it can happen if you take another direction when talking about repeated recipes.

For example, talk about your favourite creamy potato salad twice using different photos or videos. The first can be about the ingredients and steps, and the second, tell a story about how you’ve been eating and making this delicious soft mix for over 30 years by adding some new serving techniques— like topped with tomato slices and shredded parsley.   

  • Middle Eastern Mozzarella Pizza 

No one thinks of making homemade pizza unless they want to just throw it away just after ending it up. It’s neither easy nor delicious. Also, some special backing equipment is needed. It takes as long a time to make as grilling a whole lamb.

Of course, it will be not like any pizza you like, and you’ll feel sham to serve it to your family (and your followers!) Not to mention that you don’t have the time to try out loser stuff. So, why do you want to learn the hard way while the easy way is already available?

*If your job is mainly a food blogger, then come on and try a little something as complicated as Italian or any other pastries you’d like. 

In this recipe, you’d use a premade pizza dough stuffed with mozzarella, and any other desired cheese, then pour a meat source over it before sending the baking sheet to the oven. 

Additionally, you can make your pizza from scratch and start by baking flour with milk, but life is so short to spend hours patting dough.

And the most important thing is that if your target is below 40 years old, no one will listen to this breading process just to make a pizza. (Why not just order pizza?) and they have a clue for sure.  

Quick tip: Don’t start a food blog if you think it will be an overnight success! It’s never going to happen. Instead, you need to slowly build up yourself and your community because all these small and simple steps will portray the whole picture of your success. And of course, you’d not be super mega famous without constantly doing this for years— yes, not days, not months, but years! Because you know, being realistic is a part of being successful.

  • Corn Salad

Most of us use corn as an optional addition to a salad, grilled veggies mix, or even stuff the crust with it. But a few who would take pride in crafting a dish with only a foundation of corn.

After preparing this bowl, you’d binge eat it. And there is nothing to worry about because it’s healthy, refreshing and nutritious.

It’s a typical summer combo filled with colourful things, super easy to cook, and will give you a chance to liven up your blog with stunning photos. 

How to make it? This recipe goes great with frozen or fresh corn, and it’s a must at a summer BBQ. And there is no need to cook the corn, just bring them directly to your salad bowl. We use here 7 simple ingredients, and we’re open to more suggestions (leave a comment below if you try it with different components). Just don’t replace cilantro with anything else. Its mild flavour will take your salad to a whole new level. 

This post will be more shareable by topping this crispy corn with cheese, bacon, or pepperoni. You can bring it to your next picnic or store it for a few days to take the shots whenever you’re free.

Certainly, this delicious salsa can be added to any food blog, but if you’re a fitness blogger, it’s the best because it’s filled with fibres which will help you feel full instantly. 

Important: controversial content is an easy way to have more shares, but not everything can be under fire. Sometimes, you’d raise a furore so much that it would bring haters to your account, and you’ll lose your followers and not just your followers (You know what I mean… yes, someone can easily sue you!) For example, highlight how serious the adverse effects of junkie food are.

  • Chinese Chicken

If you’ve enjoyed this sweety Chinese chicken at the restaurant or even if you haven’t tried it before, be prepared to love our version, which will be exactly similar to Three Cup Chicken Recipe.

The typical ingredient is adding a cup of three; sesame oil, soy sauce, and rice wine. And yes, that’s why it’s called Three Cup Chicken. 

Chinese dishes always have charm, and people can’t get tired of tyring out their unique techniques in cooking and mixing herbs. 

The only thing you need to know before including this in your list is that it might be tricky to take a good photo of it because the soy sauce makes your plate somewhat messy. The suitable method here is to take a close-up shot to cut down all surroundings and only focus on how delicious this chicken is. 

When preparing a recipe like this, you have two approaches; first, make it as it’s to make it original and just like a restaurant-quality dish. But it can’t be posted on your blog if you go for a healthy lifestyle. Otherwise, it can be possible to make a lighter copycat of this traditional detachable braised chicken dish by cutting down the amount of oil. At this point, you can publish it anywhere. But, of course, it’s still absolutely finger-licking!

Quick tip: Feel free to organise your blog with whatever you want. Some bloggers divide it into similar recipes under round-up categories like 50 best summer salads that everyone will love or best traditional bruschetta recipes for those who like learning about other cultures by their food. But, honestly, it’s a remarkable way to introduce your creative meals to readers, so they don’t have to dig through archives to find what they’re looking for.  

  • Matcha Cookies

When we say “don’t follow trends, create your own!” we mean making something like these matcha cookies. It’s exceptional, healthy, and cute-looking.

It’s for those who have a sweet tooth and don’t want to eat actual cookies, not to break their diet protocol. That’s when such enjoyable recipes will add value to your followers. Also, it’s a vegan and free-gluten treat. So, no worries at all.

