10 Light Summer Snacks to Freshen Up During the Hot Season

10 Light Summer Snacks to Freshen Up During the Hot Season

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Updated on May 14, 2024

Summer is just around the corner and we’re all almost melting from the scorching heat that doesn’t seem to go down. During those times, it is quite essential to stay hydrated and keep on gulping large gallons of water. Fresh juices are also a great way to banish some of the heat out of your system. You can still keep yourself hydrated by consuming the right foods and cold summer snacks that are pretty delightful.

Recipes are scattered all over the internet, but we here have the best and lightest summer snacks that you can enjoy during summer days. Some are also more enjoyable when some delicious dipping sauces come on the side to add an extra flavour to your already succulent appetiser. 

On the other hand, those little breezy bites are also crowd pleasers. They are perfect to serve when you have your friends over to spend your summer nights dancing your worries away. Save up the time consumed in preparing meals and go for these cold appetisers to freshen up and fill your tummy with happiness.

1. Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes


Tomatoes can be one of the healthiest summer snacks to chew on to curb your hunger pangs. When it comes to throwing a party, serving slices of tomatoes as cold appetisers can be a buzz killer. Not that there’s anything wrong with tomatoes, but it can be plain and dull to have for a snack, so let’s spice things up a little bit.

Cherry tomatoes are sweet, smaller, and easier to eat during a messy-free party. They can even more entertaining when you stuff them with some mouthwatering goat cheese. Cherry tomato and cheese blend together so well, providing you with the creamiest texture that just melts your mouth. Feel free to add herbs or spices like basil, for example, to make it even more tasteful.

2. Crunchy Veggies with Ssamjang


Ssamjang is a Korean dipping sauce that has a thick texture and mixes well with easy treats, especially veggies. Nothing can beat the joyful appearance of a colourful plate of healthy veggies neatly arranged and ready to be devoured. Get as many veggies as you want and cut them into long slices to easily grab. 

There is no limitation on the types of vegetables that go with the delightful ssamjang sauce. Carrots, celery, cucumbers, and bell peppers will do the work. Their crunchy nature greatly blends with the spicy sauce. Summer snacks could never go wrong with this epic pairing. The best part is that you will still get your daily dose of fresh vegetables even when you’re partying.

3. Greek Garlic Potato Dip (Skordalia)


Skordalia is a famous dipping sauce in the Greek lands usually served at room temperature or cold if you would love it. It is pretty much-mashed potatoes mixed with garlic and olive oil for a tasteful result. The best part about this treat is that it is versatile; you can eat it on its own as a puree, use it as a spread, or treat it as a dip and pair it with great summer snacks.

Skordalia pairs well with many treats that serve as light snacks. You can grab a pair of toasted bread and spread it over. If you’re going for the dip option, pair it with crunchy veggies, pita bread, or even meat pieces. Skordalia is there to save your party by creating diverse options for summer snacks.

4. Fruit Skewers

Skewers are epic inspos for parties, given their versatility and the fact that you can use them to make delicious summer snacks in a snap. This time, we are using them to create a refreshing treat rather than hearty Middle Eastern meat. So, fruits are going to be your best buddies to impale with these skewers. 

Your fruit options are not limited to anything. As long as you can get them into the skewers, go for them. Grapes and cherries are the easiest to use since they are small and ready to eat. You can also slice strawberries in half and add them. Chop your favourite fruits and use them all to create a colourful snack that satisfies your sweet tooth and is still beneficial for your body.

5. Caprese Salad Skewers


Another set of skewers to put into use but this time, it’s salad fiesta! Caprese salad is one of the most renowned hors d’oeuvres in the world. It is a delicious savoury dish that is suitable to serve at all times. However, when you are throwing a party, everyone is too busy to socialise and have fun to sit down and eat properly. Your best bet is to turn this colourful dish into a colourful skewer.

Caprese salad is made up of tomato, cheese, and basil leafs along with some flavourful ingredients, including black pepper, salt, olive oil, and balsamic vinegar, to harmonise the taste. Now diss the plates and use short skewers to enjoy one of the best summer snacks there is. Slice cherry tomatoes into halves and have them embrace the cheese and basil leafs in between and you’re ready to eat!

