Healthy Finger Food Ideas

10 Deliciously Healthy Finger Food Ideas to Enliven Your Home Party

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Updated on May 27, 2024

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Celebrations don’t count if there was no food involved. It is one of the world’s greatest pleasures that, in many cases, can brighten up someone’s melancholy day. Since every party calls for nice stacks of delicious food, it is better if you leave the forks and spoons where they belong, in the kitchen. Finger food is easier to grab and eat while partying up and socialising around. 

If you are the host of a fun party, we encourage you to try some of our yummy finger food ideas. Not only will your guests be fascinated, but it will also save you a whole lot of time and energy. You are throwing this party for a reason, and adding unwanted stress will just take the joy out of it. Besides, there are so many healthy options instead of settling for the usual French fries and buffalo wings.

Well, we are not saying that there is anything wrong with this kind of food, but we are suggesting that you switch to healthier options that still taste yummy. That way, you will get to enjoy the party guilt-free and still treat your taste buds to some delightful delicacies. So, get your kitchen ready to craft those bite-sized treats to your guests.

Healthy Finger Food Ideas

1. Honey-Garlic Cauliflower Bites

Cauliflower is one of the most beneficial vegetables that are high in vitamin B, soluble fibre, and lots of antioxidants. It has tremendous health benefits that improve one’s digestion, and brain function, and aids in weight reduction. 

You can turn it into a healthy finger food to reap its health benefits of it. Cauliflower bites are quite easy to make. You can soak the bites in a mixture of sauce made of honey and garlic for a sweet flavour. It is a crowd-pleaser with great taste and tremendous nutritious value.

2. Goat Cheese Cheesecake Bites

Healthy Finger Food Ideas Cheesecake Bites

Dessert is a necessity to satisfy one’s sweet tooth, especially when the party is going great and everyone is having fun. Cheesecake is such a delightful dessert to devour. But since we are all about finger food, we suggest you go to small bites that will be easy for your guests to gulp while having fun. Using goat cheese is a fantastic way to create a soft cheesecake that easily melts in your mouth.

3. Korean Bao Buns

Adding a small treat from the Korean cuisine will accentuate your table and add an interesting edge. Bao buns are a popular finger food served all over Korea and other Asian countries. It is a steamed bun that resembles plain bread but is a little sweeter. These buns are not full of valuable nutrients though, yet you can turn that around by adding nutritious fillings. 

Chicken, pork, beef, and duck are all great protein-based options to stuff your buns with. You can also add nutritious vegetables like mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, peppers, carrots, or any other vegetables of your choice. 

4. Classic Shrimp Cocktail

Healthy Finger Food Ideas Shrimp Cocktail

Want a fancy finger food option to serve at your gathering party? Shrimp cocktail is your saviour. Shrimps or prawns are an enjoyable delicacy that every spot around the world seems to enjoy. It is quite popular as well. We haven’t even started with listing the great benefits that you can reap from eating shrimps. It provides essential nutrients including different vitamins, zinc, and niacin along with antioxidants.

Classic shrimp cocktail is one to find on the menus of fancy restaurants. It is also a great finger food option to put on display at your guests’ dining table. This starter is made up of peeled shrimps with their tails left attached. Frying or grilling the shrimps is totally a matter of choice, but if you are looking for healthier options, then grilling it is. 

The dish displays a bunch of shrimp neatly arranged on a circular platter. In most cases, the shrimp is served hot along with a chilled cocktail sauce that shakes up the taste. Squeeze half a lemon over the shrimps to add nice lemony notes. You can also add some lemon slices on the edges of the platter to add more colour to the platter.

5. Sweet Potato Chips

Healthy Finger Food Ideas Sweet Potato Chips

Add some eccentric snacks to your colourful table by slicing these sweet potato chips. The good part is that it is still a messy-free finger food that will help satisfy your sweet cravings. Besides, it is a healthier alternative to other starch-laden options like French fries or white potato chips. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre and vitamin A, which make them a great healthy option.