It could need time to let the dough chill and bake in the oven another time. So, you might need to prepare it overnight and hold your photo session in the morning. However, recipes like this need more explanation by videos or preparation photos. So, if that is possible, you will kill it.

First, you’d receive reluctant comments from people who don’t think it’s a good idea to create sweet things from veggies. But you have to write a compelling caption to tell them how everyone should incorporate more nutrient-rich whole foods into their daily lives. 

Also, you need to help your followers hone their cooking skills by showing the difference between ingredients. Here, for example, you need to purchase vegan butter. Because it could be unavailable in all kitchens ( including mine, I don’t have it!), you should explain the difference between regular butter and this one, especially if it has a massive impact on your recipe.  

Important: Beginner bloggers always have the dilemma of copying others. They want to fill their blog with a mix of different authentic cuisines. But it doesn’t make any sense, especially if you’re new in this area and you don’t go beyond your country to explore more about other cultures and local cuisines. “Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation.” quoted by Mason Cooley, which is as true as I’m writing this. Being original is a bonus you will learn throughout your blogging path. Instead, you can imitate and then use your own taste to personalise the recipe. 

  • Blueberry Pound Cake 

Could I prepare a healthy cake for my healthy food list?

Yes, if you are ready to try out this blueberry pound cake which will put any bakery store to shame.

Perfect to go with any midday break or party table with a cup of tea alongside all the other delicious cakes. You also would love to use it as appetisers before your big dinner. It’s simple without daunting hours of fermentation or spending a fountain to enjoy it while sipping your coffee in a classy cafe. Just follow the exact techniques, tips, and tricks to make the perfect pound cake. 

The best (and my favourite) part of this cake is that the whole recipe can be done in a bowl which is one of the reasons why I don’t like baking pastries at home. That means no piles of dirty dishes are waiting for you after enjoying your cake.

Keep every ingredient in the same bowl and thoroughly combine till you have a soft and incorporated dough. Then transfer it to the baking sheet and cook it until golden.

However, to get the best result, you need to wrap the cake after baking for 1 day, keeping it inside an airtight container before serving. This technique will make it fluffier and puffier. 

You can use blueberries or any other favourite fruits. Also, you can repeat this recipe and change the filling every time. That’s how you can create more posts from just one idea.

Important: To make your content more popular, identify a severe problem your audience struggles with. For example, crispy cakes are the most common trouble when it comes to baking desserts. So, advise your followers on how to make it tender and keep it in this desirable consistency.

  • Coleslaw Salads

Everyone knows, but everyone forgets. Coleslaw is one of the classical salads that never gets old. And it works beautifully with any dish. I also love making it a light dinner when we get tired of all food. It’s a go-to recipe and a perfect treat on hot days. 

So, can I create a whole post about coleslaw?

Of course, you can! Noone on the planet doesn’t know what coleslaw is about, but a few remember it to make for picnics. Also, you can prepare large batches from it and store them for a week. That means you can keep it until you’re free to shoot, edit, and upload your fantastic work.

The last thing you need to keep in mind while wrapping it up is to use your creativity to make it in your style. So, when one of your followers tried it out and found it delicious, they would spread the word to their family or friends, calling it your coleslaw. And that’s how you’d build up your reputation step by step.

You’re not obligated to use carrots, cabbage, and radish. Instead, use red cabbage or even pumpkin, and coat them with your special homemade zesty and light dressing, which can liven up any meal.   

Most importantly, it’s colourful and will glow your online space.

Quick tip: You can set up a salad blog where you can share unpopular salads from each corner of the world. But to customise your brand, share some proven techniques to make the best of veggies. For example, why not talk about how to store cucumber without getting rotten so fast, whether you should soak beans or not, and how to cut off romaine lettuce. 

  • Crisp Fruit Cereal 

Chunky cereal has become part of the past. Our recipe will guarantee to have sweet and a little creamy.

Well, I grew up in a place where the streets are filled with small stands, and food street was everywhere, so making your decision to eat only healthy food wouldn’t be easy at all. However, irresistible spicy, delicious, and succulent stuffed takeaway meals were shining.

Many things around seemed more tempting to have a hand on and forget about fruits, salads, and other fresh food. 

But when I found out about this new crisp fruit cereal, I fall in love, and you will do, and of course, your followers. It’s totally homemade and doesn’t take as long to make as you’d think. Just 15 minutes and everything will be ready. It can be served for a special breakfast or on cold nights to warm your heart to no end. 

You can use blueberries only or gather up other favourite fruits. For me, when I find ripe strawberries, I bring them directly home to create my favourite crisp cereal. Blueberries and strawberries are always the perfect combinations for all-purpose, especially for tart and sweet. Make this light meal topped off with crispy nuts, and everyone will whizz through their dish. 