6. Celery Boats with Delightful Toppings

Celery boats are a fascinating idea to stay healthy while indulging in some delicious summer snacks. All you need is to grab your celery stick and cut it into half then spread your favourite ingredients on top. This snack is one that is messy-free and you can make it in a snap. Not to mention that it is a crowd pleaser and easy to grab and eat during parties. 

Now that you can easily have a bunch of celery sticks, we can just skip to the good part. The ingredients that you can use to make a succulent treat are abundant. You can spread some tuna all over it, chop eggs into small pieces, ground beef, or whatsoever you prefer. The options are really endless. You can also leave some plain celery sticks on the side and let people enjoy dipping their sticks into palatable sauces like ranch, mustard, or guacamole.

7. Deviled Eggs with Guacamole


Deviled eggs is one of the great summer snacks that have originated in different spots around Europe, including France, Russia, Italy, and Hungary. It also goes by the name Russian eggs or stuffed eggs. This fulfilling dish is served as an appetiser in many fancy restaurants and while it is made of boiled eggs, they are served cold. 

This dish consists of hard-boiled eggs that are cut into halves and filled with a tasteful paste. The paste is made from egg yolks paired with delightful sauces, especially guacamole. It also blends  well with mustard and mayonnaise. You’re free to add any sauce you like and create your own dish variation. This nice treat makes a special appearance during parties and gatherings, adding a more fun to your outing.

8. Greek Feta Dip


Greek Feta is the type of cheese that creates the best salads. The Greek Feta dip is a fulfilling salad that can be eaten without a spoon and fork. In fact, a slice of pita chips will do the job and in a much better way as well. This dish serves as one of the splendid summer snacks that everyone would definitely go insane over, thanks to its unbeatable taste. 

The creamy texture of this cold appetiser is mouthwatering. Add some crumbled feta into a bowl along with Greek yogurt to give it that smooth texture. Cream cheese is also necessary to thicken the feels of the cheese. Lemon juice, some herbs, along with some chopped tomatoes and cucumber will intensify the taste. 

Now that the bowl is ready, let it cool in the refrigerator until the guests arrive. You can also make is a couple of days ahead and leave it in your fridge. Once it’s out, prepare your pita chips and pile them nearby for the guests to reach out for and dip into the creamiest salad ever.

9. Summer Rolls with Peanut Sauce

Those fresh summer rolls are refreshing treats to gulp during the hot days of summer and feel energised. They are a Vietnamese invention that is served cold with a mix of revitalising ingredients that are equally tasty and healthy. Those rolls are commonly known as salad rolls, given that the ingredients are those used to make a salad but one that you can eat on-the-go. 

Salad rolls make one of the perfect summer snacks, where you get to consume a quick balanced treat with multiple nutrients. Unlike the usual fried spring rolls, summer rolls are made from rice paper wrappers, fresh and raw. 

Those wrappers are rather filled with any cold proteins, including prawns, tuna, or pork. Raw vegetables are also stuffed into the wrapper for an extra tasteful crunch. Have we mentioned that peanut sauce pairs well with these delicious rolls? Well, we saved the best for last. 

10. Cold Spinach Dip

Chilling dips ice the soul with its cooling temperature especially when the sun is shining too bright. It gets even better when the cold dip is made up of spinach, a deliciously fulfilling vegetable that will give you your daily dose of greens. This chilling dip is a great appetiser to serve among tons of summer snacks. 

To create this rewarding dip, you will need to use frozen spinach. Wait until it thaws then start mixing it with cream cheese, ranch sauce, and sour cream. Keep whipping them together until they are well blended into a creamy green and white paste. Leave it to chill in the refrigerator a few hours before your party starts, so you can serve it chill and vitalising. 

The cold spinach dip is easy and quick to make. We haven’t even started with the versatile summer snacks that go well with this creamy treat. You can serve along with it anything from pita chips, cucumbers, French baguette slices, celery, carrots, and even crackers. 

This yummy list is a life-saver in parties and friends gatherings over the weekends in summer. They are time-saving, quick to make, and surprisingly flavourful! Your guests will be delightfully pleased and excited for the next party!

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