Ordinary sweet potatoes are delicious, but when you slice them into thin sticks, you get to enjoy them more easily. To make this fascinating food, cut your sweet potato into thin slices, splash them with some coconut oil, and add seasoning. Put them in the oven and wait until they are baked to golden perfection then they are ready to serve.

6. Cauliflower Tots

Tots are delicious potato-based finger food that you can enjoy as a delicacy at any time throughout the day. However, if you are looking for a healthier alternative but with a taste as delicious as this one, cauliflower is your perfect pick. Cauliflower tots are a healthier option that is low in carb intake and gluten-free.  Cauliflower tots are fab snacks that are even suitable for children. They look like little nuggets and provide great joy. 

The best part is that you can bake or even air-fry them and skip the deep frying part to have them even healthier. The ingredients you need are just cauliflower florets along with shredded cheddar and grated parmesan. You can add any side sauces you need. Ketchup, mayonnaise, ranch, or even Sriracha are all great dipping options to flatter your tots.

7. Greek Salad Skewers

Skewers are popular to impale chunks of grilled chicken, but you can actually use them for more than just that. To enliven a home party, you may need to add something with a refreshing nature, and what could do this job better than a bowl of salad! 

Well, there you go, no one wants to sit down at a party to enjoy their bowl of revitalising salad, so let’s place salad skewers for everybody to enjoy. The best part is that it is not just a couple of greens put into the skewers and creating a dull meal, it is the Greek salad, one of the world’s best salad bowls. 

You basically use all the ingredients to make this salad and put them into the skewers in whatever order that suits you. Those ingredients are quite interesting, for it includes cherry tomatoes, cubes of creamy feta cheese, slices of cucumbers, and the renowned olives from the Greek lands.

8. Roasted Tomato Caprese Summer Rolls

Summer rolls are perfect options when the temperature levels are going up. Most importantly, tomatoes make for amazing refreshing finger food, especially cherry tomatoes thanks to their small size. The recipe couldn’t be easier or simpler to make. And, the best part is that you can make those succulent rolls in a snap. 

This nice treat takes a couple of cherry tomatoes that are all sliced in halves. You season them with some kosher salt, garlic powder, dried oregano, and balsamic vinegar. Grab some rice paper wrappers to embrace all of those ingredients together and throw in some fresh basil leaves and bite-size pieces of mozzarella cheese. 

9. Cucumber Sushi

Healthy Finger Food Ideas Cucumber Sushi

Finger food recipes rank as perfection when they are made up of simple recipes that you put together in a short time and serve to your family and friends to enjoy. Cucumber sushi is one of the most delicious recipes that fit into this criteria. The best part about this little delicacy is not just that it is simple and easy to make, but also that it’s versatile and can have many variations.

Just like the name suggests, you take out the core of a large cucumber slice and stuff it with whatever ingredients you prefer. Opt for cucumbers in large sizes to make your recipe possible. Once you have the core open, you have a wide array of options. 

You can keep it vegetarian and add carrots, red pepper, or avocados. Cream cheese is also a great addition and adding some hot jalapeño can step up your little sushi game. In fact, you may try stuffing some cooked rice to mimic real sushi fillings.

10. Healthy Peanut Butter Balls

Who could possibly say no to peanut butter! Well, no one. Bite-sized peanut butter balls are party favourites! An even better option is making them healthy to fit into everyone’s regimen but they would still taste as good as ever. Besides, those little balls are energising treats which is what you exactly need for a fun party.

You need no more than five simple ingredients, which are peanut butter, obviously, dark chocolate, dates, coconut oil, and oats. Each and every ingredient is capable of offering tremendous health benefits, so imagine having all gathered in a little ball.

Put the dark chocolate and coconut oil aside, and place all the other ingredients together in a blender until they turn into a paste with a thick texture. Take spoons of the paste and start forming little balls. Once they are ready, leave them in the refrigerator for a couple of hours until they are firm. Heat the chocolate and coconut oil together until they are well blended. 

Now take your chilled balls and dip them into the melted chocolate to cover them with a sweet chocolatey coat. Place your coated balls on parchment paper so they don’t get messy or misshapen. After you finish, put your ready-to-eat energy balls in the refrigerator until they are set. 

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