This recipe will surprise your followers because it goes perfect when no one has the creative energy to think up ideas for next week. Consequently, if you choose the theme of quick meal plans, everyone will stop awhile to give you some love because your blog will be an outstanding reference for anyone busy in this world who is a lot!

Quick tip: If you find new food blogs, be sure to follow and send them a message, or even snap a photo of a recipe inspired by them you tried recently to encourage the blogger to keep going. It’s a great way to introduce yourself to the food blogging community. 

  • A Full Asian Meal 

When you publish a recipe on your blog, make it fulfilled. That means you need to provide your followers with any side dishes to serve your cuisine. Or, if you have the ability to prepare a full meal, everyone will love you.

This one will comfort your folks because it’s a game-changer. It’s delicious, cheap, and easy. Just serve this glorious chicken over rice to have a typical Asian meal or with toasted bread.

Your chicken should be soaked in honey, but I always prefer adding some acid flavour by creating a simple marinade from vinegar or lemon juice and 2 teaspoons of oil and letting the breast chill for a while before grilling. 

And if you need a last-minute side dish, make the creamy tahini sauce. It’s a melting-pot meal gathering different cultures at the same table. But it’s how you help your blog win over the crowd. 

This dish is worth trying on weeknights or when you want to experience your Asian cooking skills. Also, you will want to cook it when you get enough from poor-quality Chinese-noodles orders. Chicken glazed with honey is here and ready to enjoy your warm family moments. 

The best is yet to come! You can use up any chicken leftover in your fridge by pouring our special sauce over them and bringing them to life.

Quick tip: The best food blog offers recipes for all levels, beginners and seasoned. However, if you prefer to choose only one category of them, please go ahead. Just keep in mind what beginners can and can’t do and don’t get in the trap of the cruse of knowledge.

  • Easy Chicken Pane


Are you serious? Do you really want to create a whole post on chicken pane? That’s insane!

And no one will give you even one like. It’s so straightforward that you tell others how to make a chicken steak.

You have a clue on all of these questions. You all know how to cook chicken pane, but not everyone knows the best way to bread the chicken. That’s how you post the best content possible and produce something worthwhile.

This technique will help you say goodbye to the mashy pane; now, you have golden and crispy chicken at the same time. Because breaded chicken shouldn’t be anything but a delicious treat, and that couldn’t happen without so many awkward failures and unforgettable mistakes. And once you figure out the shortcut, share it with your online people. 

Or, you can just try our method, which should start by setting all ingredients over the kitchen surface to have a hand on everything you’d use. Also, keep the right equipment to prevent any possible miserable mess, like a deep bowl and flat plate and so on.

Additionally, get rid of any clutter once it appears by collecting dirty dishes in the sink. It’d make the process of prep, frying and blogging easier. 

Quick tip: Blogging is not just about posting what you love. It’s about showing love in what you’re doing. That means you should carefully choose every word you write and fuel your blog and readers with energy and enthusiasm to try your recipe. And when you find a very successful blog, you wish you have, study it well and pore over every post to know how they got where they are. 

  • Chickpeas

Creamy tuna pasta! Then add some chickpeas.

Green salad with sweetcorn coated with lovely creamy dressing! Why not add some chickpeas!

Falafel stuffed with cheesy sauce! Bring a bowl of mashed chickpea, and your life will be much better!

Chickpea can incorporate into so many recipes, and each one is enough to welcome you with its incredible taste.

While some additions can make or break your recipe, chickpeas always make offering the easiest comfort combo with a classic touch. And if you want to make a night a little more exciting, thousands of Indian cuisines have the foundation of chickpeas with other a few ingredients.  

However, you can not just purchase chickpeas and use them strictly. Some people urge chickpeas to be soaked overnight to get the best of it. Others say no need for that; dried beans are perfect for cooking immediately.

At that point, tons of blog ideas are generated with minimum effort. For example, take a nice photo of a bowl of fresh chickpeas and let your followers know the optimal duration to soak chickpeas.

Also, you can provide them with an ultimate guide on how they can grind the chickpeas for the best dip. Also, provide them with tips to know the difference between chickpeas kinds.

Each post can be a photo, a GIF, or a small reel, no matter which method you use! And when you saw some lazy guys leave a comment like, “what the heck! Why not just buy a premade can!” just invite them to read the label, and they discover how much preservations have been used to prepare this one.   

Quick tip: If you have time on hand to observe all successful bloggers and find out the common thing between them, it’s easy to notice that they are prolific. They write a lot, publish a lot, and take photos a lot! There is no better way to do it, but you’d find how to put the serious time to make your blog more creative and attractive.

  • Vegetable Pineapple-Plate Salad

It took me more than 10 minutes to realise what it exactly was when serving me for the first time. And then it becomes addictive. When I went to a restaurant, I ordered this pineapple shape filled with refreshing vegetables. 

I used to spend plenty of pounds to enjoy this overstuffed thing; then, I was aware of how I could prepare it within 5 minutes with a few ingredients that never cost me all these bucks. So, bring it to your Instagram, Tiktok, or youtube, and it’ll be all-the-rage. 

To create your pineapple plate, peel the tough skin, then remove the flesh using a ladle. Next, the delicate slices of the pineapple can be cut into small chunks and mixed with other ingredients. 

Use the veggies or fruits you like, but it’d be detectable with slices of avocado to complete the taste. It sounds just fine for vegan blogs, but it will elevate the engagement of any blog if you want to offer exotic and creative recipes with vivid hues.  

Serve it with bagels, or just decorate your table with this charming salad, and it will take everyone’s breath because of its vibrant look and magical relish.  

A touch of pecans works itself beautifully to make the flavour more pleasant. This recipe, of course, can not work for a busy mom of two or three— but trust us, it’s a widely flavourful comfort vegan food that you and your kids will crave to eat more. Besides its eye-catching look, it’s a rich source of many nutrients such as fibres and vitamins A and C.

Quick tip: Professional chefs should inform their readers of any affiliate links in their posts because it’s not ethical to bear extra charges without even knowing that. Speaking to commission and giveaways, if you receive a gift from a company asking you to write a review on it, don’t be so excited, especially when it’s your first time. Instead, negotiate about if that’s possible to use it first and write an honest one. Small freebies aren’t nearly as crucial as establishing trust with your audience.

  • Strawberries Tarts

Tarts are not an easy thing to do. You can not decide to make it abruptly and expect that it would be good enough to serve. It takes years of prep, baking, and decorating to make it seductive for your guests. So, it’s not a very good idea to make it on weekdays; it’ll give you a double for your troubles. 

However, this recipe is for anyone who wants to kill time by cooking and then hit their followers with a delicious and sweet combination. So, if you’re searching for a pleasing all-purpose, this formula is for you to take on.

You’d just need 40 minutes. It’s easy, yummy, and a must-have for any special morning or birthday party. 

If your blog doesn’t have a place for tarts and dessert, you can prepare it on any special occasion with your family and share a nice photo on your social media pages with a note that you’ve made this cake on your own. 

But what’s the big deal behind this recipe? It’s a layered cake from waffles tacked away by the chocolate sauce and topped with amazing perfect strawberries. Also, no specific equipment is required to create this beauty; however, a waffle maker would be great for producing perfectly-shaped round waffles.

Eventually, the best way to review the recipe for this waffled tart is to capture a detailed video while baking. Videos make it easier for viewers to catch up on all steps without getting lost in the middle.  

Quick tip: If you want to record amazing videos, a tripod for your camera or mobile is a must and invest in a good steel column with a light ring if there is no efficient illumination in your kitchen.  

  • Buffy Muffins 

Do you remember the last time you ordered a tiny muffin and the cashier asked you to pay £10? No, thank you. I’ll take the coffee only! 

No shame about that! We’re all there. That’s why making muffins right in the home will give you an extra advantage. It’s ridiculously easy, and I’m pretty sure you’d love to bring it to any BBQ.

You can make it healthy and sweet at the same time— to be picky and use the right ingredients with rich flavours with fewer calories. It could be hard to create the best muffin the first time. It takes a while till you juggle adding the best quantity with baking and patting. But I kept trying till nailing it without giving up. If you want to be a great food blogger publishing great content, you should, too. 

Our recipe is an easy meal made with store-cupboard ingredients. 

And don’t forget to combine your desired fruits, which makes almost every bite more sexy and flavoured, which everyone loves. And then top your beautiful small cakes with glazed nuts; walnuts are perfect. 

Just keep in mind some expert tips to reduce the damage as you possibly can, like thoroughly mixing could ruin the muffin dough creating crumbles or tough texture. So, please spell it out on your blog to make your followers trust your recipes. 

The bottom line? Our stunning muffins await you.

Quick tip: A bunch of bloggers are building their content upon offering recipes for people with different food restrictions. However, it requires special skills, knowledge and certificate because you’ll be committed to introducing new recipes according to everyone’s case. 

  • Irresistible Pasta Salad 

With a pleasant tangy taste of seasoned veggies and crazy bowtie pasta, this dish is packed with delights offering a flavourful velvety stunner. I’d like tipping chops of onions, cherries, and chicken sliced gently smothered in gravy.  

This quick and easy instant salad makes a tasty meal in under 15 minutes.

Everyone knows something about pasta salad, but not everyone knows your juicy vinaigrette. Also, the photo is the primary driver of attracting new followers. So, we choose bowtie because of its lovely appearance in the salad bowl and then top the whole thing with tender chicken skewers to make it an entire meal which will not need any side dish. 

Stripes of mozzarella can not be replaced, especially if you heat it for less than 30 minutes in the microwave to let it melt and spread over the whole dish.  

There is something about this pasta salad that just makes everyone so happy. 

Feel free to add or omit what you want but always stick with what will make your photo more catchy and colourful. 

Quick tip: Don’t start food blogging if you are going to keep comparing yourself with other journeys. Not all people should have the same level of expertise and professionalism. Before surfing the internet, you need to realise that you stumbled upon top creme de la creme food bloggers. It’s just the worst mistake, and you’d get insane. It’s not easy to control these emotions including me. But you need to remember to tone it down and stop beating yourself up. 

  • Pasta Bake

It seems that pasta is always a great idea and wouldn’t disappoint you. It will help you expand your follower account, and of course, your family will need more and more just since it’s a treat to their tongue buds. 

Our recipe will truly melt in your mouth tender. We used tuna to make this better, but you can replace it with chunks of chicken thighs. Then we add some vegetables bursting with milk and lemon to create a creamy and glorious sauce. 

Loaded with a bright combination of sweetcorn and pees and then served with toasted bread, some crispy french fries, or a simple mashed potato salad, this one-pot pasta and vegges will soon become your favourite dinner!

Then you can top the whole thing with a bunch of mozzarella or any preferred chees. Its golden colour will make any pic a masterpiece. Snap your epic shot when you slice it into small quarters to capitalise on the melty, runny sauce and colourful layers.

The pasta bake will require 1h to be done. So, you can make it anytime before the sunset and take photos or capture your videos, then heat it in the microwave to serve for dinner. This rich and creamy delight will make your family loves your homemade food and forget about pizza delivery overnight. 

Quick tip: Don’t be obsessed with other people’s works because it will backfire on you. You’d blister your posts and don’t even give yourself the compassion you deserve. You do such an excellent job and should be proud of it; at least you have a passion for helping people without asking for anything in return. So, if you find yourself getting into this lop, just unfollow those who put your self-esteem on edge.  

  • Easy Sauteed Pork 

Inspired by my friend, our sauteed pork recipe is terrific for everyone longing to eat a steak without paying so much.

The first time I knew about this dish was when I checked out my friend’s blog, which is well-organised and packed with brilliant recipes. Unfortunately, my friend is a mom of 3 sweet girls. But that doesn’t stop her from running a splendid website you will love. 

After that, I tried this one, which was a really good choice. It’s rewarding and delicious. With so much to do with the pork, you just need to highlight its intense flavours. 

This recipe’s success or failure depends on the pork size and the cooking technique. For example, so thick steak would take so much time to cook. So thin will be arid.  

Your mission here is to make the pork gain a beautiful detachable crust by sauteing it for less than 5 minutes. You’d like to bring the thirst-quenching tanginess of your favourite beer with this well-deserved- pampering dinner. Or just make your freshly squeezed lemonade which will be an incredibly refreshing treat to end your day with.  

At this point, decorate your setting before snapping the photos because the pork running sauce could ruin your photo quality. So, it’s important to clean all clutter from the scene and add layers of interest relevant to your photo theme. 

Quick tip: Think of host gatekeepers of food blogging. It’s an ideal way to increase shares because people like to hear from experts. You can do it in many ways, but our favourite is to build a reliable relationship with influencers before asking them to be your guest. This relationship starts by commenting on their posts, replay to their stories, sharing their content, and so on. Then you can invite them to be your guest on a podcast, blog post, or whatever. And don’t forget to send them the piece once it’s live. 

  • Veggies Rice 

There is a reason this veggies rice recipe is one of our most popular cuisines of all time. Indeed, we adore including rice in our diet because it’s affordable and nutrient, and you can find millions of ways to be creative with it. 

This recipe is a gluten-free graham meal loaded with different textures and flavours. This recipe will teach you how non-restrictive a vegan diet can be without forcing yourself to eat plain hard veggies.  

This whipped rice combines mushrooms with scallions. It’s a whole meal consisting of only one plate. It has a surprising taste, especially if you add some batch of creaminess, but we need it to be dairy-free and gluten-free, so skip the fatty cream idea.

The base recipe is a simple mix of tangy and refreshing herbs, bay leaf, garlic, butter, and salt and pepper. It’s possible to tip some pees to enhance its richness. 

This pot is for mushroom lovers who don’t have enough ideas to incorporate it into their recipes. It’s super easy with mostly store-pantry ingredients. 

I use long-grain white rice to give you the exact texture you want. For example, Egyptian short rice might get soggy when adding mushrooms because it’d absorb the water quickly.

There is no need to saute the onions and garlic before pouring the rice into the pot, but it will give a boost to the flavour. And why do we eat boring boiled rice if we can make it more exciting by caramelising our staples? 

There are many different ways to really maximise plant-based ingredients. But it would help if you thought about which dishes would offer exceptionally favourable. That’s how you can concoct a slew of dishes without anybody noticing and how you can provide a few recipes, and everyone awaits them!

It can be done over the stovetop or in the oven, but the second choice will take more time. 

Quick tip: Here is the harsh truth, most content is ignored, and while your blog growth can get slow at first, you need to gain momentum as time goes on. Don’t even think of reposting other posts without their permission; if you do so, don’t stick there forever. Social media algorithms appreciate the original content, and you must do your best to keep attracting people through.

  • Chicken Skewers   

It’s the best and essential component of any summer picnic. I couldn’t even imagine any lovely gathering without having a chicken skewer in my hand. All you need is two ingredients. Then you can easily whip up a batch of grilled chicken skewers. It’s so delicious that the whole family will love and swoon over it while enjoying the sunlight.  

These instant homemade skewers are quite easy if you marinate the thighs or breasts ahead of time. Additionally, they will look tempting in your photo that all your followers will lick their lips and go directly to the kitchen to make their own. 

What is marinade all about? My boom boom marinade is a mix of a couple of teaspoons of yoghourt with freshly squeezed lemon and vinegar to make my own creamy and tender meat. And don’t forget to add extra lemon zest if you like the sour taste. 

You can serve it with crispy roast potatoes if you’re willing to make a roast dinner. Also, it combines beautifully with a bowl of spicy rice or toasted buns. When you invite your friends to a feast, you can even serve it as an appetiser, especially if you made an easy popular barbecue sauce. It would be a real hit. 

It’s really quick, and the result is outstanding. Feel free to add extra vegetables like tomatoes or zucchini and insert the skewers inside them. And let them grill slowly and enjoy the pleasant fragment. You can also use the air fryer if you’re in a hurry. 

That means you have many ideas to apply for this same dish, chicken skewers. You have at least 5 posts to publish on your social channels with only one entrée.

Quick tip: A lot of top bloggers have shared hundreds of tips on how anyone can make their blogs so successful. But some advice can make no sense in different fields. So if you want to follow other journeys, you should choose someone who is a specialist in your domain.

  •  California BLT

Friends, even vegan guys, are unable to resist this layered burger’s beauty.

We all love burgers; it’s obvious for everyone (we shared more than 4 ways to make burgers) because we know how people like it, and at the same time, they feel guilty after the first mouthful. Their feeling comes after remembering how this meal was unhealthy and loaded with fats and unknown meat (it was ever meat!) 

Yes, that’s true. But we still love burgers, whatever way they come. But when you post a video on how to make a homemade easy, and delicious burger that will go with all of your favourite junkie food, it is possible to get the attention you want because you have done it perfectly. Problem identified and solved! Good job!

This crispy roasted bagel has been the main meal of my breakfast for a long time, and sometimes I prepare it as a side dish in BBQ. But, of course, it’s up to you to choose which filling is best for you. But lettuce paired with bacon is an expert at amping up the flavour. Seems more classic to post on your Instagram? Okay, we definitely understand that old-fashioned recipes could fail to promote your page. And classic California bagel is no exception. 

What about adding a fried sun-like egg on the top? I bet it will go viral.

To make this everything bagel, prepare the avocado paste, which enriches the flavours. And now you can call your meal; it’s HEAVEN! Snap a photo and watch how it will go a long way.

Quick tip: Don’t start blogging if you don’t treat it as a business, even if it’s your only way to kill boredom or to show your friends how you’re a seasoned cooker. You will stagnate and lose the vision of where you’d go and why you’re here. 

  • Healthy Rhubarb Crisp

Yes, this’s the perfect daily snack! In the morning, you can make a pot of scrambled eggs and serve it as a main course for dinner, and it’s enough to satisfy everyone. 

There are many different ways to make it delicious and worth trying. However, if your blog offers only free-gluten recipes, use our technique, and you will get a tart and juicy stalk. 

We tip a hint of butter to make it more creamy. It’s a mix of diverse textures.  

And if you’d invite any own to share this goodness with you, you can add a scoop of ice cream. And nothing can be better than that. This recipe fits what you have lying around the house because it’s incredibly easy.

If you’re not comfortable with rhubarb (you should try your hand at making this crisp), replace it with strawberries. However, rhubarb will personalise your recipe. 

And this simple treat comes together with just five ingredients and baking. But be ready to spend more than 15 minutes preparing your meal. 

For a great shoot, pour any frozen drink in your fridge into a chic glass and add other props like a blender to maximise the scene by adding items in the foreground and background. 

Quick tip: Create a brief business plan to put your eye on where you want to be after six months or 12 months, even if all your readers are your mom and dad. It doesn’t matter. They are readers at the end. They will tell their friends, and your connection starts growing. Your less-than-10-people followers or subscribers are worth making an extra effort for them. You have already brightened up their day, and you should keep going. So, be thankful for everyone who stops for a moment to give you a gentle like in a world overflowing with content. 

  • Avocado Toast

When I crave something different to make for breakfast, especially since I am a full-time remote writer, I think of nothing but avocado toast. So I line toasted toat and build layers from avocado and mushrooms. And no, it’s not ready. Because of its solid consistency, it might cause damage to your kids’ teeth if eaten immediately. So, adding piles of tahini would make it more creamy, then a thin layer of yoghurt to take it to the next level. Then top your mouth-watering toast with shredded parsley or basil. And all of the ingredients are available. Shop all right from any grocery. 

Well, I love avocado, and you should, too. They are loaded with nutrients and can be added to any ingredient, creating an entirely new thing. And by setting the right effect and the right angle to take your photo, it would be stunning.    

To get the best result, toast the bread before spreading the layer of avocado. Crispy and irresistible (it’s one of my family secrets, but I am happy to share it with you 🙂

Also, premade mushrooms are suitable for busy moms but investing in fresh mushrooms caramelising in one teaspoon of oil with a garlic clove is a keeper!

That’s it. But the amazing avocado toast can’t be complete (at least for me!) without garnishing it with glazed pecans or pine nuts. So, it’s not just a snacky breakfast. It’s perfect for potluck or Sunday brunch.  

Quick tip: There are many ways to organise your blog. Some prefer to order recipes alphabetically by ingredients, which makes everything accessible. But it could require double work from you to put it into action. On the other side, finding any recipe would be super easy. Others want to split their pieces into easy-to-make recipes to feast recipes. There is not only one direction to do so. The most important part is to inspire your readers. 

  • Chocolate Raspberries

Besides having this alluring look, this chocolate bar is going to be addictive (This delicious detachable bar is hard to leave behind, and I know you’ll want to devour it all, so watch how much you’d eat!) It’s delicious, colourful, and perfect for sharing!

The only challenge is arranging the filling to get the best appearance. You can make some mistakes at first. That’s why it’s better if you prepare a large batch till you get the satisfying design which is ready to be posted on your food blog.

Because when raspberries (strawberries can be a good replacement), cream, chocolate and ground pistachio come together, it means you have a piece of paradise. 

It’s definitely not suitable for gluten-free, but. But it’s perfect for a vegetarian diet if you use vegan whapping cream and free-dairy dark chocolate. However, if you create specified content for gym rats, you might post it when they want to celebrate and break their routine.

Serve it cold for warm moments with your family or as a snack at midday. 

It’s an easy recipe, but also it can be easily crumbled. So, don’t forget to share all tips on making ahead with your readers to guarantee the best result.  

Quick tip: Successful bloggers not only offer delicious recipes but also guide others on how to season, prep, and pick the best at every stage. Also, you can interview people with success stories on social media or podcasts, or just a written Q&A. Case-studies-style blogs usually make a great hit if you use the right way to wrap it up. People are always searching for role models, and once you offer a great example, they would like to click through your blog link, share it, and talk about it later with their close groups.  

  • Creamy Noodle Soup

When searching for an easy and quick recipe to cook slices of chicken breasts, we are most likely to dredge them in flour slurry and panko to fry and have chicken popcorn. Or you just grill them and sprinkle lemon juice before serving to make them crispy and savoury, or think of air-fried perfection.  

Excellent! Truly, all of them are excellent! But is that really what your followers want to hear from you?

Creamy noodle soup… what do you think? Awesome! It’s neither pasta nor pie and indeed not actual soup. Instead, it’s our favourite way to get a more creamy taste in our diet with lots of different ways to flavour this. It’s made from noodles and chicken breast sauteed with all-purpose flour.  

If you want to add some greens, prepare a chickpea salad, a perfect way to prepare a dinner table for your beloved ones.   

Also, we add a handful of peas and carrots to enhance its broad flavours. It’s impressive if you want to introduce your friends to new pasta trends without actually preparing pasta. 

Quick tip: We know how many things you have to handle at once when you run a blog, but making yourself accessible to your followers is one of the most critical factors to being a successful food blogger. Answer people’s inquiries as best you can, reply to their messages, and take part in public debate that’s taking hold in cities across the country. 

  • Cherry Pie 

It’s an amazing summer dessert to invite your family and friends on weeknights, and it will give them the pleasure of devouring it. It’s a classic delight that will dazzle all your sense. So just bring the ripe cherry and start rustling up your surprising pastry. Once I taste it, it fires the flame in my heart for good, and I know you will too— because it remembers with days when we gathered in my grandmother’s house to enjoy this blessing tart.

The red colour of the cherries will perk up your photos. 

So, if you want to learn more about how to make a cherry pie, come to my grandmother (just kidding!) — follow our amazing recipe and insightful tips, which includes using sour cherries. It will create a cheerful mixing between sweet, tangy and sour. It’s the best way to get you to fix it!  

It requires more than 3h, so it is not easy at all. But it is delicious that you’d forget all the daunting hours you spent baking and designing this unbelievable tart. So, you can bake it in the evening and the morning and be ready to capture the amazing photos you aspire to. But please note, To get the best taste, take a slice on the same baking day.  

Quick tip: In social media, be concise. People come to your page for some reasons. Reading long posts is not one of them. If they’re interested in long posts, they might read my posts (just kidding!) or read a book. Social media enhances the culture of a quick pace. They will scroll down and down until they find a brilliant recipe to check. First, they want to know the ingredients and instructions. Then, they will review your account by pressing the following button. Social Media is not the place to talk about the roots of your recipe!

  • Grilled Beans 

You know, when you go to a restaurant to enjoy a luxurious dinner on Sunday, you are disappointed when your desired grilled beans are neither crispy nor hot. You know how frustrating is it because, after all this effort to secure a table on this busy night, you can not even enjoy a satisfying meal. And you are often at the mercy of the bill. Everything turns on you!

That’s why we decided to end our list with this simple but underrated dish, grilled beans, which we constantly yearn to order, but most of the time, we never get what we were waiting for!

Friends, if you love grilled beans, you are going absolutely swoon over this one. This instant recipe works surprisingly with several other dishes; curry chicken, mashed potatoes, avocado salad, or just a coleslaw bowl.

The only advice is not to build your recipe upon frozen beans. They will be rubbery and soggy even after grilling. Instead, bring only fresh and season them in a tangy marinade for a couple of minutes before giving them a shock over the stovetop. 

If you don’t have a grill or a grill pan, you can use a cast-iron skillet. But keep your eyes on the stove because it’s going to cook quickly and might even get burnt.

Quick tip: When posting on your blog, don’t forget to describe the photos with useful words that will help someone searching for the same recipes in the photographs find you. And it will drive traffic to your website. 

FAQs On Food Blogs

  • What Can I Have an Amazing Food Blog?

There is no short answer to this question and, of course, no fast way or strategy you have to approach to guarantee running a successful food blog. Some people frequently post with a minimum of 1k followers and struggle to grow this number.   

  • How Can I Create Sponsored Posts?

It depends on how competitors you have in your industry and the kind of food blogs you own. For example, you can just have 10k followers. Still, if a few food bloggers in this category are around, your chance to be an influencer and start promoting brands is higher than another one with 500k, but the competition in his area is intensive. So, don’t overestimate or underestimate your power. The thing is to study the market you are in before accepting or turning down a client order and be ready with a proposal matching the clients’ requirements and budget. 

  • What Should I Do to Be a Successful Food Blogger?

Unfortunately, there is no single or proven way you should take. Instead, there are massive strategies, and you should try as much as possible until you find your style that appeals to your followers. Give all previous methods your time and take your time to grow and learn gradually. Remember that there is no single route to being a successful food blogger, but there is a rewarding route that requires a lot of hard work and dedication.

  • Why Do I Lose Followers?

Please don’t panic; even the most famous food bloggers are always experiencing the same thing. Losing followers is as normal as gaining followers. There are different reasons behind decreasing your social media count. Some lie under your control, like fake accounts and people who just follow you to entice you to follow back, and whether you get them this privilege or not, they will unfollow you. And in these cases, you don’t have so much to do.

Otherwise, people can unfollow you because you don’t meet their expectations since you start driving away from your theme. You might post too much or too little. 

The reasons can be endless, and you don’t have to know all of them. Just keep your pages helpful and follow the previous guidelines; it’d be a hit at some point. 

*If you’re concerned about losing your followers, you can hire a social media specialist or consultant to give you professional advice on what’s wrong, and you start collecting likes again.   

  • As a Food Blogger, Should I Eat Every Recipe Before Posting?

Definitely yes! And if you don’t do that, you are making huge mistakes. You can not talk about something you don’t have any idea about its taste. Even one spoon is enough to have a genuine experience, but it’s essential. That’s why it’s important to have passion for what you’re doing. It doesn’t make any sense to blog about dietary styles, and you don’t like milk.

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